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For blazing trails into uncharted territory. By seamlessly incorporating sustainability, resilience, regeneration, inclusion, and well-being into each of our projects, we can help sustain life on earth—today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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We envision designing a world that supports all forms of life, across all ecosystems. We design buildings for maximum energy efficiency and optimal indoor environmental quality. Because we understand that human and planetary health are inextricably linked, and that buildings can have a major impact on both. We ignited an industry movement toward healthy building materials in Today, we continue to lead a healthy materials crusade through focused research and knowledge sharing.

The next frontier in sustainable design and construction? Engineered wood. In , 19 federal agencies signed a Memorandum of Understanding committing to "federal leadership in the design, construction, and operation of High-Performance Sustainable Buildings.

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Executive Orders, including 's E. New GSA buildings and major renovations must meet requirements including: reducing fossil-fuel-generated energy consumption by 65 percent by and by percent by ; managing water from 95th percentile rain events onsite; and applying sustainable design principles to siting, design, and construction. It directs federal agencies to manage their buildings, vehicles, and overall operations to optimize energy and environmental performance, reduce waste, and cut costs.

It calls for agencies to cost-effectively meet goals including:. The result is a solid balance of cost, environmental, societal, and human benefits that help meet tenant agencies' mission objectives and functional needs. GSA strives to seamlessly integrate sustainable design into project delivery. GSA uses the U.

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In , they created a rating system that builders, developers, and architects can adhere to and then apply for certification. Students who enter their projects in the Solar Decathlon are judged by a rating system as well. Performance is part of being green.

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The National Institute of Building Sciences NIBS argues that sustainability has to be part of the whole design process, from the very start of the project. Design objectives are interrelated, where designing for sustainability is just one aspect. Green architectural design should not be an add-on.

It should be the way of doing the business of creating a built environment.

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NIBS suggests that the interrelationships of these design objectives must be understood, evaluated, and appropriately applied — accessibility; aesthetics; cost-effectiveness; functional or operational "the functional and physical requirements of a project" ; historic preservation; productivity comfort and health of the occupants ; security and safety; and sustainability. Climate change will not destroy the Earth.

The planet will go on for millions of years, long after human life has expired. Climate change, however, can destroy the species of life on Earth that cannot adapt fast enough to new conditions.

Sustainable Building Performance and Design by RCZM

The building trades have collectively recognized its role in contributing to the greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere. For example, the manufacturing of cement, the basic ingredient in concrete, is reportedly one of the largest global contributors to carbon dioxide emissions. From poor designs to construction materials, the industry is challenged to change its ways. Architect Edward Mazria has taken the lead to transform the building industry from a major polluter to an agent of change.


He has suspended his own architectural practice to concentrate on the nonprofit organization he established in The goal set for Architecture is simply this: " All new buildings, developments, and major renovations shall be carbon-neutral by The house uses a timbrel vault design and generates its own electricity through solar energy. Green design has many related names and concepts associated with it, besides sustainable development.