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Sort order. Reads like a novel but with character and punch. We see the war as the generals really lived it - squabbling over preferences and perks, taking their mistresses with them onto the battlefield.

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  5. Did de Gaulle really torture fellow Frenchmen? Was there really an attempt by the Allies to kill him? This book is a social history of command. It shows how the ambitions and personalities of the men at the top affected the course of the war and the lives of the ordinary mortals in the field.

    God Help Us All Reads like a novel but with character and punch. God Help Us All! May 11, John rated it really liked it. An incredible book of the events happening among the allies. Why do ppl dislike Irving so much. All he is doing is telling a story of what really happened. The truth. Now some ppl I suppose don't really want to hear the truth.

    The War Between the Generals

    So why not just tell the truth about it all? I suppose some ppl have a lot to hide. Feb 09, Paulo Mendes rated it really liked it. A very good book. It gave me a sight on the feelings involved in and the difficulties of dealing with so different personalities in a conflict context.

    The Generals’ War

    It can be drawn from the text some kinds of leadership, for example, the Eisenhower's one. A leadership style based on coordinating actions rather then effectively comanding a battle group in combat.

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    Despite some final reviews on David Irving style and his supposedly lack of impartiality the book is helpful to understand the difficulties in leadi A very good book. Despite some final reviews on David Irving style and his supposedly lack of impartiality the book is helpful to understand the difficulties in leading a coalition. Jul 22, Snail in Danger Sid Nicolaides marked it as maybe-read-sometime. Sounds like a cool topic. Except the author is a Holocaust denier.

    Generals At War Battle Of The Bulge

    View 2 comments. Phillip rated it it was amazing May 20, Robert rated it it was amazing May 03, Matt rated it liked it Jul 04, When the American Civil War broke out in , it sometimes caused soldier s to head into battle against their friends. One of the best examples of this is the Battle of Kelly's Ford , which occurred March 17, Lee , left a taunt ing message for his old pal Averell. Upon leaving the battlefield, he left a note for Averell with a Confederate surgeon who stayed behind to treat injured men. You ride a good horse. I ride better.

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    Knowing his friend Lee was an aggressive military leader, Averell moved his cavalry cautiously away from the river and toward the Confederates. When the Confederates arrived, they made several charges against the well-hidden Union men. These skirmish es caused injuries on both sides. In one of the advances, promising young Confederate officer Major John Pelham was critically injured. Pelham died the next day in nearby Culpeper, Virginia. But first, he left a sack of coffee and a message for Lee with a couple of wounded Confederate soldiers. How do you like it?

    After the battle, he was reassigned to the less-important region of West Virginia. This reassignment ensured he would never encounter Lee on the battlefield again. Mertz says there is no evidence that Lee and Averell ever crossed paths after the Civil War.

    The Generals’ War

    However, they both found success. Lee became the governor of Virginia, serving from to He was later appointed as a consul general in Havana, Cuba, representing American business and political interests in the region. Averell was also appointed as a consul general, to British North America, an area that became the nation of Canada. Author Bio David T. Customer Reviews Comments There are currently no reviews Write a review on this title. Generalship in the Great War II. The Yanks are Coming VI.

    Foch Foch vs Ludendorff XI. Le Hamel to Mount St. The Armistice XV.

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