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One of the key standouts in Think and Grow Rich is how a Burning Desire linked with a Definite Major Purpose in life can and will eventually lead you to exactly what you desire — with enough Persistence. These and others are some great concepts that could use a little more exploration in later blog posts.

I have ambitions and dreams and goals. This is one of the first great principles presented in the book. And a great quote to conclude things:.

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Skip to content Search for:. Home Motivation Thoughts are Things. At that time, my biggest takeaway from this book was: I have choices about my destiny. That involved learning graphic design and web programming for a start. It was at that point that we began KeyToKorean and I started freelancing and taking as many additional side jobs as possible.

Resources and Downloads. Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! More books from this author: Prentice Mulford. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! See More Categories. Your First Name. Zip Code. Thank you! Poltergeists can not be explained so science will just flat out deny that a kitchen plate just flew across the room even though the objective reality, that it tries so hard to explain, is telling a different story objectively!!

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Here, science takes a back seat to the reality, but it claims to be the empirical example of the explaination of it!? This is not a fair and balanced way of determining the truth of these "things" called the immaterial thoughts of humankind.

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RSS Feed. Thoughts are very real things and have as much of an identity as any other matter that is visible to the naked eye.

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  5. It these ideas contain seeds of fear, they agitate the mind, disturb the senses and produce chemical changes in the fluids of the human system. If someone tells you something and you believe what the person is saying, you create within your own mind that thing that is being explained. Once it exists in your mind you are either in it or outside of it.

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    What Quimby was saying is that if you take it to heart as a truth then you are in it and will influenced by all actions of the idea. If you are out of it then it does not have an effect upon you. As an example, if I tell you that hippy-hop disease is going around, and you have no conception of what that is, it will not affect you. If I have explained what hippy-hop is and all of the symptoms and how it is coming close to you and you believe it, then you have got it in your mind and it is ready to spring up at any time when your system is in the right condition.

    I have always marveled when someone mentions that their red runny nose and all of their sneezing is due to an allergy people are not concerned. But if that same person says they have a cold, what is your immediate thought process? What is your thought process when they mentioned the have an allergy? If you believe it is a cold then this is your wisdom and your wisdom will be confirmed with your catching a cold.