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More about the Archive. Both methods may reveal results that the other does not. It is an independent, permanent court that tries persons accused of the most serious crimes of international concern, namely genocide, aggression, crimes against humanity and war crimes Article 5 of the Rome Statute. Its seat is at The Hague in the Netherlands.

Universal Jurisdiction: The Sierra Leone Profile

It was established on 3 July by the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The mandate of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon is to prosecute persons responsible for the attack of 14 February resulting in the death of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and in the death or injury of other persons.

The Special Panels sat from to Unlike other as hoc international criminal courts and tribunals, the IHT was not established by treaty or United Nations resolution. Article 10 of the Statute includes crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes that were previously unknown to Iraqi law.

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The SCSL was the world's first 'hybrid' international criminal tribunal. The Tribunal has completed all its cases and closed in In December , the UN General Assembly approved the setting up of an International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism to centralize evidence gathered throughout the war and prepare cases for future prosecution. The Mechanism, which has been slammed by Syria and Russia but has wide support among Gulf countries led by Qatar, is to be funded at least initially by voluntary contributions.

Sierra Leone

The UN is currently trying to identify the future head of the Mechanism, whose offices will be based in Geneva, near to the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, which has since been documenting crimes committed by the regime, the rebels, the Jihadist groups and international forces.

Files could in future be sent to the ICC if it is given jurisdiction, or to any future special court should it become a reality, or to national judicial authorities that can exercise universal jurisdiction. His lawyers have appealed, and a final decision is expected at the end of April.

It has nevertheless taken 20 years to get this result.

Dakar only agreed to try the former Chadian President after a long standoff with Belgium, which issued an arrest warrant for him, and after the African Union gave a green light to organize a trial in the name of Africa. In Latin America, Argentina is gradually trying to force Spain to accept the crimes of the Franco regime. In April , Spanish and Argentine human rights groups filed a complaint before an Argentine judge for Spanish victims of the dictatorship.

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