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Once you find the application, double-click on its entry to launch it. Now, all you need to do is click on its icon in the dock to launch it. AppleScript Editor edit window. The editor is terribly easy to use, just start typing inside the large predominate panel. The instructions you write can be targeted to the Macintosh system as well as a wide variety of applications. Here we will focus on InDesign, version CC If you are using another version of InDesign, just change the name of the application in the following statement.

To target the application you want to automate with a script, you create a tell block that starts with the word tell , and ends with an end tell statement. Notice, in the above, the name of the application is placed between quotation marks.

Beginning AppleScript by Stephen G. Kochan

With a script you use straight quotes only; not printer's curly quotes. Instructions to the user, or notes to yourself, can be placed in a script using a comment. A single line comment follows two hyphens as in the example above. A comment that spans more than one line is placed inside of a parent-asterisk pair.

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This will present you a list of the dictionaries for all of the scriptable applications installed on your machine. Choose dialog for scripting dictionaries. Entries in the AppleScript Dictionary describe the scriptable objects that make up the application.

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Each object can have properties and methods. If you browse through the dictionary, you will see that all of InDesign's application preferences can be accessed, or set, with a script. But, be aware that when you set preferences for the application, every document that is created afterwards will inherit these preferences by default. One application preference you may want to work with is PDF export preferences.

In the find field magnifier type the words PDF Export. A list of suggested items is presented from which select PDF export preference with kind of Class.

The Script Editor

This takes you to the entry for the PDF export preferences where you can browse through all of the preferences properties that can be set for this object classification class. Make note of the settings that you are interested in. To see what the current values for a particular property are, use a get statement. For example one property you might be interested in is crop images to frames.

This get statement can be written as follows:. To make sure you have written the statements correctly, click the Compile button at the top of the editor hammer button. The code styling will change and no error will be posted if all is OK. If not, the error message should give you a clue of where you have made the error.

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  • Check for misspellings or curly quotes instead of straight. When the code compiles, click the button to run the script. The value returned for the get statement will be displayed in the editor's Result panel. Make sure the Result button is highlighted. This title introduces the reader to AppleScript, and then illustrates how to efficiently start writing scripts through sample programs as each concept is introduced. Exercises at the end of each chapter allow the reader to test and demonstrate their knowledge on how to write functional scripts. The appendices include a list of other resources for additional developer information, and a summary of the language suitable for reference.

    Beginning AppleScript. Stephen G. What is this book about? Variables Classes and Expressions. Helmut has also included on his post a link for an Alfred workflow that runs the scripts off of a keyboard shortcut.

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    I hadn't installed Alfred on my Mac, since upgrading my hardware about a year ago. It is back on and I'm excited to familiarize myself, again, with some of the efficiencies it offers. It is pm… and I'm so pleased to report that when I press option-shift-9 on my computer, it takes care of everything I would normally have tried to remember to do before beginning a class. Bonni Stachowiak is the producer and host of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast, which has been airing weekly since June of Bonni and her husband, Dave, are parents to two curious kids, who regularly shape their perspectives on teaching and learning.

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