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Lehnert, M. Orzech, R. Payne and H. Yu, X. Yu ed. Bo wang ming sha: zhonggu xieben yanjiu yu xiandai zhongguo xueshushi zhi huitong Shanghai: Shanghai guji chubanshe —37; Google Scholar. Goble, G. Google Scholar. See Sharf, R. Luhmann, N. Weber, M.

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Orzech, Richard K. How Much is Enough? This collection brings together essays from an international conference jointly sponsored by Ryukoku University, Kyoto, and the Institute of Buddhist Studies, Berkeley. The effects of our own decisions and actions on the human environment is examined from several different perspectives, all informed by Buddhist thought. The contributors are all simultaneously Buddhist scholars, practitioners and activists—thus the collection is not simply a conversation between these differing perspectives, but rather demonstrates the integral unity of theory and practice for Buddhism.

While the tantric Buddhism found in the Indian and Tibetan traditions is increasingly recognized, in East Asia tantric Buddhism remains largely unknown. This collection brings together twelve key essays on tantric Buddhism in East Asia, drawn from sources that are not commonly available. The discourse of Buddhist studies has traditionally been structured around texts and nations the transmission of Buddhism from India to China to Japan.

And yet, it is doubtful that these categories reflect in any significant way the organizing themes familiar to most Buddhists. It could be argued that cultic practices associated with particular buddhas and bodhisattvas are more representative of the way Buddhists conceive of their relation to tradition. Next Daniel Getz, Jr. Richard Jaffeexamines the work of the seventeenth-century cleric Ungo Kiyo, who sought to match his teaching to the needs and capacities of hisdisciples. Todd Lewis highlights the importance of cultic life and finds traces of the desire for rebirth into Sukhavati in stupa worship among Newari Buddhists.

Contributors: Daniel A. Getz, Jr. Jones; Matthew T. Kapstein; Todd T.

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Lewis; Richard K. Payne; Fabio Rambelli; James H. Sanford; Jacqueline I. The essays in this collection are an interdisciplinary examination of various aspects of Buddhism during the Kamakura era, including religious practice, literature, and institutional history. They work toward a synchronic historiography and thus provide a broader understanding and appreciation of the complexity and richness of Buddhism during the Kamakura era and of Japanese Buddhism as a whole.

Contributors: Richard K. Payne, James C. Dobbins, George S. Tanabe, Mark T. Unno, Jacqueline I. Stone, Robert E. Morrell, James H. Roger Corless — pursued his own path, one he described as a path with heart. This enabled him to bring new perspectives to the study of Buddhism in general and Pure Land in particular.

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Esoteric Buddhism in Korea. Three Kingdoms and Unified Silla ca The Esoteric Buddhism of the Tendai School. Medieval Kamakura Muromachi and AzukaMomoyama. Esoteric Buddhism and Vinaya Orthodoxy in Japan. Human Hair in Japanese Esotericizing Embroideries.

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Nyoirin Kannon in the Ono Shingon Tradition. Continuities and Discontinuities in Esoteric Ritual. Orzech, Ph.