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There are books for every mood, not to mention audiotapes, my latest addiction. To listen to David Case's superb reading of Trollope is to fall in love with the author of the Barsetshire and Palliser novels all over again. Such a cornucopia of luxuries. In fact, every time there's an article on the Society Library I shudder. I'm pleased of course to have it recognized as the outstanding institution that it is, but I worry it will become overdiscovered and overrun.

Molly Miller Jahn '80 :: Commencement :: Swarthmore College

Yet, despite the articles and plaudits, it remains, if not a "best-kept secret," at least a kind of sacred ground, a sanctuary, private and quiet. The initiates already know and newcomers immediately understand, as if we've signed a pact to keep our treasure intact. It seems to exist in another dimension of time, as all libraries do, only more so.

I'm sitting at a desk or reading in the stacks and hours go by, the world outside forgotten as the mind expands into beckoning worlds and geographies, new, yet uncannily recognizable.

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Whenever I am stressed out by my life and have fantasies of leaving the city, I think of the places I love here, and chief among them, the piece de resistance , is The New York Society Library. Just contemplating it, knowing that it contains more riches than a lifetime of reading can exhaust, brings a kind of inner peace, solace to the mind, that others get from yoga or meditation. What did I do before I came to know it and love it? Skip to main content. Once women are paid the same as men to do the same job, it will change the culture.

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And until we do that, we will always be at their mercy. Unfortunately in the world we live in, money talks. So it really is a pay equity issue for me. Do you wonder what about your music made you the first? I wonder why when I hear that. So, start my own festival. And privilege disrespected. And I feel that all of them disrespected their subscribers and donors.

Autumn adventures in Florence with Molly McIlwrath

I build my festival essentially on donors. There are no corporate grants. Nothing from Toronto. Nothing certainly from a bank. They used us artists as pawns and I refuse to be a pawn in that game. I write great music. We musicians are all doing what we always do, all of us. I booked of them in my jazz festival. My intent was to take them seriously not to mock or mislead.

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I could say more about the theoretical backing of the show, but I would hope the exhibition stands on its own and that I see Molly there. FYI Lest there be any concern, the photograph's aren't for sale, no one's making any money off of this.

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