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See the press release of the event. Communities in the Far North Region of Cameroon face multiple, interconnected challenges — from poverty to the impacts of climate change and disasters, violent extremism and displacement. Watch their video to see human security in action. A rich panel discussion underscored that human security is more relevant than ever, especially in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals and the rise in fragility and instability across the globe.

Participants emphasized its value in shaping policy discourse and as a practical tool for designing programmes at the national and local level to address multidimensional challenges. The event closed with participants calling for the international community to recommit itself to the advancement of human security and for governments and the private sector to contribute to the UNTFHS so the United Nations system can scale-up human security programming to address emerging challenges before they give rise to complex crises that could undermine progress towards sustainable development for all.

The report is the first step in the formulation of the HSBP Framework based on the human security approach and its emphasis on the need for integrated and multi-stakeholder partnerships at the local level. In , the HSBP Framework will be implemented in Colombia as well as in other countries with the aim to advance progress towards the transformative promise of the Agenda.

Panelists at a second flagship event emphasized its importance for informing comprehensive, people-centred and preventive actions to address the vulnerabilities of people at risk of or compelled to move by disasters, climate change and environmental degradation.

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Please click here for more information on human security and migration. Capitalizing on the successes and lessons learned from previous UN Trust Fund for Human Security programmes in the Aral Sea Region in Uzbekistan, the event galvanized support towards collective action for reducing vulnerability and advancing sustainable development in the region through the application of the human security approach. President Abdel Fattah Al, Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt and held by the League of Arab States brought together a wide range of decision-makers, leaders from international and regional bodies and financial institutions, the private sector and civil society to advance sustainable development in the Arab States.

The Human Security Unit HSU presented at the high-level meeting on Achieving the SDGs in Conflict Affected Countries where human security featured as an important analytical framework for understanding complex challenges and as a powerful tool for realizing the transformative promise of Agenda The event highlighted the importance of the human security approach for developing strategies to address the confluence of challenges in the Far North, including endemic poverty, disaster vulnerability, and the risk of radicalization and violent extremism.

Click here for the full statement. In her statement at the Africa Dialogue Series, H.

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Finda Koroma, Vice President of the ECOWAS Commission stressed the need to adopt human security in policy and programme development and implementation to effectively deliver peace, security, human rights and development. The session framed UN efforts in the Sahel Region as a case study for joint approaches in tackling the multiple interrelated and complex threats faced by the region.

Koroma reaffirmed the commitment of ECOWAS to provide practical support to improve social infrastructure and targeted initiatives to prevent conflict. She also pushed for greater mobilization of resources for cross-sectoral programmes involving multiple stakeholders.

The event highlighted the linkages between human security and the Sendai Framework informs disaster risk reduction strategies by simultaneously responding to economic, food, health and environmental insecurity of individuals and communities. Panelists stressed the importance of the human security approach in achieving greater inclusivity, cross-border cooperation, and cohesion among different actors to achieve enhanced resilience.

It demonstrates how a broader and more inclusive understanding of security allows policymakers to better address issues that transcend borders including violent extremism, climate change and migration.

Strategic Challenges: America's Global Security Agenda (National Defense University)

Moreover, it illustrates how a holistic approach that addresses the root causes of challenges and reduces vulnerability enables state institutions to navigate social change, build trust and safeguard development. Read the full publication here. To this end, the UNTFHS is supporting the first and only interagency programme that aims to address the farmer-herder crisis in an integrated manner.

The pilot programme applies the human security approach to safeguard livelihoods and promote peace through improved structural protection mechanisms and dispute resolution at the local level. Lessons and best practices from this initiative will also inform polices within Nigeria and the region to mitigate climate-induced resource scarcity and competition and contribute to sustainable development.

However, when the public health aspects of an issue outweigh its economic and security considerations, such as with polio, policy-makers and health professionals must resist the temptation to depict it as a security or economic threat, despite the increased political visibility and availability of resources that this might offer. Characterizing a health issue as a security threat often results in it being addressed through programmes and policies developed for law enforcement rather than public health. The result may be that a disproportionate emphasis is placed on assigning responsibility and levying sanctions to control the threat, as opposed to more traditional health models that identify and ameliorate risk factors and behaviours that contribute to the threat.

Additionally, characterizing a health issue as a security concern may assign a stigma to any assistance that is provided.

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Since good health is a common value shared among all people, international health programmes are naturally suited to being used as tools of diplomacy among countries that do not have a broad common agenda. Pegging health programmes to security programmes may undermine this opportunity for bridge building, to the detriment of both foreign policy and public health concerns. Cooperation and assistance targeted at public health challenges that are put in the context of foreign policy may broaden partnerships and build diplomatic relationships.

In this way, the act of promoting global health enhances the security of countries. When countries work together to successfully address a global health challenge, be it a localized epidemic or a potential threat to international security, the world becomes a healthier and safer place. Maximizing the opportunity for such partnerships requires paying close attention to the nature of public health threats and carefully considering whether or not they are truly security threats.

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  • Health and security in foreign policy Rebecca Katz a , Daniel A Singer b Introduction Historically, health has occupied the lower echelons of national priorities. Health in foreign policy Many health challenges, particularly infectious diseases, are widely recognized as global concerns that do not respect borders.

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    Public health diplomacy and security Cooperation and assistance targeted at public health challenges that are put in the context of foreign policy may broaden partnerships and build diplomatic relationships. Environment Global Risk and Resilience Program. Africa Program. By: James A. Disaster Management. When you do your back to school shopping at smile. Shop Today!