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I absolutely loved this book and will definitely read it again. Although I feel I must warn you, I recommend reading this book in a very cold room with the air conditioner turned to the coldest setting because it is steamy hot! Anna Campbell has an amazing ability to write a story that gets to the heart of women's sensuality. What impressed me most about this story was not only was it Romantic Times said 'takes your breath away What impressed me most about this story was not only was it very hot and steamy, it was a story that involved two peoples journey through abuse and grief and the way in which these emotional events affected their everyday living.

This was my first Courtesan novel and it is quite different from the typical Virgin heroine. This book is a page turner from start to finish, I loved it and would recommend it to all woman. Oct 01, Tiffany Clare rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-romance. Definitely one of those books you want to give more than five stars.

Very romantic, deeply evocative and of course, as always, beautifully written in Anna's unmistakable, elegant, deeply emotional, raw prose. Julian is do die for. Even when he's being a jerk his love is palpable. Definitely a knight in shining armor, and willing to bare his heart no matter the vulnerability it shows in him. Olivia is a beautifully written character. View all 8 comments.

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Jun 29, Kat Desi rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance , erotic-romance. Shit, I have never been more desperate for an epilogue in my life!!! Jan 04, Bree T rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , kindle-version , romance , issues. He makes her an offer which she accepts and almost immediately he has her installed in a residence with staff, clothes and a carriage at her disposal. He expects her loyalty and that she will be available when he requests it.

In their first encounter together, Erith comes to realise that the mystique of Olivia Raines is all a very elaborate sham. Erith however, is not as gullible as some of her previous lovers and he insists that nothing will be used to fake her desire. He wants her to desire him for real. She has the advantage in that she knows he wants her badly and she can give him what he cannot give her…at least not yet anyway. But Erith is a patient man, in this at least.

And soon both of them are playing for much higher stakes than they ever thought possible. The Earl of Erith was married very young, a successful love match but he lost his wife in a tragic accident. Many have tried to tame him but no one has ever succeeded. Back in London for a few months, Erith immediately sets about claiming Olivia Raines as his next mistress. It takes him no time at all to find out her secret but rather than ruin her, which he has no interest in doing, he uses it as a bargaining chip to get her to stay with him.

Olivia has secrets to protect and a living to earn and she has for years, successfully portrayed herself as a gifted and enthusiastic courtesan. Olivia is certain that she will never respond genuinely to a man, not after what she has been through. Erith believes he is up to the challenge of getting her to experience true desire and the two engage in a battle of wills.

Olivia is traumatised by her past and although she manages to hide it in order to make her living, she genuinely does not feel a sexual desire, including with Erith at first. He believes that he can change her attitude towards sexual acts and he uses the wager to bait her just a little.

Jim Lauderdale:Don't Tempt The Devil (With Your Love) Lyrics

They have quite a fun chemistry at times and the emotional scenes between them are just as enjoyable to read. Both of them become quite invested in the other although they also seem to know that given their positions, they can only go so far. I felt that Olivia standing up for what she wanted at the end was brave. It was rather fitting that Erith helped her in a way, to regain her self-worth and what she deserved and that he should after that, be the one to give it to her.

Once again Anna Campbell has delivered a very different and enjoyable historical romance that really gets past the dresses and societal events and into the crux of its characters. Looking forward to the third one. May 30, Alexandria Tale rated it it was ok Shelves: historical , borrowed , bad , different-social-standing , mistress , reviewed , translation , despicable-hero , novel , courtesan-maid-governess.

We didn't know how Julian changed his mind, the process of it and all. Just all of a sudden, he appeared in front of Olivia and proposed her. I was pretty disappointed. Furthermore, Julian said that he loved her and her past was irrelevant. But when he found Roma his daughter was in Olivia's house, he was enraged and blamed Olivia for getting Roma in her "dirty" house. He said a lot of hurtful things to her, reminded her that sh 3. He said a lot of hurtful things to her, reminded her that she was a dirty courtesan and she was unsuitable to socialize with Roma.

What kind of love was that? I know that he was afraid of Roma's reputation, but that didn't justify him. And he had that arrogant thinking that everything would be solved with sex because he was oh-so-good in sex. He then realized his wrong-doing and asked Olivia to come with him to Vienna as his mistress! How dare he! Fortunately, Olivia still had bits of brain here, so she didn't want to.

She wanted him to cherish her as marrying her. He didn't want to, and in the end, he did sex as his last resort. He was enraged WTH? The good thing was, she didn't seek for him. I was really disappointed with his personality. In the beginning he was a pretty promising character, with her dark past and all. But why did he turned out to be like that? Sometimes, I wish Olivia would just dumped him and got herself a better man than him.

Mar 22, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: historical-romance , english-romance. An interesting twist from the norm. Olivia is the most sought after courtesan in London but no one knows of the dark secrets that she holds. Having been sold to a Lord by her bother to cover gambling debts she was sexually abused for several years until she was able to reinvent herself as a courtesan. Though for all the pleasure that she gives one would never suspect that she neither finds pleasure nor likes the men whom she takes as protectors. And no one ever would have if she hadn't taken Jul An interesting twist from the norm.

And no one ever would have if she hadn't taken Julian Southwood, the Earl of Erith, as her latest lover. Julian has been on the Continent ever since his wife died, 16 years later he returns for his daughters wedding and sets his sights on Olivia. Having his own demons Julian struggles to break through Olivia's facade only to find his own walls coming down as well. So, it keeps you interested from the get go though as you can imagine it gets emotional.

I loved watching as Olivia came back into herself, and started to live again. And while there were a lot of other ways that the ending could have been written I enjoyed how everything wrapped up. Jan 06, Cherie rated it really liked it. First Olivia was in control, then Erith Julian. Then Julian falls in love and Olivia is in control. Then Olivia falls in love and they are in balance. Then Julian puts his very large foot in his mouth and the equilibrium is gone.

Olivia is a courtesan and Julian is Earl of Erith. He wants to be in possession of The Most Elite of Courtesans. He accepts nothing but the best for himself. But Olivia is elite for a reason and she challenges him like no other and keeps him jockeying for control of hi First Olivia was in control, then Erith Julian. But Olivia is elite for a reason and she challenges him like no other and keeps him jockeying for control of his ego and his libido.

But this isn't a story so much of a power struggle, that would be tedious. It is a story of two passionate people who have experienced emotional trauma so intense it is stifling. It is a story of how they gently lead each other out of the darkness of the past and finally learn to trust. Then Julian upsets the balance and the story is about the forgiveness that is essential if one claims to love another.

Though I wouldn't label this noir, it is not easy going. There are many sensual interludes as Julian teaches Olivia about true pleasure. The tempo is slow, the ending good but not great. Oct 03, Kelly rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , read. I was surprised to love this book. My first experience with Campbell Untouched didn't wow me a bit but boy did this make up for it. Julian and Olivia both feel they have no souls, that they will suit for a tryst.

Julian wants for pleasure and Courtesan Olivia agrees to become his mistress. Julian is trying to overcome the death of his wife and reconnect with his children. At a very young age Olivia experiences a dreadful event that changes her life. Lots of times I feel authors will give them so much page time and forget all about the hero and heroine. That did not happen at all. Tempt the Devil is mostly intimate conversations and physical pleasure between Julian and Olivia. I couldn't help but feel a connection to them.

They have big time chemistry in and out of the bed. I was up until am. Jan 01, Rose rated it really liked it Shelves: re-reads , courtesan-prostitute. Anna Campbell's writing is growing on me. Where I found her first novel "The Claiming of the Courtesan" somewhat distasteful due to rape scenes, "Tempt the Devil" was very refreshing. Julian was the kind of hero I appreciate in that he wasn't completely dominating and he was willing to humble himself completely for his love. I liked that in this book, the courtesan was a courtesan. She hadn't had only 2 or 3 lovers.

She wasn't a shy miss when it came to pleasing men sexually, and she wasn't asha Anna Campbell's writing is growing on me. She wasn't a shy miss when it came to pleasing men sexually, and she wasn't ashamed of what she was. I've read many novels where the heroine is touted as a courtesan or a "whore" when in reality, they're less experienced than many ladies of their time. So Olivia's unapologetic nature was very refreshing to me. I read this book in one night because I just couldn't put it down. Definitely a re-read! Just okay. Julian wouldn't marry Olivia without his adult children's approval.

His choice to place Olivia second to his children seemed hypocritical and disappointing. It was hypocritical because Julian had never cared to establish a prior relationship with them, so why were their feelings suddenly so important?! And disappointing because but I wanted Julian to want Olivia no matter what. To hell with anyone's approval! Conditional love doesn't equal romantic to me. This is the third romance I've Just okay. This is the third romance I've read by this author, but I won't be reading anymore.

The writing style just isn't for me nor are the stories particularly romantic. Jun 22, Lauren rated it liked it Shelves: georgian , romance , wagers , courtesan , mistress. When Erith finally achieves his goal there are more surprises to Olivia than first meets the eye. As wages are made, both of them might lose more than they bargained for. I liked the predicament brought up in the story and Olivia's clear and strong attitude towards men. She had a intelligence that was actually appreciated and knew how to use her charms to achieve the level of freedom she When Julian Southwood, the Earl of Erith first sees Olivia Raines he knows that he wants her as his mistress.

She had a intelligence that was actually appreciated and knew how to use her charms to achieve the level of freedom she could. Erith was surprisingly kind though, I did not exactly like him. He was not my type of hero. Overall, the story kept my interest but not so much that I will be reading it over. Feb 27, Janet Robel rated it liked it.

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It's refreshing to read a book with a heroine like Olivia who isn't some innocent miss. The downside to this book was that I didn't seem to like Julian as a hero. He couldn't wait to be with Olivia but also kept protesting too much about not being able to marry her because of her reputation.

Then all of a sudden at the end he had a change of heart or something. It was never really clarified why the sudden turnabout. I could really feel for Olivia though and was rooting for the happy ending. Jun 03, Diane K. Peterson rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-romance. Very interesting book. Deeply emotional. I really liked it, but the ending seemed a little abrupt. Can sex be the focal point for mending previous hurts and losses? This book says emphatically YES. The characters use a sexual relationship to build an emotional relationship and it works.

I still think it ended too suddenly, but it was an excellent book. Apr 19, Linds rated it really liked it Recommends it for: fans of dark regencies.

Tempt the Devil

Shelves: england , s , romance , read-in , historical-romance , regency , father-daughter. Julian is a jaded, cynical widower who had given up on life almost a decade past. Olivia is a jaded courtesan sold into prostitution at a young age and is obviously extremely cynical.

It was a joy to watch both of them fall in love with each other against their will. It's very intense and a bit dark, which is typical of Anna Campbell. Nov 17, Carolyn F. I have no idea why Julian would want to be with a frigid, mean-spirited woman who is supposed to be his mistress. I know a lot has happened to Olivia in her past, but what about her after just one meeting would make him want to keep trying to break through her coldness. Another example of where the book itself was okay, but the story line drove me bananas.

Jan 26, Noni Fro Janon rated it liked it. Pretty good book from Ms. Campbell, but not my favorite one by her. I tend to love books about damaged heroes, but this one plays out different than most historical romances. He didn't have a heart wrenching story, IMO and the heroine is almost to messed up from her past. Thus my 4 star rating instead of a 5. They are easy to listen too but I would not listen to them again.

I found this book a bit slow at times and not as steamy as the other books. This third book in the series was not really a part of the series. It was not as enjoyable as the rest of the series, which I struggled to enjoy anyway. The performance was hard to listen because he often changed the way the character spoke without prompting. Not enjoyable at all. I am very pleased with all of Archers Books! I guess its fair to say addicted! Get a free audiobook.

Written by: C. Narrated by: Michael Page. Length: 8 hrs and 16 mins.