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For a complete beginner like me, it was pretty accessible. Like, OMG, so that's what you do with a color wheel!

Art Fundamentals: Color Theory

Good examples of using color and some nifty samples of beadwork made this book worth the money. Absolutely gorgeous book and guide aimed at beadweavers. Margie also looks at such areas as Movement, Shape and how to design for a particular person, so creating something that will suit their body shape. Each chapter looks at the principles of design in detail, then encourages you to move forward by applying those principles to your own work. There are some practical exercises at the end of each chapter to guide you through the process.

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If you study this book and take on board all the great advice that Margie Deeb has to offer, you will undoubtedly increase your jewelry designing ability. Whether you just string beads or create more complex bead-weaving pieces, you will find plenty in here to improve your skills. I thoroughly recommend buying a copy! May 18, June 25, August 17, Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I also can't say enough nice things about the book. The project photos are incredible, and I'd be happy with the book even if the content weren't wonderful.

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But it is wonderful - Margie really explains color, the moods it evokes, and how bead finishes and types are really important when choosing color. She uses both the traditional artist's color wheel pigments and the printer's color wheel inks, four color , and has developed an ingenious way of making sure that you never mix the two.

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The first part of the book is all color theory,and gives a great basic background to those of us who never attended a rt school. Margie gives plenty of tips and suggestions about combining colors, using Delica numbers to be specific.

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That might be the only weak point of the book, because who knows if Miyuki will change their numbering system some time in the future. Also, I can't say I always like her color combinations, but they're definitely thought provoking and have expanded the way I think about what goes with what. Nice touch, and greatly appreciated. Again, it's a very thought provoking section, and although I can't see myself making some of these items, they definitely expand my ideas about color, texture and mood expressed in beads.

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I have a far greater appreciation for neutrals than I ever had before, and I now want to explore orange - a color I thought I'd never liked. I rarely say that a book is a "must have," but this one is. I can see myself poring over it for years, and using the eye candy as a jumping off point for projects of my own.

Anyway, this one is definitely a five star book, up there with the Carol Wilcox Wells books and Beadwork with Ruby as the first bead book purchases I'd recommend to anyone. Well worth the price, and a book I plan to buy as gifts for the new beaders I meet.

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