Guide The protection of historic properties : a comparative study of administrative policies

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Average rating. Your rating. Download as. Experts Michel Lefevre. Michel has well over 30 years experience as a historic preservation planner and has written a number of articles for local and national government publications and authored two PHMC publications: Historic District Designation in Pennsylvania and a Manual for Pennsylvania Historical Architectural Review Boards and Historical Commissions. He coordinated the State Historic Preservation Plan and has developed hundreds of seminars, workshops, conferences and special events to inform Pennsylvanians about their cultural heritage.

John has over 30 years of land use and environmental planning experience in southeast Pennsylvania, and is a frequent lecturer on topics of transferable development rights, historic preservation, and open space design. John has written numerous historic preservation ordinances for local governments.

Jeannine has over 15 years of local and historic preservation planning experience in southeast Pennsylvania, and has participated as a speaker on historic preservation planning topics. Karen has fifteen years of experience identifying, interpreting and managing historic resources in northern New Castle County, Delaware and Chester County, PA. Peter Benton is a registered architect and planner with thirty years experience in the design and execution of architecture, planning and preservation planning projects.

He specializes in heritage area planning, community preservation and revitalization plans, master plans for historic properties, and interpretive plans for historic landscapes. Mary Sue has over 30 years historic preservation experience in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Mary Sue Boyle has testified as a professional witness and lectured on historic preservation and drafted ordinances for municipalities, as well as nominated multiple individual resources and districts to the National Register.

Jane has over 27 years experience specializing in historic resource inventories and surveys, National Register nominations, impact studies, and resource evaluations for Section review. She is a frequent lecturer on architectural history and preservation issues. Jane E. Jeffrey Marshall. He gives public education programs, acts as a preservation advocate, and provides consulting services to municipalities.

Robert J. Wise, Jr. Bob has neary 20 years experience as a historic preservation planner in Pennsylvania and New Jersery. Historic Preservation. The Bureau for Historic Preservation guidance for Historic Preservation Planning provides a framework for what constitutes a comprehensive historic preservation plan. The Historic Preservation Plan should provide local units of government a working document to identify historic and cultural resou….

Historic District Designation in Pennsylvania. This guide, intended for local government officials, historic preservation organizations, and citizens considering the establishment of historic districts under municipal authority, is a summary from the years of success and failure experienced by local governments in the process of initiating and…. This is a menu of components to be used in preparation of local historic preservation ordinances. Each component is a model that can stand alone or be used in combination with one or all the other components. Each model component provides options for municipalities for administration.

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  • The Protection of Historic Properties: A Comparative Study of Administrative Policies.

Model Language for Historic Preservation Regulations. Sample historic preservation regulations based on the Municipalities Planning Code. This guide provides a general overview of historic preservation planning and regulation at the federal, state and local levels, with suggestions for integrating historic preservation into the comprehensive community planning process. The manual also discusses private preservation efforts and their…. A summary of the evolution of historic preservation in Pennsylvania and the laws both authorizing and mandating consideration of the preservation of historic resources in the course of land use planning.

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Cultural Heritage Administration to establish South-North Korea Cultural Heritage..

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Intellectual Property Rights: A Comparative Perspective on Asia, the EU, and North America

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