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Say, a blog, a photo site, and an open source project.

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Traffic is tiny and not a concern. Great news! Is it correct that the new shared tier only allows one site to host where the reserved tier can host up to sites? Is multiple domains available for SSL sites as well, and have the ability to publish 2 SSL endpoints to the same web site?

Any word on when "Windows Azure Caching Preview " won't be preview anymore? It would be super cool if it was an option on the Azure Web sites as well, but right now I'm super impressed with it in Web roles! It still doesn't support wildcards in the azure management portal, what's the point of supporting wildcard A records on the DNS side if you can't do the same in Azure? We need to support customer1. Azure web sites are still way to limited.

This is fantastic, thanks to all the Azure devs that made it happen. Will there be support for other git providers? Specifically we use BitBucket, but I'm sure there are people using other providers or self hosting who'd also love to take advantage of the integration. Is anyone using Mercurial anymore?

Microsoft Azure web hosting options

Not for long, methinks. Or does Azure plan to support Hg? I dont even know the meanings of ese new buzz words, and the definitions on the web are very generic and arent based on the context of azure hosting, and the azure website assumes we understand these buzz words, here they are.. What does an instance refer to? Instance of windows running or? What are web roles and worker roles? With the reserved instance, I assume you can rdp I to it and make system wide changesmto ur windows instance?

Server or win7? Also, I was wondering, if I have a low traffic website that may go high traffic really quickly and I cant monitor it or predictit, I dint want to pay for high voule hosting when I likely won't use it, but if I remain low volume then I will loose all the extra traffic when and if it comes through.

Now, does azure allow my account to auto expand or allow this extra traffic and charge me later for the upgraded account or extra used resources? I would like it to , rather then my traffic getting cut off and me missing out on the revenue and repeat traffic from those who couldn't connect?

Without having to pay crazy amounts every month And if I'm on a low spec computer, will I get my traffic blocked no matter what azure does? I'm confused. This once happened to me, lost 50, unique visitors every single day. I am hoping this problem has been solved by now.

Using multiple instances

These are welcome changes. Any inside info on when asp. Hey Scott, I'm pretty new to Azure , but few days ago i saw the option to select to which reserved instance my website should be deployed.

New Azure Feature: Static Website Hosting

I don't see that anymore. Is this a bug or a feature? Thanks for all the great work you are doing! Cheers, Nikola. Scott, you've left us wondering what's new about FastCGI extensibility. It would be a great addition if you guys promoted tfspreview. This is just what I was looking for. Azure is now something that I can look at using in anger. Great job Scott! There's just one thing missing:.


Any chance for that in the near future? This is really good. Azure is becoming a really great hosting alternative. It's almost twice what I'm paying now. I know Azure is better and very scalable, but I can't pay this! It makes this unusable for most developers. So, my question is: Are you planning to change the pricing politics?

Penny Pinching in the Cloud: When do Azure Websites make sense? - Scott Hanselman

It'd be great if Azure had a free tier in the same vein as Appharbor. Something for open source projects that use very little CPU and bandwidth. Or is there any sort of term limit? Hi Scott, These are great news for azure, it now makes it competitive over traditional hosting provider.

On thing still clouds, no pun intended, my knowledge of the new shared mode, and it is storage? Do we still only have 1gb to share over the same subscription? Many thanks, Pedro Costa. Google has rightfully received a lot of criticism for changing their AppEngine pricing models.

Azure App Services

I think people are hesitant to lock into something when the future of cost is so uncertain. I'm with others in hoping for some Mercurial love. Can I run some sites on a reserved setting and others on free or shared on the same azure account?

I was trying to determine how to "add" a site to a reserved site and noticed it switched all my sites to the reserved when I scaled up just one. Can you give some sights on this point. Yes, if would be great if we had an automated trigger to "bump-up" our instance and our tier level whenever high-traffic hits our site In other words, if we're sleeping, we don't want to give our customers a poor experience if there's a rush of traffic on our site and if we haven't set our instance high enough.

In a perfect world Scott, you would give us up and down triggers based on our own values that we could set I think almost all of us would be willing to jump up in tiers if the web-traffic justified it, but we all need to sleep and can't manually monitor traffic 24hrs a day. If you could implement this final, true, "pay for what you use" model, then we could be assured that our customers are getting the best experience when needed but at the same time we don't spend more than we need.

Then we could focus on development and not being a traffic-cop. Thanks Scott! I knew this thing would turn to gold when I hear you were taking over Azure! Just started following your blog. This is awesome! I love the new features around the continuous deployment support.

What a fantastic way to demonstrate online systems to clients! Thanks for the informative update! The friendly name is not part of the certificate; instead, it is used to identify the certificate. We recommend that you add DigiCert and the expiration date to the end of your friendly name, for example: azure. This information helps identify the issuer and expiration date for each certificate. It also helps distinguish multiple certificates with the same domain name. In the Certificate Export wizard, select Yes, export the private key , select pfx file , check Include all certificates in the certification path if possible , and then, click Next.

In the Password and Confirm Password boxes, enter and confirm your password, and then, click Next. Next, click … to browse for and select the location where you want to save the. After you receive the "Your certificate and key have been successfully exported" message, click OK. In the Choose a certificate drop-down list, select the SSL Certificate that you want to use to secure your website. If you selected IP SSL, and you used an A record to configure your custom domain name, you need to complete these additional steps. This IP address is different from the virtual IP address that was used to configure the A record for you domain.

If this does not fix the errors contact support.