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The no. A poset is called Lattice if it is both meet and join semi-lattice Complemented Lattice : Every element has complement Distributive Lattice : Every Element has zero or 1 complement. Boolean Lattice: It should be both complemented and distributive. Every element has exactly one complement. A relation is an equivalence if. Bipartite Graph : There is no edges between any two vertices of same partition.

In complete bipartite graph no. Sum of degree of all vertices is equal to twice the number of edges.

Maximum no. Minimum no. To guarantee that a graph with n vertices is connected, minimum no. A graph is euler graph if it there exists atmost 2 vertices of odd — degree 9. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article using contribute.

Discrete Mathematics and Applications

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Inverse : The inverse of the proposition is Types of propositions based on Truth values 1. There are two very important equivalences involving quantifiers 1. It was called RSA after the names of its authors, and its implementation is probably the most frequently used computer program in the word nowadays.

Without it, nobody would be able to make secure payments over the internet, or even log in securely to e-mail and other personal services. In this short course, we will make the whole journey from the foundation to RSA in 4 weeks.

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By the end, you will be able to apply the basics of the number theory to encrypt and decrypt messages, and to break the code if one applies RSA carelessly. You will even pass a cryptographic quest!

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