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Good strategy, results from investing the time to make the hard choices to gain focus, and identifying obstacles and working out how to deal with them. Rumelt states that there are three key elements that make up good strategy:. We believe you cannot underestimate the value of a good strategy. We recommend you look into this new book when it is released on July 19th, and let us know what you think by dropping us a line.

Book Review: Good strategy, Bad Strategy – The difference and why it matters by Richard Rumelt

By Richard Rumelt. Categories Strategy Development.

Strategy Execution. Book Reviews. The guiding-policy specifies an ap proach to dealing with the obstacles called out in the diagnosis. Building on his theme of practical and realistic actions, he talks about the 'proximate objective as being a target that is close enough at hand He cites as an example President Kennedy's call to place a man on the moon.

Good Strategy/Bad Strategy - Richard Rumelt - Häftad () | Bokus

While it sounded visionary, JFK, in fact, knew the technology was already in place to achieve it. The book opens with the challenge facing Lord Nelson at Trafalgar.

Good Strategy vs. Bad Strategy

His strategy was to use his only advantages - manoeuvrable ships and well-trained sailors. He famously won against the odds and Rumelt comments: 'A good strategy almost always looks this simple and obvious and does not take a thick deck of PowerPoint slides to explain The core A possible criticism of the book is that it is very repetitive of this basic theme of critical factors and co-ordinated actions.

But this could also be seen as strength - the message is convincing and illustrated with a huge range of examples, from Hannibal and General Schwarzkopf to Starbucks and Steve Jobs, which really bring the text alive. If you go to a lot of annual strategy sessions I chair five of them a year some of this book might make you cringe with recognition at the weaknesses of the usual 'Vision, Mission, Goals and Strategy' approach. It feels a bit like being told you have a penchant for wearing s fashions.

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It is hard to fault Rumelt's assertion that genuine strategy requires a clear-eyed analysis of an organisation's weaknesses and challenges. He makes the point that simply getting board consensus does not mean you've found the right answer.

Good Strategy/Bad Strategy - who succeeds in business?

So if you are preparing a strategy awayday you should read this book, if only to avoid the intellectual equivalent of turning up wearing flared trousers and sporting a mullet. The UK renewables sector is expanding at pace, but can the capitalism of enlightened self interest save the planet? Most business leaders would agree that the right strategy, executed well is the basis of success.

Good Strategy Bad Strategy: The Difference And Why It Matters

But in many organisations there is no clear consensus as to what strategy really means, or how to go about its formulation. Professor Rumelt, who has spent nearly 40 years studying the issue, has come up with a convincing and crisply written proposition. Find this article useful?

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