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The growth and gradual consolidation of the book publishing industry in India owes, perhaps most, to the spread of education system under the fold of this great seat of learning. The University has also been one of the leading publishers for over a century. Round the year it publishes a huge number of books, monographs and journals. Apart from offering the one year Postgraduate Diploma in Book Publishing Studies, the CSBP conducts short-term training courses in association with various organisations, such as, National Book Trust, India, Publishers and Booksellers Guild, Kolkata, on various aspects of today's publishing for emerging and intermediate professionals in the field.

The CSBP aims to promote translation studies and conduct short-term training sessions and workshops exclusively on translation techniques and translation projects. A book is a cultural product.

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But the existence of a book does not depend on cultural, literary or aesthetic factors alone. Publishing industry plays the crucial role of institutionalising a book. Thus, the emergence of a book at a given point in history presupposes a print culture which is a complex network of a heterogeneous cluster of readership layers and desires, socio-cultural and political trends, the state of technology, modes of circulation and the role of publishing agencies.

The CSBP is unique in the country in providing a well-equipped centralized resource wing to the scholars to pursue research in this field. The publication programmes of the CSBP help such works get wider notice. Formal meets and seminars ensure regular interactions among scholars, national and international, on the platform of the CSBP.

An eminent personality on a subject related to book publishing and print culture is invited to deliver the lecture. The CSBP hopes that the lecture, unique of its kind, would not only contribute to the growing scholarship in the field but also help enrich new generation of professionals and every book-lover. Other Publications The CSBP publishes books, monographs, occasional papers on various aspects of book publishing, history of publishing, print culture and translation studies.

Professor Suranjan Das, Hony. Vice Chancellor inaugurated the Centre on 14 February The University of Calcutta collaborates with National Book Trust, India, an autonomous organisation under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, for jointly conducting multifarious activities for the benefit of the book publishing industry. The University-NBT, India collaboration, the only of its kind in the country, is a trend setting model of industry-institute partnership. The University- NBT joint initiative will further strengthen the course. National Book Trust, India H.

Established in , the National Book Trust, India is a highly professional multilingual publishing house. NBT books are available in 32 Indian languages and in English. It also functions as the nodal body for the promotion of Indian books and for the dissemination of book culture in India. It is involved in various activities to fulfill its objectivities Promotion of Indian Books Abroad : As the nodal agency for the promotion of Indian books abroad, the NBT participates in various international book fairs and organizes book exhibitions overseas by putting collective exhibit of books published by various Indian publishers.

It organizes book fairs across the country at various levels, such as, National Book Fairs, Regional Book Fairs and Book Fairs for children and also for the youth. Pustak Parikrama : NBT also operates an innovative scheme since of exhibition of books through mobile vans called Pustak Parikrama or Books on Wheels across the country.

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During the Week, a number of seminars, workshop, book exhibitions and activities for and by the children are organized throughout the country. Assistance to Authors and Publishers : NBT provides financial assistance to the authors and publishers of text books and reference material to promote the publication of reasonably priced books for higher education.

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The scope of the scheme has been widened to provide assistance for the publication in Indian languages, of thought-provoking works of non-fiction, including dictionaries and encyclopedias etc. It has established approximately 60, Book Clubs throughout the country. Publishing Course : NBT has been conducting introductory courses in book publishing across the country to help aspirants develop their skills for better future in the field.

It will benefit the book publishing community as well as those who want to make a mark as the publishing professionals. The NBT and the University of Calcutta would conduct short-term training programmes on various specialised aspects of book publishing for emerging and intermediate professionals. NBT has vast experience of conducting introductory courses in book publishing across the country to help aspirants develop their skills for better future in the field. Our joint effort and commitment will benefit the book publishing industry immensely.

Such courses interest people working in the many organisations including NGOs that publish documents even though they are not conventional publishers. Staff assigned for such responsibilities can develop their skills in this area. Course guides are selected from the best experts in the field of publishing from across the country. Contact : Mr. The Memorandum of Understanding has been subsequently renewed. The President and the Hony.

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  • General Secretary of the Guild are members of the diploma course Advisory Committee. CSBP presently organizes various programmes in collaboration with and with the support of various other academic and professional bodies, such as, Sahitya Academy and National Knowledge Commission. The course has already attracted attention of the publishing community across India and our graduates are doing well in the industry. Book publishing is a respectable and financially rewarding career option for you. India's nearly Rs. The 16,odd publishers are responsible for nearly 85, titles released annually. India is the third largest producer of books in English language.

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    As the book publishing industry grows steadily, the job opportunities are also increasing in leaps and bounds. The demand-supply gap in the job market is more than evident. With more international houses outsourcing to India, there are more opportunities for editors, proofreaders, typesetters, data operators, designers and, of course, printers. It provides the best quality training the industry is looking for and gives each student the unquestionable edge in the job markets. The course structure also encourages students to take the challenges of starting their own publishing ventures as well as to update the knowledge of those who are already in this coveted profession.

    Both the business and cultural aspects of book publishing.

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    Legal aspects of publishing, protecting copyright, contract, checking piracy etc. Functions of all stakeholders in book publishing and overall management of publishing establishments. Book Promotion and Marketing of Books. Basic principles of Financial Management in book publishing. Wide recognition of the course as a reputed professional programme helps the students grab the most lucrative jobs in this field. This trend-setting industry-institute partnership enables us to make sure that our curriculum is appropriate to the current and future needs of the industry.

    The leaders of the publishing industry are not just an external source of guidance and support, but an integral part of the CSBP process.

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    They actively take part in running the course, ranging from preparing curricular programme to assessing performance of the students. Our regular workshops aimed at hands-on training in editing, writing, design and other aspects of publishing introduce our students to the industry leaders in those specialised areas. This not only allows them a thorough training beyond the limitations of classroom lectures, but also a personal level interaction with the well-known publishing professionals who come to conduct these workshops. Compulsory Internship and Study Tours are arranged in collaboration with major publishing and printing organisations to give our students an idea about the floor-level exercises as well as build their own network within the industry.

    They also get a chance to prove their mettle before the prospective employers. Placement Support Pro-active placement support is provided to the students in leading publishing concerns. A candidate appeared at the final examination for graduation is also eligible to apply. Please visit the homepage of the University website www.

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    Fees : Course Fee: Rs. Library Fee and Examination Fee separate. ISBN: Publication: June 25, Archaeologists in Print is a history of popular publishing in archaeology in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, a pivotal period of expansion and development in both archaeology and publishing. Archaeologists exploited these factors to gain public and financial support and interest, and build and maintain a reading public for their work, supported by the seasonal nature of excavation and tourism.

    Reinforcing these publishing activities through personal appearances in the lecture hall, exhibition space and site tour, and in new media — film, radio and television — archaeologists shaped public understanding of archaeology. It was spadework, scripted. The image of the archaeologist as adventurous explorer of foreign lands, part spy, part foreigner, eternally alluring, solidified during this period. That legacy continues, undimmed, today. There are extensive source notes, and a dense bibliography, should readers wish to follow up on any of the points raised Thornton has managed to make her book available for free on-line under Creative Commons.

    From the productive partnership of travel guide with archaeological interest, to the women who feature so often in the history of archaeological publishing, via closer analysis of the impact of John Murray, Macmillan and Co, and Penguin, this volume excavates layers of fascinating facts that reveal much of the wider culture of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The prose is clear and the stories compulsive: Thornton brings to life a cast of people whose passion for their profession lives again in these pages.

    Warning: the final chapter, on Archaeological Fictions, will fill your to-be-read list with stacks of new titles to investigate! This is a highly readable, accessible exploration into the dynamic relationships between academic authors, publishers, and readers.

    It is, in addition, an exemplar of how academic research can attract a wide general readership, as well as a more specialised one: a stellar combination of rigorous scholarship with lucid, pacy prose.