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More value to you and those that work with you.

Coding without seeing the screen

Your independence means you will have the opportunity to work with anyone who comes your way. Instead of being hidden behind a company wall working on implementations specific to that corporation, you'll be able to share your talents with a wide range of organizations.

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The more projects you engage on, the wider and deeper your skills will become, and in turn the more valuable you are to current and future clients. You will have more project opportunities, increased income, and better skills — all of which will make you more valuable in all of your professional engagements.

The Coder's Path to Wealth and Independence

Your increased income, in turn, will allow you to pursue those goals in your personal life that will enrich your private life. Your business can fuel your personal goals. In business for yourself, without employees or others relying on you, you will find that your business will support your personal life, and your personal life will impact the success or failure of your business. This is a rich opportunity to do more with your time, with your money, and with your skills.

Instead of devoting all of your time to building someone else's businesses for nothing more than a paycheck, you can devote all of your time to creating the life that you want, supporting it through your professional endeavors.

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Less risk than working for an employer. Many perceive self-employment as financially risky.

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What they don't realize is that if done properly, it is far less risky than working for a single employer. A self-employed technologist with multiple active clients has more guarantee of work than an employee who is at the mercy of a single corporation. In the very early stages of becoming independent, there will likely be some tight management of finances, but if done properly, you should find that your income surpasses what you would be making working for someone else.

Control over your income. With strategic thought and efficient application of time, the solo technical businessperson can make substantially more.

The Coder's Path to Wealth and Independence

Your actions and thoughts will have a direct impact on your level of income. If you need to make more money, avenues will open that will enable you to do so. Envision this scenario: You have been a slave for all of your working life. Someone opens the door for you, tells you that you can have your freedom, that you can direct your course, and that you can have a substantial pay increase.

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