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  6. Why is this my last night? Do something. Do something, if you are true. As I was praying, I could hear my mother calling out to me. She sounded so sweet and sincere, and she asked me to come inside for dinner. It was a miracle. Never in my life had I experienced a miracle because of Allah, but that night I did because of Jesus.

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    Later, as I was lying in bed, I thought about all the hardships I had recently been through because of Jesus, but in my heart I felt so much love and peace through him. I decided that I should follow Islam again. As I was declaring this to myself, I had a vision of Jesus on the Cross; he was weeping for me. His face and body were indistinct, but his voice was clear. No one else was home at the time. We were both crying at the end of the movie. My dad was never like the other dads — he was nice. He would help with the dishes.

    He defended me.

    1. I can’t do anything right.

    He was just different. My cousins were jealous that I had a kind father. My mother was jealous of his affection toward me. When my brothers tried to make me wear a hijab, my dad stepped in and said I would never wear it. So many of his actions revealed that he was unlike most Muslim men. He truly loved me. My brothers continued to threaten and beat me, their handprints visible on my body.

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    While I was in school, they would text me these horrible messages, calling me awful names. He asked if I knew of any work or study programs abroad. There was one in particular that I had heard of, and it was in America. Whatever the cost, my dad said he would get me there.

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    My mother expected me to come back home after three months, since that was the length of the program. However, my dad had a different attitude about it. My work program was based in Miami. Before I left, one of my American friends called around to the local Miami churches and found a pastor who would help get me settled when I arrived.

    Thank God he did. Within 20 minutes of my arrival, men were there yelling at me, trying to force me into prostitution. By the grace of God, this pastor was with me and protected me from them. The next day I was on an airplane to Indiana. I lived in Indiana with a couple of friends for a year. After a year with them, I moved to Colorado to attend Bible school, which opened up a job opportunity in Santa Cruz. I moved in with her, which brought me to Riverside and Sandals Church, where she worshipped. It seems as though the only roots I have grown in life are in Christ; all other ones get pulled up.

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    Every day I pray for them, and I hope we can soon be reunited. In my heart I know God has an incredible plan for their lives, as he has shown me through my own. God has protected me, guided me, and led me down such an incredible path. Unveiled Faith. She has done the Marion to Bermuda numerous times most recently aboard the classic ketch Kathleen in The six years passed like an instant.

    First she coordinated land events in Marion and from on she has been on the administrative team.

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    The first year in administration she organized a record fleet of entries, all required to sail the course only using celestial navigation. The race is open to amateur cruising yachts, families and friends. Participants will have the opportunity to compete in an open ocean passage with a group of friendly competitors.

    The race is open to single hulled sailing vessels with a minimum hull length, exclusive of sprits, of 32 feet, and a maximum of 80 feet. This year, for the first time, the race will be open to two new categories, multihull yachts and double-handed yachts.