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It is no accident that the two sectors of the economy with the greatest price increases in modern times are higher education and health care. In both sectors, the efficiency and qualitative improvements associated with market discipline have been overcome by inefficient governmental subsidies. There are many incentives for farmers, automobile producers, and computer software firms to cut costs and forge new innovations, but few in higher education and health care.

Ripley concludes by compounding her fundamental sin of omission not talking about the dysfunctional federal student financial aid program with one of commission: suggesting that the solution to rising tuition fees is centrally mandated price controls—federal regulations limiting tuition increases. As students are told in principles of economics courses or at least should be , price controls seldom work as intended.

Restrict fee increases and colleges will probably reduce scholarships, thereby increasing net tuition revenues. That already has happened as some states have imposed tuition caps. In fact, it will make things worse. Government has been the problem, not the solution. He is an adjunct scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. More Articles.

Oct 19, Richard Vedder 0 Comments. College tuition has risen more rapidly than overall inflation for much of the past century, and in recent years this growth has accelerated. The rhetoric of crisis now permeates public discussion of the cost of attendance. Much of what is written ties rapidly rising tuition to dysfunctional behavior in the academy.

Common examples include prestige games among universities, gold-plated amenities, and bloated administration. This book offers a different view, one that places higher education firmly within the larger economic history of the United States. A technological trio of broad economic fo A technological trio of broad economic forces has come together in the last thirty years to cause higher education costs, and costs in many other important service industries, to rise much more rapidly than the inflation rate.

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The main culprit is economic growth itself. This finding does not mean that all is well in American higher education. A college education has become less reachable to a broad swath of the American public at the same time that the market demand for highly educated people has soared. This affordability problem has deep roots. The book explores how cost pressure, the changing wage structure of the U.

Why Does College Cost So Much?

With the expanding intensity of some academic courses, students, especially those in technical fields, can see higher supply costs due to the nature of the course work. This expense can vary widely based on a student's circumstances. It can become a burden for commuter students or students who attend a self-contained university but choose to keep a car on campus.

For students who choose to go without private transportation, the public version can be considerably less, often with student discounts playing a factor. Tally up those additional items and the cost of a year away at a college or university comes into full view. At this point, you're probably thinking you may struggle in affording to go to college or to send your children to college.

Thankfully, that's not the case. Universities are all too aware of the rising costs of attending school and are creating numerous ways to cut down on costs.

Why Does College Cost So Much?

For example, almost every university now offers online classes and degrees. By taking classes online and not living on campus, you can dramatically cut down on the expense of getting a degree. You eliminate housing costs, transportation costs, meals plans and all the other expenses that accompany getting a degree the traditional way.

If you're a non-traditional student who wouldn't be living on campus anyway, online classes are even more valuable. They allow you to earn your degree more inexpensively and according to your own schedule. If you can't afford to take a full load of classes, you can go at a slower pace and take classes as you can afford them. Additionally, many businesses now make it possible to attend school while still working for the company.

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Even though this may take a bit longer than a traditional program, this allows individuals to get a degree while avoiding large amounts of debt. Some businesses will even pay some portion of tuition costs as part of their ongoing education efforts. Finally, it's important to consider how NOT attending college affects overall earning potential. It's been demonstrated time and again that those who have a degree earn significantly more than those who don't. If you're smart with the way you earn your degree online classes, etc. But, you can still get a degree at an affordable rate.

As technology develops, there are more and more ways to take classes AND minimize expenses. Despite the apparent rise in tuition costs, financial aid and payment options like military benefits, grants and loans and employer programs are great ways to lessen the cost of tuition. Check out our financial aid page to discover the many ways you can make this important investment.

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By Mary Bromley on March 5, If you're a parent of a small child and look forward to the day when you can send them off to get a college degree, prepare yourself. Medical care. Insurance costs. Higher Education, Higher Dollars The rise in higher education costs, though, are anything but measured. So what's going on here? Supply and Demand, Demand, Demand Once upon a time, heading off to college and attaining a four-year degree was a luxury.