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For people looking for an extra edge to improve their game or just the basic knowledge to play the games, Burton offers 1, winning strategies and tips to help readers feel at home in any casino. Hints include the truth about the most popular casino bets, what games should you avoid, the ten smartest bets and ten worst bets, getting the most bang for your buck , tricks of the trade and hundreds and hundreds more.

The back cover of this book explains it all by first asking: What are your chances of being murdered this year? With about 20, murders a year in the U. Then by asking: What are your chances of being victimized by fraud? Much greater, comes the answer. In fact, so much greater that it's almost impossible to measure the risk. Fraud ranges from identy theft to telephone scams, computer and Internet fraud, retail store scams, fund-raising scams and more.

This book is designed to show the reader the basics of fraud techniques, make the reader aware of where the dangers are and teach the reader how to protect himself against the possiblity that a fraud artist might fleece him. Read Full Review of '21st Century Fraud'. This is actually a reissue of an old book that went out of print as a hardbound.

Subtitled A Bibliography of Cards and Gaming , it includes an enormous annotated bibliography of more than items on playing cards and games, and over 1, illustrations. Praised as the most authoritative and complete treatment of its kind, the book is profusely illustrated and gives a fascinating overview of heraldry, geography, history, and the social and political activities of man over the past six centuries.


When you hear about famous card counting teams, such as the MIT group, you're getting only part of the story. The weapons in the arsenals of these players are truly amazing-and they're described in detail here. For video poker players, there's a big section on combining return percentages, cashback, and promotions to gain an edge Bob Dancer style. Black Gangsters of Chigago by Ron Chepesiuk. When we think about Chicago-style gangsters, we often think of names like Capone and Gincana. But as powerful and brutal as these guys and their underlings were, an equally fearsome group populated the Windy City.

Blackjack — a globally popular card game, a staple of casinos the world over, and often the focal point of the silver screen. Blackjack goes by many different names. Twenty-One, Pontoon, Vingt-et-Un.

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At Betway, your game is in your hands. From classic online blackjack, to Spanish Blackjack, to European Blackjack — in a game of 21, will you hit or stand? The beauty of playing at Betway is the flexibility. Wherever you are and whatever the time of day, at Betway, you can truly bet your way.

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Playing your favourite games is one thing, but what about when you have a question? We adhere to all regulations set out by the governing bodies in each of the countries we operate in.

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With our tools you can manage your play, including taking breaks, as well as setting deposit limits and session reminders. Online Casino. Online Casino The thrill of anticipation as you spin our slots. Play Casino Games Online From state-of-the-art slot games to beloved table game classics including our immersive Live Casino , our offering is vast. Online Blackjack High stakes.

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