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Douglas A4 Skyhawk. Grumman F Tomcat.

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Airmark Modelling Guide 2: F4 Phantom. Grumman F9F Panther. The Fairchild Republic A10 'Warthog'.

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North American B45 Tornado. Airmark Modelling Guide 1: F16 Viper.

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F16 Fighting Falcon Reference Guide. F22 Raptor: 20 years of air dominance. Republic F Thunderchief.

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F14 Tomcat in Action. F15 Eagle in Action. Grumman F14 Tomcat. Grumman F Tomcat Manual: All models Douglas A3D Skywarrior. SR71 Blackbird in Action. The Boeing KC Stratotanker. Lockheed-Martin F Fighting Falcon. ECM Aircraft in Action. F22 Raptor in Action. Consolidated Vultee XB Boeing B47 Stratojet.

Republic XF84H Thunderscreech. Lockheed F94 Starfire. Convair Consolidated Vultee B 'Peacemaker'. Boeing B Lockheed SR Blackbird Manual onwards all marks. McDonnell F3H Demon. F Fighting Falcon vol. They are shown below It was a big improvement to the older Matchbox and Hasegawa F-4 kits for a British phantom.

The Fujimi kit has fine plastic parts. The interior is nicely done. The kit roundels were replaced, otherwise the scheme from a Modeldecal set 30 were used seen here:.

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These RAF aircraft were kept in very good condition so model weathering was kept to a minimum. The Alcock and Brown kit decals are good but were not yet used; Modeldecal set 95 was used. Modeldecalset 95 was used for this OCU:. This kit has some metal parts, one of the first Fujimi kits that had those with a tiny fret included for canopy edges and mirrors and cockpit interior.

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Stores for this kit 3 includes Sparrows, underwing fuel tanks and a central fuel tank. Overall colours of the cockpit interior are:.

McDonnell-Douglas/BAC F-4K/M Phantom II

Also look here at the Royal Navy F-4K It was a completely different aircraft than the olde Phantom I. It set many world records. First, it was only armed with missiles and could carry bomb loads, but the Vietnam war showed that an internal gun was a necessity. So later versions like the F-4E got a M61 Vulcan rotary cannon.

Many F-4's were also sold overseas and were in use in Persia, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom in a different version. Released about , the Fujimi kits appeared in many different kits with various versions carefully captured. Some kits contained not only plastic but also etched metal and some with casted metal parts "high grade".

All these kits have very fine recessed panel lines and good decals.