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French officials estimated the number of Malagasy killed from a low of 11, to a French Army estimate of 89, In addition, the nd Infantry Division was maintained to guard the S3 intercontinental ballistic missile base on the Plateau d'Albion. In the s—s, two light armoured divisions were planned to be formed from school staffs the 12th and 14th.

In the late s an attempt was made to form 14 reserve light infantry divisions, but this plan, which included the recreation of the th Infantry Division , was too ambitious. The planned divisions included the nd , e, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, th, and th Infantry Divisions.

From June , the French Army reserve consisted of 22 military divisions, administering all reserve units in a certain area, seven brigades de zone de defence, 22 regiments interarmees divisionnaires, and the nd Infantry Division, defending the ICBM launch sites. In February the President of the Republic decided on a transition to a professional service force, and as part of the resulting changes, ten regiments were dissolved in During the late s, during the professionalisation process, numbers dropped from the , , conscripts in to around , The previous structure's nine 'small' divisions and sundry separate combat and combat support brigades were replaced by nine combat and four combat support brigades.

The Rapid Action Force, a corps of five small rapid-intervention divisions formed in , was also disbanded, though several of its divisions were re-subordinated. It was reinforced during the November Paris attacks , and is part of an ongoing state of emergency in France due to continued terror threats and attacks. In terms of Article R. The French Army was reorganized in The new organisation consists of two combined divisions carrying the heritage of 1st Armored and 3rd Armored divisions and given three combat brigades to supervise each.

There is also the Franco-German Brigade. The 4th Airmobile Brigade was reformed to direct the three combat helicopter regiments. There are also several division-level niveau divisionnaire specialized commands including Intelligence, Information and communication systems, Maintenance, Logistics, Special Forces, Army Light Aviation , Foreign Legion , National Territory , Training. The Army is divided into arms armes.

Parachute units are maintained by several of the armes. The Legion is commanded by French officers. It is an elite military unit numbering around 7, troops. The Legion has gained worldwide recognition for its service, most recently in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan since It is not strictly an Arme but a commandement particulier , whose regiments belong to several arms, notably the infantry and the engineering arm. The Troupes de marine are the former Colonial Troops of the l'Armee de terre.

They are the first choice units for overseas deployment and recruit on this basis. It operates numerous helicopters in support of the French Army, its primary attack helicopter is the Eurocopter Tiger , of which 80 were ordered. It is an Arme with a commandement particulier.

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This joint oriented service is responsible for project management support for all land equipment of the French army. Historically there were other services of the Army who were all grouped together with their counterparts in other components to form joint agencies serving the entire French Armed Forces. After the health service and the service of species replaced respectively by the French Defence Health service and Military Fuel Service , other services have disappeared in recent years:.

It is headed by Luc Ravel and is headquartered in Les Invalides. NCOs serve on permanent contracts, or exceptionally on renewable five years-contracts. High school diploma giving access to university is a requirement. Contract officers serve on renewable contracts for a maximum of 20 years service. A bachelor's degree is required. There are two different programs, combat officers and specialist officers. Officers in both programs graduate as Second Lieutenants and may reach Lieutenant Colonels rank. Combat officers spend eight months at ESM, followed by one year at a combat school. Specialist officers spend three months at ESM, followed by a year of on the job-training within an area of specialization determined by the type of degree held.

Civilian women were hired by the French army in the First World War, thereby opening new opportunities for them, forcing a redefinition of military identity, and revealing the strength of anti-Republicanism within the Army. Officers by the s accepted women as part of their institution. The HKF is the new service rifle of the French military. Leclerc main battle tank. The most commonly worn parade dress, however, consists of camouflage uniforms worn with the dress items noted above. The camouflage pattern, officially called Centre Europe CE , draws heavily on the coloration incorporated into the US M81 woodland design, but with a thicker and heavier striping.

A desert version called the Daguet has been worn since the First Gulf War which consist of large irregular areas of chestnut brown and light grey on a sand khaki base. The legionnaires of the French Foreign Legion wear white kepis, blue sashes, and green and red epaulettes as dress uniform, while the Troupes de marine wear blue and red kepis and yellow epaulettes. The pioneers of the French Foreign Legion wear the basic legionnaire uniform but with leather aprons and gloves.

The Chasseurs Alpins wear a large beret , known as the "tarte" the pie with dark blue or white mountain outfits. The Spahis retain the long white cloak or " burnous " of the regiment's origin as North African cavalry. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Land warfare branch of France's military. Main article: Military history of France. Further information: History of French foreign relations. Main article: French Royal Army — Main article: French Revolutionary Army.

Main article: Structure of the French Army. Main article: Modern equipment of the French Army. Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopter. Archived from the original on 22 June The group accomplish continual attack against the Rommel tank division in Cyrenaica, in Halfaya pass and Bardia. In the same period, the "Alsace" join Egypt equipped with Hurricane and Gladiator for the protection of Suez Canal and later the groups was sent in Libya during the Rommel counteroffensive in Tobruk and Bir Hakeim.

The group follow the move back of Commonwealth troops in Egypt. One part of the personal disappeared into the sea when the boat "Empress of Canada" was sunk by an U-Boat attack. The group follow Leclerc column in all his movements until Tripoli and Tunisia. The group fought in many operation equipped with new Spitfire. The goal of this operation was to rally the French colony controlled by Vichy and open a new front in south Europe. Finally, the combat stopped , the operation was successful.

The former enemy became the new allied but the "wedding" with FFL is difficult. After a politics game in the high command and difficult negotiation, a new plan for the Air force is established. The "Lorraine", "Alsace", "Ile de France" and obviously "Normandie" are not include in that agreement. Immediately after "operation Torch", Tunisia battle begun. Axis forces landed in North Africa to counteract the Allied advance. At this moment Axis troops are defeated in Africa. In the allied entered in a new phase of the war, the preparation of Europe liberation.

In august , the "Nice", "Corse" and "Provence" are grouped in the Wing In September , the liberation of Corse "operation Vesuve" was covered by allied aviation. The "Corse" participated in the liberation of this French island. This strategic territory was the Allied starting base for the operation over Italia and south of France. The "Lorraine" after a long experience in Africa effectuated raid over France, Belgium, Netherland in nocturnal and diurnal mission targeting V1 sites, airfields, railway stations, communications The group "Berry" was sent at Liverpool.

After all this times, the most important moment for French arrived. The 6 june in Normandy, the allied landed in the context of "Operation Overlod". The aircrafts were painted with black and white invasion band ready to liberate the homeland. The squadron "Lorraine" took off at dawn and spread a smoke screen to hide the landing of American troops between Barfleur and the Vire river. The heavy bomber groups "Guyenne" and "Tunisia" dropped their bomb on the regrouping enemy troops. The groups after the liberation supported the British Army of Montgomery in all his operation and followed his movements.

At the difference of "Overlord", the enemy was aware of this operation. The french groups covered the allied landing and for the first time, the group "Bretagne" landed in France at Istres in october New group have been rearmed or created. The victory and the liberation are not entirely acquired. At this period, the enemy are isolated in many pocket on the French territory by the resistance action FFI. The commander of "Marcel Doret" was the legendary pilot Marcel Doret himself, former pilot test at Dewoitine.

The resistance after the capture of Toulouse airfield found an amazing treasure : 40 D, 14 Ju88, 1 He, 2 DB-7, one Glenn Martin and several aircraft of all types like Caudron Goeland, Bloch , Bf, Bf, Potez … The group accomplished mission of ground support and observation for the Resistance and the Allied troops. This clandestine groups were integrated in the CAF or dissolved after the war.

The regular groups like the CAF or groups under the British and American command entered in the final phase of the war, the war over Alsace and Germany. In may , the Third Reich capitulated and the victorious troops returned to their home. Despite the destruction and the invasion, French Air Force counted at this moment 40 groups in all its territory.

France Armée de l'air

We would like to use the opportunity of this suggestion to introduce Belgian aircrafts in War Thunder. The Belgian Army fought alongside Allies in Also, the Free Belgian Forces were created, and were loyal to the Belgian government in exile based in London.

Optional boxes : the previous box are the "minimal suggestion", with exactly the same number of vehicles as Italian branch. However, if some room is still available, the following boxes could be implemented too. VII, Mk. Also, many other planes could be interesting premiums : Curtiss H, Farman F. New skin ideas for already in game planes. Belgium used Gloster Gladiators and Hawker Hurricanes. French pilot manual. Battles in France and Belgium : ideas for new maps. We have already a map Normandy located in France in the game. However, there are many other locations where battles occurred in and Of course, this isn't an exhaustive list, just some places which could be interesting in game.

An important air battle, Operation Paula, occurred around Paris on the 3 June , when the Germans tried to deliver the final blow to the French Air Force. Also, in , some armored clashes occurred during the Liberation of Paris.

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Large air battles were fought, and Allied air forces suffered devastating losses while trying to destroy bridges to stop the Germans. Indeed, this British and French counterattack, on the 21 May , was an important tank battle. Nicknamed the Verdun of from the name of the devastating battle of WWI , this battle May saw the small village of Stonne change hands 17 times over the course of the 3 days of fighting! Technical data. The Dewoitine D. However, the non-premium variant of it, which will be present in this tree, could receive another skin.

Armee de L'Air-A Pictorial History of the French Air Force 1937-45

Like these :. The already present premium D. Dewoitine D. He broke the world distance record on 28 October , flying 5, km 3, miles from Paris to Jask, Persia , with J.

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Rignot, as a part of 19,km 12,mile Paris-India-Paris flight. They covered either 5, km 3, miles or 6, km 3, miles , according to different sources, in 37 hours 18 minutes. While flying over Portsmouth, New Hampshire, they lost their navigational map out of an open window of the plane.

Two children saw the map falling from the sky while they were watching for the flight to cross over their farm. The children, Louise Stef and her brother John, returned the map to Costes, who had asked for its return through the media. In , he founded his own company Aviations Potez that between the wars built many planes and seaplanes in factories at that time considered the most modern in the world.

He bought the Alessandro Anzani company in Many Potez planes such as the Potez 25, 39, 54, 62, 63 were an international success, with world records. Santos Dumont EN :. Alberto Santos-Dumont […] was a Brazilian aviation pioneer. The heir of a wealthy family of coffee producers, Santos Dumont dedicated himself to aeronautical study and experimentation in Paris, France, where he spent most of his adult life.

Santos-Dumont designed, built, and flew the first practical dirigible , demonstrating that routine, controlled flight was possible. Alberto Santos Dumont flying the Demoiselle public domain image.

He quickly moved on to piloting balloons himself, and shortly thereafter to designing his own balloons. By he had finished his first fixed-wing aircraft design, and also a helicopter. He finally achieved his dream of flying an aircraft on October 23, by piloting the bis before a large crowd of witnesses for a distance of 60 metres ft at a height of about five meters or less 15 ft. On November 12, , Santos-Dumont set the first world record recognized by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale by flying metres in The Wrights used a launching rail for their flights and a launch catapult for their and machines, while the aircraft of Santos-Dumont and other Europeans had wheeled undercarriages.

The Wright Brothers continued to use skids, which necessitated the use of a dolly running on a track. Supporters of Santos-Dumont maintain that this means the bis was, technically, the first successful fixed-wing aircraft. The wristwatch had already been invented by Patek Philippe, decades earlier, but Santos-Dumont played an important role in popularizing its use by men in the early 20th century. Before him they were generally worn only by women as jewels , as men favoured pocket watches. Ader was an innovator in a number of electrical and mechanical engineering fields.

He originally studied electrical engineering, and in improved on the telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell. After this he established the telephone network in Paris in In , he devised a V8 engine for the Paris-Madrid race, but although three or four were produced, none were sold. Following this, he turned to the problem of mechanical flight and until the end of his life gave much time and money to this. It was a bat-like design run by a lightweight steam engine of his own invention, with 4 cylinders developing 20 horsepower 15 kW , driving a four-blade propeller.


The wings had a span of 14 metres and were equipped with a system of warping. All-up weight was kg pounds. It is accepted that the aircraft took off, reaching a height of 20 cm, and flew uncontrolled for approximately 50 m ft , 13 years before the Wright Brothers. It is notable for its vision of air warfare and its foreseeing the form of the modern aircraft carrier, with a flat flight deck, an island superstructure, deck elevators and a hangar bay. An airplane-carrying vessel is indispensable. These vessels will be constructed on a plan very different from what is currently used.

First of all the deck will be cleared of all obstacles. It will be flat, as wide as possible without jeopardizing the nautical lines of the hull, and it will look like a landing field. Marcel Doret FR :. Avec la production des appareils de ligne, comme le D. Roland Garros EN :. In Garros graduated to flying Bleriot monoplanes and entered a number of European air races with this type of machine, such as the Paris to Madrid air race. He was already a noted aviator before World War I, having visited the U. In the early stages of the air war in World War I the problem of mounting a forward-firing machine gun on combat aircraft was considered by a number of individuals.

The so-called interrupter gear did not come into use until Anthony Fokker developed a synchronization device which had a large impact on air combat; however, Garros also had a significant role in the process of achieving this goal. Garros achieved the first ever shooting-down of an aircraft by a fighter firing through a tractor propeller , on 1 April ; two more victories over German aircraft were achieved on 15 and 18 April Garros failed to destroy his aircraft before being taken prisoner: most significantly, the gun and armoured propeller remained intact.

Legend has it that after examining the plane, German aircraft engineers, led by Fokker, designed the improved interrupter gear system. The regiment is notable for being one of only two air combat units from an Allied western European country to participate on the Eastern Front during World War II , the other being the British No. Joseph Stalin awarded the unit the name Niemen for its participation in the Battle of the Niemen River Georges Guynemer EN :.