e-book Blackout: Coal, Climate and the Last Energy Crisis

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The book was an interesting read and should be kept on the shelf for future reference if coal ever makes a comeback, but I think much of the information is simply outdated.

Blackout: Coal, Climate and the Last Energy Crisis

If you are really interested, I would recommend the library first. I gave it 3 stars because of the outdated material, but would give it 4 in the material were current. December 1, - Published on Amazon.

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The author instead lays out a thorough argumnet that coal supplies must be estimated using a Hubbart-curve type of analysis, similar to that used to forcast future oil supplies. Different types of coal, and a history of their uses are also discussed in the early pages. The author presents a balanced set of studies, summarizes their findings and forecasts, and then critiques them.

The author does not simply state which study is correct, but rather points out the robustness and validity of each study, slowly building a body of evidence and a conclusion about the future of coal in a given region. These pages were surprisingly technical and were a bit of a chore to read at times, but the presentation of hard facts builds a more credible position on future coal supplies and is valuable to the book. The book continues by briefly discussing coal and how its use relates to climate change. The current status of these technologies is presented along with some discussion of their future role in coal usage.

It is a good summary of new coal technology, and disects facts from hype.

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The book concludes with three potential scenarios in which our usage of coal is very different. They range from the collapse of industrial society to the transition of a low-energy, sustainable future.

They are interesting and thought provoking. Overall this book is well-researched, logically-presented, and well-explained. If you are interested in a realistic analysis of coal, a resource on which our dependency will only grow, read this book. You will also learn how much our future depends on how we choose to use or not use coal.

July 1, - Published on Amazon.

Blackout: Heinberg on dwindling coal reserves and the siren song of “clean coal”

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Your session has expired, please login again. Coal fuels about 50 percent of US electricity production and provides a quarter of the country's total energy. China and India's ferocious economic growth is based almost entirely on coal-generated electricity. Coal currently looks like a solution to many of our fast-growing energy problems. However, while coal advocates are urging full steam ahead, increasing reliance on the dirtiest of all fossil fuels has crucial implications for the global climate, energy policy, the world economy, and geopolitics.

Media Blackout: Clean Energy Now Cheaper Than Coal!

Blackout goes to the heart of the tough energy questions that will dominate every sphere of public policy throughout the first half of this century, and is a must-read for planners, educators, and anyone concerned about energy consumption, peak oil and climate change. From co-housing and agroecology to fisheries and open-source everything, people are increasingly using "commoning" to emancipate themselves from a ….

Book Review: Blackout | Energy

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