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There was a problem with saving your item s for later. You can go to cart and save for later there. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Countee Cullen; Major Jackson. Walmart Tell us if something is incorrect. Out of stock. Book Format: Choose an option. Get In-Stock Alert. Product Highlights A major and sometimes controversial figure of the Harlem Renaissance, Countee Cullen fused a mastery of the formal lyric with a passionate engagement with themes social, religious, racial, and personal in such books as Color, Copper Sun, and The Black Christ.

One three centuries removed From the scenes his fathers loved, Spicy grove, cinnamon tree, What is Africa to me? From "Heritage" [30]. The social, cultural, and artistic explosion known as the Harlem Renaissance was the first time in American history that a large body of literary, art and musical work was contributed by African-American writers and artists.

Countee Cullen was at the epicenter of this new-found surge in literature. Cullen considered poetry to be raceless. His poetry instead focused on idyllic beauty and other classic romantic subjects. Cullen worked as assistant editor for Opportunity magazine, where his column, "The Dark Tower", increased his literary reputation. Cullen's poetry collections The Ballad of the Brown Girl and Copper Sun explored similar themes as Color , but they were not so well received.

Cullen's Guggenheim Fellowship of enabled him to study and write abroad.

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Between the years and , Cullen traveled back and forth between France and the United States. By Cullen had published four volumes of poetry. The title poem of The Black Christ and Other Poems was criticized for the use of Christian religious imagery; Cullen compared the lynching of a black man to the crucifixion of Jesus. As well as writing books, Cullen promoted the work of other black writers.

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But by Cullen's reputation as a poet waned. In his only novel was published, One Way to Heaven , a social comedy of lower-class blacks and the bourgeoisie in New York City. During this period, he also wrote two works for young readers: The Lost Zoo , poems about the animals who were killed in the Flood , and My Lives and How I Lost Them , an autobiography of his cat. Along with Herman W. Porter, he also provided guidance to a young James Baldwin during his time at the school.

In the last years of his life, Cullen wrote mostly for the theatre. Louis Woman , published The Broadway musical , set in a poor black neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri , was criticized by black intellectuals for creating a negative image of black Americans.

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In another stretch, Cullen translated the Greek tragedy Medea by Euripides , which was published in as The Medea and Some Poems , with a collection of sonnets and short lyrics. Several years later, Cullen died from high blood pressure and uremic poisoning on January 9, Due to Cullen's mixed identity, he developed an aesthetic that embraced both black and white cultures.

Countee Cullen developed his Eurocentric style of writing from his exposure to Graeco-Roman Classics and English Literature, work he was exposed to while attending prestigious universities like New York University and Harvard. Cullen was also influenced by the Romantics and studied subjects of love, romance, and religion.

Vincent Millay both influenced Cullen's style of writing. He writes, "As heretical as it may sound, there is the probability that Negro poets, dependent as they are on the English language, may have more to gain from the rich background of English and American poetry than form the nebulous atavistic yearnings towards an African inheritance. Color is Countee Cullen's first published book and color is "in every sense its prevailing characteristic.

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It has been said that his poems fall into a variety of categories: those that with no mention were made of color. Secondly the poems that circled around the consciousness of African Americans and how being a "Negro in a day like this" in America is very cruel. He discusses the psychology of African Americans in his writings and gives an extra dimension which forces the reader to see a harsh reality of Americas past time. Although it is published in Color, it originally appeared in The Survey , March 1, In Heritage, Countee Cullen grapples with the separation of his African culture and history created by the institution of slavery.

It was a place that he knew through someone else's description, passed down through generations. Throughout the poem, he struggles with the cost of the cultural conversion and religious conversion of his ancestors when they were away torn from Africa. The Black Christ was published at the height of Cullen's career in The poems examine the relationship of faith and justice among African Americans.

In some of the poems, Cullen equates the suffering of Christ in his crucifixion and the suffering of African Americans. Copper Sun is a collection of poetry published in New York in The collection examines the sense of love, particularly a love or unity between white and black people. In some poems, love is ominous and leads to death. However, in general, the love extends not only to people but to natural elements like plants, trees, etc.

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