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Shoots beautifully with little recoil. The recoil jumps out of my hand up in the air. I prefer the. I also have an LCP which I pocket carry when the choice is it or nothing if I am unable to carry a larger weapon. Need to look at defense rounds that are legal. Depends on where you are, the crazy government in San Francisco forbids hollow points for defense. I use hornady XTP hollow points in my it stopped a full grown boar with three shots when I was walking in the woods. This, my friends, is the best. The XTP bullet will penetrate the 12 — 18 inches required to stop a threat.

Many manufacturers use this bullet and they are all good. They all vastly under preform. Hornady XTP. They average 13 inches of penetration in ballistic gel with two layers of denim, with even expansion round to round. There are many videos on this round that show this. Anyone that is still claiming that. Second, hollow point ammunition does not cause stoppages, shitty ammunition does. Third, have you heard of temporary and permanent wound cavities? You are partly right in saying that shock has nothing to do with it, depending on what form of shock you are referring to.

Creative spelling and grammar is ok on internet message boards so chill out. You are correct but it should be the right hard ball. Lehigh defense makes a cavitator and a penetrator round even for the. There are so many statistics that say different. If you are worried about penetration then make your first rnd. Dickson the. I have a Beretta 70S. In two years on the Guantanamo Rifle team, we used en banc bless the French clips to load our match M1s.

It was ejected with the firing of the eighth round. Stripper clips are restricted by the design to bolt action rifles. Chief Boring. You have no idea what you are talking about. Well made. Hollow points can actually reduce penetration in some cases where clothing is a factor.

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Use Horn dy Crit. Defense rounds that have an FTX tip designed for clothing penetration and that will solve that problem. It was so effective that they have added the FTX to several of their hunting bullets to improve stopping power. So pretty much every scientist? This is an older thread, so these rounds did not exist at the time, but Lehigh Defence Xtreme Penetrator rounds solve this problem. Underwood puts the lehigh architecture, on steroids, making the cartridge even more lethal, while the cartridge weighs only It is lethal.

However, my preferred CC is a very highly customized Glock 26 9mm. I read that clothing actually does not hinder penetration with hollow points. The clothing fiber actually fills in the hollow point and helps with penetration. Not really a conceal carry pistol. My brother was issued that as an aviator in the navy. Love it. Try a Sig Sauer. This gun is all metal; no plastic, nothing cheap about this one.

They have other variations of the same gun 18 but they weigh This gun is highly accurate, little recoil and can be quickly brought back on target even for women. I purchased the magazine with the extra round capacity that has a place for your little finger to get a grip. This was all necessary because of my handicap and also I have arthritis in my shooting hand.

In the beginning I purchased a single stack Glock 43 9mm. I had it get completely away from me twice. I practiced and practiced holding it with both hands but my concentration affected my accuracy. I rarely placed a shot on target at 7 yards. I even spent over a hundred dollars to put night sights on the Glock No difference. Next I purchased a Glock After much study and thought common sense I purchased the Sig Sauer P in stainless steel. Best decision I have ever made.

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I can place my shots Critical Mass all 8 of them very quickly!!! I use the Sig Sauer Hollow Point bullets. This article is great at explaining what I as a gun store employee have been trying to explain to people for years!!! Get many accurate rounds on target as quickly as possible. I have trained and shot with literally hundreds of handguns, and have found very few that I trust as much as this gun.

Have fired thousands of rounds through the 2 that we own, with no jams, failures to feed, stove piping or an other problem. Very, very little recoil, match grade accuracy and of the highest quality!! On a scale of one to ten, the P rates a !!! Why would you put hollow points in a. Your counsel is wrong on this, if you want penetration, make sure you load at least 95 grain FM.

Make sure it is a good manufactured round, because. Good day. Our local PD lost two officers to this mouse gun in a foot chase turned ambush. One head wound and one under the arm bypassing body armor. Bad day all around. I carry the. Choose defense rounds carefully and shoot them regularly. I prefer Underwood Defender and Penetrator. I pair it with the 9mm HST ammo that I carry every day.

I ordered bought a Kahr for wife. The slide is so stiff, she is not able to rack it. I have since seen many reviews stating the same. I like it but, try one before you buy it! I think you have to be joking.. I have known some that were just not real sharp. Those folks almost provide a viable argument in favor of gun control!

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You shot rounds without verifying your target? You are more dangerous than a Democrat with an idea… Please do not move in next to me. Will, you are right in saying that Democrats with ideas are dangerous. So you mindlessly killed people in another country , just so Dick Cheney and Haliburton could make billion of dollars?

You must be a good little Democrate! Never has been an option for enlistment. Now retired. Semper Fi. There is nothing more dangerous than a Democrat with an idea, well, maybe Democrat with more than one idea is more dangerous, that would be about it though. Thank you! This was a good article. My experience…a BIG bore is good for the first shot, recoil and re-targeting are a huge problem with rapid fire. Most street fire fights will show multiple rounds fired with few if any actual hits. You sir, have made my life worth living.

If there really are firearm owners that are that negligent and moronic, I must be doing just fine in this beautiful world!! Lol I do hope you are joking though…. I would actually recommend a security shotgun. Could be 18 or The thing is, almost no matter how nervous a person is it is Bad idea. My nearest neighbor is several miles away…no concern about overpenetration here. Ive shot deer at yds with a 20ga. Slug…it went all the way through. It would go all the way through your house unless its brick and into your neighbors. And for home defence, use a legal sawed-off with buckshot, not slugs.

Remember when using a shotgun that when at in the house distances, like 20 feet, you need to shoot it like a rifle. Shot spread is about 3 inches.. That 40 inch spread you think about is at 40 yards. At inside the house distances that 1oz grain load of 6 is going to penetrate anything but good quality body armor, but even with that a hit in the body will make the perp think about looking for an exit. I have. Definitely take care of the threat though…if they can hit him! This is getting a bit more suitecjbve, but I much prefer the Zune Marketplace.

Clicking on one of those will center on that item, and another set of neighbors will come into view, allowing you to navigate around exploring by similar artists, songs, or users. Speaking of users, the Zune Social is also great fun, letting you find others with shared tastes and becoming friends with them. You then can listen to a playlist created based on an amalgamation of what all your friends are listening to, which is also enjoyable. Those concerned with privacy will be relieved to know you can prevent the public from seeing your personal listening habits if you so choose.

There are thousands of documented cases of less than trained individuals who have, through the use of a handgun, warded of an attacker. The same techniques that make a. Boonton,Part 1. Many include a target to demonstrate they are accurate. This objection deals with identifying the gun and shooter? How often is this an issue? The very small elasticity of murder rate to gun ownership indicates to me if I understand what is meant by elasticity that legal gun ownership rates are basically irrelevant to gun crime. Is this being suggested?

Assault weapons are a basically meaningless distinction based on largely cosmetic details attached to a semi-automatic rifle. If the Colorado theater shooter was interested logically in inflicting mayhem a bag of semi-auto 12 gauge shotguns would have been more effective. That weapon semi-auto 12 gauge is the most common advice for your home defense buyer, btw for those who buy guns for that reason. Would it have prevented the Newtown shooting? Probably not, I have seen zero! I suspect the insurance policies would not cost very much given that most guns almost never end up in crimes or accidents but those who establish a habit of letting their guns get into wrong places the premiums would become steeper which they should given they would be by definition less responsible gun owners.

Do you find it hard to stay on-topic? Rambling a lot lately, are we? And please STOP suggesting added costs for responsible gun owners just to catch a few bad guys. More guns, less crime. They should all be deported now! Would be a lot less banks robbed if the robber new every teller was trained and caring a handgun along with all the customers in line. I always thought it would be a good idea to issue all airline travelers with a loaded firearm to discourage hijackers. I have always loved my CC gun in.

But, my carpal tunnel syndrome is making the recoil too much to control during rapid fire. I can blow the center out of a target all day at the range. But, I fear that, in a self defense scenario, I would not be able to get enough effective hits on target. Therefore, I have decided to switch to 9mm. I encourage you to read the article again with an open mind.

But, in some cases it is. Hammer through your injury and ignore the pain, which is simply weakness leaving the body! Embrace the suck! Anything less than a. Common sense dictates: use what is comfortable and confidence-inspiring for YOU. I just think he has no reality with it. Not everyone is built the same. I would have to train a LOT and often to maintain better control of a.

With a. Yes, Its not just pain with carpal tunnel and arthritis,its also manual dexterity. And the ability to get shot placement. Well there are other issues too. My 10 year old female neighbor has a much thicker hand and wrist than I do. I also have arthritis issues to deal with and old injuries so that has to be taken into account. The reality of the situation needs to be considered. Less recoil makes for a more enjoyable shooting experience, and that should encourage people to train more. Make it painful to shoot and train with, and the battle is lost, except for perhaps the hard core, and really, how many of us are that.

This is an advantage of the lesser caliber that should not be so quickly dismissed. As an instructor, these are many times thing beyond my control so I see my job as providing knowledge and guidance in the selection and use of a defensive weapon among other tools. Most of my students will leave the class with a better understanding of the physical, emotional and technical demands of an armed confrontation and will then exercise their own prerogative as to the types of and frequency of their training and skills development and sustainment as is their constitutional right.

In my opinion, a. While I regularly carry a. I rely on my ability to put many rounds into the threat as we all ultimately do. On the topic of recoil management, even. One example is the LCP. I carry it a lot and practice with it frequently because of the recoil issues. Great article good information for those looking at viable calibers pros and cons. Three popular ways to make a 9 mm hard to shoot: 1 Make the grip so short there is no room for your little finger.

If you insist on mouse gun size and weight, I agree you should stick to mouse gun calibers. Best of the handgun calibers was. J-Frame revolvers and my Glockl 26 are easily controlled with a proper 2 finger grip. I shoot plus-P 9mm out of my light weight, polymer framed, 2 finger gripped handguns just fine. And do would you if you practiced. Great article! A few questions, though.

America, guns and freedom: Part II — An international perspective

Is it the LCP? Do give us more of a hint. Is the. How about the. Dan, while I would not carry a. Thank God it was a solid jacketed bullet, not a hollow point. It passed straight through without hitting the bone.. I never felt the impact. The bullet wound itself never hurt one bit. It was about a hour, before the I felt anything.

Then all the pain I ever felt was in the palm of my hand, it was like a hot nail had been shoved through it. They were straight as a board.. It was 6 months before I could twitch my fingers enough to see movement and a year before I could make a fist. That was 30 yrs ago, and to this day I still have some pain in the palm of my hand from the nerve damage in the upper arm. The jagged petals of a good JHP will cut nerves, tendons and tissue that cause immediate incapacitation though out the body. I believe Hilter committed suicide with a.

Short version: the cannonball literally left a hole that allows the camera to see most of the way truohgh the car. It would be all the way, except it was deflected slightly upward. Got some 9mm and. When you drop to the. As to the. Thanks for the info Grant! Thumbs up! I own 2. Great article. I sometimes carry a TCP and have caught Hell more than once from other guys. It is easy to conceal, easy to shoot and with practice, dead accurate. I just wish ammo was cheaper and more available. Keep up the good work. Easy to conceal, low recoil and quick to bring up to target.

The grip is a little short but an extended mag cured that problem. I am surprised about the Solo being the answer. I assumed it would the Kel-Tec 9. A friend bought it for his wife, she will hopefully scare them away with the noise. Plus, it twisted in my hands like the Solo did for Grant. I carry a at times and I have no problem with carring it. Armed self defense class. I with my Makarov. I consistently had head shot accuracy. After 2 days and rounds I perceived that recoil had diminished other class members accuracy.

I have fired over 3, rounds in 30 years with the makarov but realize I need to upgrade to a modern firearm. I will likely stick to. Dave, I agree with you on mosin fodder. Never know when surplus will run out. I can shoot a 9mm better than a 40, as well as train more with one due to the ammo being less expensive. When loaded with modern bonded JHP ammo any of them will get the job done.

But then, so was 38 special. I normally carry a small. While the. Beautiful shooting little pistol. I bought an LCP because he then gifted me with almost rounds of. When I can hide more, I carry a. I own different 9s and a Bersa Thunder. Some I like and are easier to handle than others. If it came down to my PF9 versus the Bersa for ease of shooting it would be the Bersa because of the lack of recoil. Granted this is preference, the heavier the gun the less recoil, the type of ammo also affects the recoil. I have been finding some.

Thankfully when I do find it, the price is not too much more than 9mm. The Beretta Cheetah Mod. IMHO the bottom line is this. If you have a larger caliber you must plan your wardrobe around it and decide to bring it or not. It is what it is, but at least I had a fighting chance or hope I do. Dominate arm of course. Weight is a concern…. So a lighter handgun in. But even with the. As a retired Marine, a former cop and a long time shooter and collector of guns I have never owned or fired a. I have a couple of. My preference is either one of my Colts or Kimber 45s if I can keep them concealed.

The smallest I carry is a Sig This is also the weapon my wife carries. Using hollow points placing 2 or 3 rounds in your attackers center of mass will stop anything smaller than a grizzly. Is bigger better? Only if you are comfortable and competent with it. Buy a gun you are comfortable with. An empty pistol makes a lousy club. Your comment about an empty pistol making a lousy club…I almost agree with. Your mission with self defense is just that, but not everyone has the benefit of a badge to gain the benefit of doubt.

I am only interested in winning with my life intact, however the attacker may have friends on the way. An extra mag could be handy. The original attacker must be down. Why leave extra ammo for the gang to use against you? A light weight empty gun as a club against a skull or knee can buy time for the family to escape. Major issue for me when going to a nine rather than. Needless to say, I went on to fire nines,.

Everyone tends to want to downplay the. I have the Sig Sauer P I prefer the P for exactly the reason explained in the article. I put Hogue grips on both and they seem to help a lot. I am a CCW instructor and also tell my students that accuracy is more important than caliber. This means time lost, while one must continue to deal with possible multiple attackers is there more than one?

Are you SURE? Take out the closest threat, and you have the time to scan for, and deal with, other possible threats. Regardless, the debate will rage on. In a defensive situation, which weapon caliber works best? I have retired from the Corp. My retirement was awhile back. I carried the A1 for many years. Only so many Marines are for combat. About 4 years into service I was a Comm Ctr Chief.

At 10 feet I could point, both hands of course, and hit the target at least a couple of times. The M was available but the minds of my operators was focused on their jobs. I checked operations and classified messages, therefore I could see the threat and think after the startled reaction what was happening. And perhaps not if helping with operations. For civilian trainers who practice 3 times or more a week, they believe they will instantly know what to do. But the threat is immediate without warning. The brain takes more than 5 seconds to think.

Nice to have that but mostly for my moral. They have come in to kill me on the spot, guns ready. If you are attacked and your brain is not set to scan every scenario your in deep shit. The attack will probably have a planned attack. Run like hell or anything else you can to get away if possible, but that chance is very lucky if it happens. Then that gun if your adrenaline filled brain thinks can be used.

I have the concealed license too. But I cannot spend every waking minute on the range nor money to purchase ammunition. The little is nice for lack of hard recoil. I have a laser sight which I hope will help. But I will probably point and empty my first magazine in a spray. Hopefully one will hit. The jumped all over the place but I prayed for the best. One thing about the classified Com Center was a complete platoon of combat troops surrounding it. Now they were constantly on alert. It was their job as known to scan every movement anywhere.

I and several of my operators were so focused on our job we almost go ourselves shot entering back in for our shift. And dead tired, but thankfully not dead. I know this is not what this concealed weapon forum is for really. But the outcome and reaction are the same. Unless you make yourself a ground pounder to play a part. This is getting a bit more sbvuectije, but I much prefer the Zune Marketplace. I recommend a medium weight revolver like a River SP where the recoil is a little lighter.

I had that problem when I first got my ruger lcp. I could not pull back the slide at all. I just keep one in the chamber now. Beretta makes a couple of. This negates the need for racking the slide, if memory serves. They might be. Check it out. Needless to say I loaded my mag wth them, and had a jam in feeding.

After that I had to pull as hard as I could on the slide to eject the round. Reason i say 18 is because I found another. No matter what caliber of handgun you carry. That little bit of hesitation to fully commit could very well get you killed or seriously wounded. I bought a Bersa Thunder and I really like it. My main carry gun is an XD sub compact chambered in 9mm which I also like very much!

But if I were competing in a rapid firing contest for numerous accurate hits,I would want my little ! She can and has shot all the major calibers in a variety of different pistols, but the low recoil and improved accuracy make this her carry gun of choice. She asked him if she could shoot him, just once, to confirm that. The gun you are confident with, that you train with, and that you carry daily is the right gun — regardless of caliber. I lived in South Dakota for 14 years and passed by bfulafo on the way to town nearly every day.

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