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Series Positively Pregnant. Required Cookies These cookies allow you to explore OverDrive services and use our core features. Performance and reliability cookies These cookies allow us to monitor OverDrive's performance and reliability. Research and analytics cookies These cookies help us understand user behavior within our services. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. What to do when the stick turns blue: 1. Take the test again Try to convince yourself the five tests you have now taken are defective. Accept that you are pregnant Start making plans to tell the father that your one night together is about to deliver a little surprise in nine months.

Kiss the man to get hi What to do when the stick turns blue: 1. Kiss the man to get him prepared for the news. Realize that kissing the man makes you forget everything you were ever thinking Take a deep breath and deliver your news. Get A Copy. More Details Original Title. Positively Pregnant 3. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Her Last First Date , please sign up.

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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Shelves: kid-adorableness-overload , free-to-be-a-family , pet-peeve. I wanted a break from angsty reads, but this may have been overdoing it. When some conflict finally arrives, it just feels startling and out of place.

Crissy decided to have her baby adopted when she was 17; twelve years later, she wants to get to know the child, and the adoptive parents are pleased as punch to welcome her to the family and basically tell her to help hers I wanted a break from angsty reads, but this may have been overdoing it. Crissy obviously hasn't wised up much in twelve years, and Josh is out of practice since his dead wife couldn't get pregnant, and next thing you know Crissy is pregnant again.

It's not a secret baby story, by the way -- she doesn't tell Josh instantly, but she does tell him. This brings up all kinds of dead-wife-who-couldn't-get-pregnant trauma for him and the hearts and flowers are momentarily interrupted while he acts like a douche. Crissy is kind of an interesting character. She has a lot of guilt over giving up her baby, but more because she feels like she should have been emotionally crushed than because she actually was. She sometimes seems to be the only person in the book who has anything resembling normal negative feelings and she's always pondering how everyone else can be so open and giving.

Hanging that lampshade doesn't really help though, it still feels implausible and weird. View 1 comment. Feb 01, Melody Cox rated it liked it. We have Crissy who is a thirty-year-old successful business woman who owns multiple gyms. When she was in high school she and her boyfriend accidentally got pregnant after they gave each other their virginity. She had the child at age seventeen and gave it up for adoption. She wasn't ready for a child and she simply felt she was too young.

Her decision was a bit on the selfish side but she could never have given him the kind of life his adoptive parent's were giving him and she had been given the opportunity to select his future family. The adoptive mother, Abbey, always wanted Crissy to be involved with her biological son, Brandon, but Crissy just put it behind her and moved on. Now at thirty, she knows she made the correct decision for her son's sake but she has regrets and has decided it's the right time for her and her son to become acquainted.

Our hero, Josh is Abbey's brother-in-law and Brandon's uncle. Abbey is becoming acquainted with him and after her first face to face with Brandon and all the family. He stops to see Crissy on the way home. He knows it was rough on Abbey being at a get together with Brandon's family and at this point Brandon only knew Crissy as a family friend. So, Josh and Crissy were immediately attracted to each other and one thing led to another Josh is a widower, his wife now gone for four years and he was still remaining faithful to her memory.

He worships the deceased wife as though she were still living. In his eyes she was perfect and she made him swear to never ever, under any circumstance, fall in love again. Turns out that the wife was certainly not favored by other family members and he refused to face the down side of her and his marriage. She was an extremely manipulating woman and everything was her way or else but he didn't want to see it that way.

When our heroine turns up pregnant and she finally tells him, he was certainly not the man I thought him to be. He screams and yells and has tantrums telling her he doesn't want a baby with her and if he couldn't have a baby with his dead wife he didn't ever want to have one with another woman because that wouldn't be fair his wife.

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Excuse me but I am gagging here! Anyway, as usual, there was a happy ending but the turn in Josh at page of was disgusting. He was horrible to her and for this avid reader he did not redeem himself enough to satisfy me. Feb 10, Barb rated it it was amazing. What to do when the stick turns blue? Take the test again--and again--and again. Accept that you are pregnant--for the second time in your life.

Realize that kissing the man makes you forget everything you were ever thinking. Take a dee What to do when the stick turns blue? Crissy is a self made CEO. She doesn't need a man to compliment her. Josh is a doctor, a widower, an uncle, and an all around good guy. But he just lost his wife 4 years ago and he's not ready for another woman.

This is an emotional story full of ups and downs that only Susan can put together. Highly recommended. Nov 12, Cheesecake rated it really liked it Shelves: genre-harlequin , hero-stubborn-widower , pregnancy-accidental , shortpgs-or-so , end-satisfying-hea , epilogue-is-great , hero-needs-to-man-up , hero-turns-away-heroine , heroine-gives-as-good-as-gets , heroine-tomboy.

I'm gonna say 3. Crissy the woman who could kick his ass, and Josh the fool with blinders. I went into this one expecting fluff like the third book, but the characters were quite interesting. Crissy is a woman of 30 who owns her own chain of fitness gyms for women. She has one weakness though, that she had a child at 16 and gave him up for adoption. Over the years the adoptive parents have kept in touch and would I'm gonna say 3.

Keep it open-like. So finally she feels ready and the boy is 12 so it's prob a good time to meet at last. Josh is the adoptive father's brother and a doctor for kids with cancer. So right off he's a paragon. Handsome, altruistic, and still grieving his wife who died of cancer 4 years ago.

But of course Crissy is the first woman to turn in crank since he was widowed and she's feeling vulnerable But really the bulk of the story is about the MCs and their growing interest in each other. It's very even handed power wise. I don't feel like Crissy is desperate for him. It was a bit slow here and there and I did get a bit tired of hearing about his dead wife. But it was normal for her to be in the conversation at those points and it leads to a better understanding of his first marriage, which is crucial to understanding his hangups. Total douche canoe!

And yet I did forgive him, and he did grovel and she didn't immediately trust him again. Ended up really enjoying it!

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Feb 23, Min Li Li rated it liked it Shelves: harlequin. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Konu olarakta sevemedim pek. Buna neden karar veriyorsun? Bahane olarakta bende annelik duygusu yok dedi. Aug 15, micki rated it it was ok. I'm not finished yet in chapter 11 and this isn't a review, just some thoughts: 1.

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HATE that the author chose to make the dead wife an unlikeable person. It's just as bad as making her a perfect saint. I know people say things they don't mean all the time, but I'm old enough now that I believe there are lines you don't cross. Even in the heat of the I'm not finished yet in chapter 11 and this isn't a review, just some thoughts: 1.

Even in the heat of the moment. I wouldn't want to be with someone who would be deliberately nasty. Now I only have the rest of chapter 11, and then chapter 12, to forget all this so I'll be happy these two find their way back to one another. Not happening. Oct 13, Marcy rated it liked it. T What to do when the stick turns blue: 1. Take a deep breath and deliver your news Aug 12, Amy rated it really liked it. I thoroughly enjoyed this read.

I liked Crissy and Josh and found their story to be unique. They both had to grow and overcome some emotional baggage before they could open themselves up to the possibility of a happily ever after. Mallery included a good supporting cast in Brandon and his family, as well as Crissy's friends. Definitely a fun, worthy read!