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This is not terrain often traversed, especially with such encyclopedic erudition and effortless synthetic capacity. Antonis Balasopoulos, University of Cyprus.


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    Vanguardism: From Marx & Engels to Vladimir Lenin

    And the body? It was embalmed and put on display, creating a fetish imbued with an aura of premodern power that Lenin, who discouraged monuments to himself during his lifetime, would have found disgusting. So what are we to make, then, of Lenin Reloaded?

    Radical Philosophy Lenin Reloaded:Toward a Politics of Truth Archive

    That volume was itself something of a curiosity, at least for those of us who had cut our teeth on an edition of the same texts called Between the Two Revolutions , once available from Progress, the Soviet imprint, for a pittance. Not that the contributors to Lenin Reloaded form a united front with Zizek on that.

    Stathis Kouvelakis

    Most flavors of heterodoxy are represented. Antonio Negri and Kevin Anderson represent varieties of extraparliamentary spontaneism— a perspective that, in practice, can be distinguished from anarchism only with considerable effort. Jameson denounces social democracy as moribund but also calls for defense of the welfare state. One need not call this inconsistent, or incoherent, or the self-delusion of a self-hating reformist, or anything of the kind.

    One need only point out that dialectics is a wonderful science and that we can always hope for the best. The quality of the discourse in this talk shop is quite uneven. Particularly disconcerting is the statement, in the introduction, that What Is to Be Done?

    Review of Slavoj Zizek et al., Lenin Reloaded

    That it should be recycled now—gussied up as a bracing insight with applications to this post-postideological age—is discouraging. As Neil Harding shows in his incisive study Leninism , it did little beyond trying to adapt the German model of a professionally run Socialist Party to the specific conditions of the Russian labor movement.

    One of the best papers in the present volume, Lars T. Rather, it was only with the outbreak of World War I, and the near-total capitulation of the parties in the International to their respective governments, that any body of ideas distinctive enough to be called Leninism came into being.