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Ennis has said that The Boys would "out- Preacher Preacher ", presumably referring to the extreme violence and sexuality that were that series' hallmark.

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The book was adapted into an Amazon Studios television series of the same name , which premiered on July 26, The first six issues of The Boys were published by Wildstorm , starting in On January 24, , the series was abruptly canceled with issue 6. Ennis later explained that this was because DC Comics of which Wildstorm was an imprint before it was disbanded were uneasy with the anti-superhero tone of the work. Co-creator Darick Robertson said that "DC is being good about reverting our rights so we can find a new publisher and we're in the process of doing that now".

While Robertson was on exclusive contract to DC, he was given special dispensation to continue working on The Boys. A collected edition of the first six issues was also published by Dynamite, with a foreword by Simon Pegg. Pegg was the model on whom the character Hughie was based on in the way he was drawn in the comics by Robertson.

In February Dynamite announced a spin-off mini-series Herogasm , with art from John McCrea , who Ennis has worked with numerous times before, [9] and Keith Burns, a friend of McCrea's of whom he has said: "Keith's strengths are my weaknesses and vice versa.

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The book would have been chipped and chipped away at until writing it was pure frustration. Billy Butcher learns of a presidential directive charging the CIA with monitoring all superheroes. He uses the directive to get the backing required to reform "The Boys", a black ops team designed to police the superhero community.

Butcher brings together Mother's Milk, the Frenchman, and the Female of the Species, but the Boys' fifth member, Mallory, refuses to return as his grandkids were murdered due to his involvement with the group.

The Bookie Chronicles - Volume 34

Requiring five in the team, Butcher recruits a Scottish conspiracy theorist named "Wee" Hughie; his girlfriend was accidentally killed by A-Train, a member of major superhero team The Seven. At the Boys' first meeting in New York City , Butcher reveals that their first mission is to intimidate a teen superhero group called Teenage Kix. The Boys conduct surveillance on the group, using the dirt they gather to blackmail its members into compliance. It is revealed that all superpowers come from Compound V, a drug invented by Nazi scientists; a low-powered version mixed with cocaine is called Blue, and it is used to attain a singular, powerful high or, as revealed during the surveillance, allows prostitutes to endure or recover from sex with superhumans , but it carries a risk of spontaneous and horrifying mutations.

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Judging that he is suitable to join the team, Butcher uses subterfuge to inject Hughie with a specially formulated mix of V that gives him super-strength and durability—much to Hughie's chagrin. Meanwhile, Annie January, an evangelical Christian who fights crime as the superheroine Starlight, is recruited to join the Seven, the most elite of the superhero teams.

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Annie quickly learns that the Seven are not as wholesome as their reputation suggests, as she is coerced to perform oral sex on the Homelander to gain entry into the group. Hughie and Annie meet, unaware of each other's occupations, and find themselves attracted to each other. The Teenage Kix are sent a message from The Boys, along with selections of surveillance revealing their misdeeds, with a directive to expose one of their members, or the Boys will make their own choice on who to expose; the team picks the black homosexual hero Shout Out to appease the Boys, believing that his loss will hurt the team the least.

Homelander informs the Kix that the Boys are responsible. Teenage Kix confronts the Boys, but is unprepared for their ferocity; Blarney Cock is killed in the ensuing fight when he threatens Hughie, who panics and lashes out, punching through Blarney Cock's chest. Butcher introduces Hughie to the Legend, a comic book magnate and one of Butcher's sources. The Legend has the Boys investigate the mysterious murder of a young gay man that he believes was committed by a superhero. The ensuing investigation leads to Tek Knight and his former sidekick, Swingwing.

During the course of the investigation, Hughie and Butcher discover Tek Knight a hero the Boys never approached because his powers came from technology, not Compound V is suffering from an odd compulsion to fornicate with any orifice that presents itself. Hughie sorts out that the victim had approached Swingwing and confronts the hero, who reveals his intense homophobia and tries to escape. Hughie chases him down and fights Swingwing, Butcher staying out of the fight.

After Hughie defeats Swingwing, Butcher approaches Swingwing under the premise of forcing him to become an informant for the Boys; unbeknownst to Hughie, Billy sabotages Swingwing's jetpack, which later fails leading to Swingwing's death from being run over by the Staten Island ferry. However, Hughie becomes depressed that there is no real justice for the murder victim. Despite this, he is able to bring a gay couple back together. Tek-Knight, disgraced by his former butler's expose of his condition, rescues a woman from a falling wheelbarrow and subsequently saves the planet when he destroys an asteroid by engaging in coitus with an orifice in the asteroid, dying in the resulting explosion.

This is revealed to be a hallucination; the wheelbarrow actually killed him, and his delusion and likely his sexual compulsion turned out to be the result of a large brain tumor. The Boys travel to Moscow, where the local supes are mysteriously exploding. The Boys stop this plot by placing a bomb in Nina's vibrator, and Butcher detonates the supes, while Hughie bonds with Vas and is disgusted by the group's willingness to torture.

However, when Butcher gives the information to the CIA, he finds Director Rayner isn't going to do anything about it, due to the fear of Vought-American using their superhumans on the CIA, and possibly the country itself, in retaliation. Hughie visits The Legend, determined to find out more about the Boys - their history, their personalities, and their mysterious hidden agenda. Annie January alias Starlight has her own doubts about membership of the Seven.

Hughie must also deal with his new romance with Annie January and the return of Blarney Cock as a brain damaged zombie Compound V is used to resurrect some supers, but with extreme brain damage , as the Boys get closer to finding out about their relationship.

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Hughie learns the true origins of the supes while the rest of the Boys meet with members of the Seven for a discussion. The Legend goes on to reveal the history of Vought-American, concerning their faulty contributions to both WW2 and Vietnam. He then tells Hughie about their first major success regarding the Supes, the creation of the Homelander, the Seven, and his own past experiences working for Victory Comics, Vought-American's publishing company, specialising in fabricating VA's superheroes deeds. Meanwhile, as the rest of the Boys meet with the Seven, A-Train attempts to rape Starlight, only to end up being blinded in one eye.

After a brief history of the team is given, the Boys send in Hughie undercover to G-Wiz, one of the junior teams in the franchise, with the Female and the Frenchman as back up in case anything goes wrong. Mother's Milk discovers that Silver Kincaid was abducted as a child from outside a store where her uncle had taken her for ice cream. It is later revealed that most, if not all of the G-Men were abducted as children, and not, as the G-Men claim, "orphans and outcasts".

Meanwhile, the members of G-Wiz are instructed to kill Hughie, after Hughie is revealed to be a spy. Hughie's life is saved when the Frenchman and the Female intercede and murder most of the group. Through interrogation of a surviving member of G-Wiz it is revealed that the founder of the G-Men, Godolkin, abducts young children and injects them with Compound V in order to manifest powers within them.

It is also revealed that Godolkin and other members of the G-Men sexually abuse the young recruits. This revelation is delivered before one of the G-Men kills the survivor, revealing Godolkin with the rest of the G-Men ready to kill the Boys; however, this only spurs Hughie the rest of the team following his lead to attempt to attack the entire G-Men forces at once. Before they can launch this potentially suicidal attack, Vought-American forces arrive and slaughter all of the G-Men with heavy weapons and flamethrowers before confronting Butcher, telling him that they are capable of cleaning up their own mess.

The team deals with this in many ways, while Vought-American gears up to try to destroy the Boys.

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  8. This first of the series' stand alone miniseries chronicles the Boys as they sneak into Vought's secret, exclusive annual superhero bacchanalia "Herogasm". Funded by the company on the premise of being a giant superhero battle to the public, the "heroes" spend a weekend at an island resort running wild and indulging in reckless debauchery - primarily vast amounts of sex and participating in the use of illegal drugs. Meanwhile, the Vought-owned Vice President joins the festivities, and the Boys learn more about the corporation's plans as they target a Secret Service agent to try to determine V-A's infiltration of the White House through Red River operatives placed in the Secret Service.

    The world's second most powerful team, Payback, are contracted by Vought American during the events of Herogasm, to take out the Boys. In exchange for their service, they are promised the opportunity to have their own team's profile elevated up to the level of the Seven. Tell us if something is incorrect. Book Format: Choose an option.

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