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An Unusual Primate: The Human

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Ayres, and H. Tropical phenology: bi-annual rhythms and interannual variation in an Afrotropical butterfly assemblage.

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Weny, C. Chapman , N. Ting, W. Switzer, J. Kuhn, T. Exceptional simian hemorrhagic fever virus diversity in a wild African primate community. Challenges in modelling the abundance of tree species in eastern North America using climate, edaphic, and topographic variables. Forest Ecology and Management. Plant functional group identity and diversity determine biotic resistance to invasion by an exotic grass.

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Marine Pollution Bulletin Manaugh, K. Exploring the links among values, motivations and satisfaction in walking trips. Presenting an interaction method for measuring land use mix Journal of Transport and Land Use. Diagnosing transportation:. Developing key performance indicators to assess urban transportation systems. Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Willis, D. Foth, N. Journal of Transport Geography 29 Mathez, A. Estimating GHG emissions based on travel survey information. Transportation 40 1 Mikkelson, G. Growth is the problem; Equality is the solution. Sustainability Economic growth drives biodiversity loss.

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Dodd, and A. Predators vs. Neobiota 1— Paolucci, E. MacIsaac, and A.