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Aiden and Ky up next. Oct 21, Janette Lopez rated it it was amazing. Let me just say I love this series. Reo is a great addition. This book follows Reo who we got glimpses of in Reese he was interested in escaping the plan t that holds him captive. His sole mission is to leave he no longer wants to be a second had citizen. As he is getting ready to catch his transport off this planet an assassin bot attacks him. But as he finds out it wasn't offer him but the woman he saves. This is an amazing book must read.

Jun 24, Linda rated it really liked it. Rio, the Shareem whos helped both Rees and Rylan, is meeting his destiny. Princess Nella is on the run from the man who kidnapped her to bond and become prince over Ariel. Killer bots have trapped her in an alley when Rio stumbles upon them and takes it out. Before the bot gets smashed it manages to send a poison dart at Nella and to save her Rio brings her to the doctor.

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Could a princess ever find a HEA with a Shareem? Apr 11, Jacquie rated it it was amazing. This is the third book from The Tales of the Shareem series that I've read.. I'm ready to take transport to Bor Narga myself. Feb 11, Dinjolina rated it really liked it. The book? The cover?

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  4. Man the tit on this guy freaks me out! View all 3 comments. Jun 11, Spoiler Whore-Momoa rated it really liked it Shelves: allyson-james. I likey Rio. Kinda gotta emotional at the end but it's all good. View all 19 comments. It's Rio's turn to find his special someone. You know, by breaking the rules and falling for someone even though Shareem aren't supposed to have those sort of emotions.

    ALL the Shareem we've met might be able to control their emotions, but they're definitely brimming with them. Which works well for Nella since she needs someone like Rio on her side. Not just because he knows what she wants, but also because he loves her for her. Not for her wealth or her status or anything like that. Shareem, man. They certainly know how to spice things up. In every way.

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    Mar 05, Sandra Walker rated it it was amazing. Excellent read, Love can make so many things happen if you just try! Oct 31, Leigh rated it did not like it Shelves: reads , aliens-mutants-cyborgs , smut , did-not-like. I expected more from Rio This is one sexy book. I liked Nella, she did what she had to do and still stayed true to and followed her heart. I also liked Rio, so sexy, and funny, and protective. And when he cares about a woman even before he realizes he loves her he's willing to do anything for her, even ask a level one for advice.

    I would absolutely recommend it to those who like a book with lotsa sex with a dash of love mixed in. He reste This is one sexy book. He rested his hand on her leg. A need to relax flowed through her, a need to trust, to put her fate in his so-strong hands. His lips quirked into a smile. His eyes had gone deeply blue, his irises spreading to blot out the white. You punish me? And you will. I guarantee it. His playfulness vanished.

    All her life Nella had been taught to be banally polite, to have the correct remark for the correct person at the correct time, always.

    REES (TALES OF THE SHAREEM 1) by Allyson James EROTIC PARANORMAL SCI-FI D/s - $ | PicClick

    But then, Rio was nothing like any male— any human being— Nella had ever met before. He did nothing as expected. Maybe that was part of his attraction— his unpredictability. Abruptly, Rio spun Nella around and lifted her over his shoulder. She squeaked in surprise as her world went upside down, too startled to do anything but gape at his tight, leather-clad buttocks. Rio dragged her to her feet and held her close, the chain between her wrists clinking. Rio tumbled her hair under his hands and kissed her face.

    Feb 24, Nessa rated it liked it. He'll spank you, whip you and beg to be fucked repeatedly. That's what he is made for. He accidentally rescues her when she was running away from an assassin bot and from then onwards, they spend time together, with Rio dying to teach her to submit to him. Meeting Neela gives him the opportunity to gain his freedom. She is a Princess from another planet and also a virgin. She has never met a Shareem and is quite confused at first, especially when faced with such sexually alluring creatures.

    Feb 28, TJ Rowser rated it really liked it. So, a little scifi bdsm you say? Oh my yes, please. Rio isn't the first book in this series from what I can tell. It certainly doesn't read like it, but it does stand alone quite well. I may have to do a little digging to see what else I can find and pick up the rest, because this was a fun steamy, albeit, short read your reading time may vary, I read quickly. The Shareem are genetically altered humans made to be the ultimate in women's pleasure.

    They were banned because they were so good at it, So, a little scifi bdsm you say? They were banned because they were so good at it, of course. Not a weeping, scared, damsel in distress though she is in distress , we've got a strong willed fem here, more than willing to save herself.

    Always good. However, one meeting with our dominant Rio and she's falling all over herself with lust. Not so good. I don't mind instant lust, it doesn't bother me at all in fact, but for something like this, I prefer a bit more of a build. Of course, he's genetically designed to make it so he can't take her without her permission.

    Still, our main leads have chemistry, and the princess is a sweetie. You have to root for her, and then later Rio. I enjoyed this, and like I said, I'll be doing some digging later to see if I'm missing some from this. It was a fun read. Book 2 in the Tales of the Shareem series. Another good addition to this sci-fi erotica romance series. Rio and Nella are two very different characters but are just right for each other. As in the first book, there is a lot of sex, obviously, this being an erotica. So if you don't like reading about this stuff, don't read this book. Like the first book, the story line is pretty basic and when you ta "Rio" by Allyson James.

    Like the first book, the story line is pretty basic and when you take the sex stuff out, the characters of Rio and Nella are really quite emotional. Rio is a level three Shareem that wants nothing more than to leave the planet of Bor Narga because of all the restrictions on being a Shareem. Nella is a princess from another world called Ariel and someone is trying to kill her. When Rio discovers Nella dying, he won't let it happen. He's also instantly attracted to her.

    But a Shareem and a princess? Never going to happen. Plus Shareem can't love Being an erotic novel, obviously the chemistry between Rio and Nella is explosive and sensual. Each of their characters are well fleshed out and enough background on each is given to have a good understanding of who each character really is. I enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the next one. May 15, Kimberly Walter rated it really liked it. Rio, a level three Shareem, was on his way to get on a transport to get him off the rock,Bor Narga, but he saved Nella's life from an assassin bot.

    He doesn't regret it. Nella is on the run for her life. She can trust no one except Rio who missed his way off planet to save her. Rio is intrigued by his damsel in distress. And she needs his protection. Protecting her and teaching her is worth missing his transport, and maybe being stuck on this rock forever. As Rio teaches Nella and gets to know her Rio, a level three Shareem, was on his way to get on a transport to get him off the rock,Bor Narga, but he saved Nella's life from an assassin bot. As Rio teaches Nella and gets to know her, he falls for her and she for him.

    He doesn't think he is good enough for her but Nella plans on staying with him either on or off Bor Narga. I enjoyed reading Rio. This series is very different from what I usually read but I love it. Rio was very exciting, HOT and sexy. Feb 28, Ibrium rated it liked it Shelves: that-is-not-a-dialogue-tag , own , sci-fi , 3-star , guilty-pleasure-read , erotica , kindle , editor-please , cracky , quick-read.

    There are things that would normally send me running for the hills. And yet it's compulsively readable. I don't know that I care about the characters, not more than superficially at any rate. The story isn't long enough, or deep enough to allow for really connecting to the characters.

    But the world There are things that would normally send me running for the hills. But the world setting is intriguing, and let's be honest, the sex scenes are pretty smokin'. For what it is, it's quite entertaining, and sometimes that's all you need. Apr 24, Cindy rated it it was amazing.

    Good read - what can I say, I love Rio! These books go beyond the sex [and the sex is very well done:] to reveal the humanity of the Shareem and the unbearable situation they are caught in. Dec 24, Sheila Grindatti rated it liked it. I don't really know how I feel about the story line, on the one hand I read this in a day but it wasn't because I was in the grips of the story I wanted to know where the author would take this. I love me some Rio. This Shareem makes me laugh with with his humor and his ego.

    You care about him because he has such a big heart. For supposedly beings with no feelings, he feels a lot of different emotions. He's lucky to have friends who are trying to help him get off the planet when he is delayed by a female in serious trouble. This is an interesting story with love scenes that melt my Ereader, lol. Enjoy I did. This is a reread for me. Jan 17, Birgit rated it it was amazing Shelves: hot , alien. No other book got me this HOT and bothered before, my hormones are they the green or blue ones? And I loved RIO!! Jun 07, Cora rated it liked it.

    Ok, here's my problem. I love the story. Rio and Nella are sweet and vulnerable and I just wanna squeeze them. Then the sex happens and I just don't get the appeal. Whips and chains don't excite me. Though, to be fair, Rio seeems like a nice Dom that's a thing, right? I don't know. I'm gonna read the next one, but I have a feeling it will be the same way. Nov 17, Roberta rated it really liked it. Ahhhh my lovely Rio.

    Wouldn't kick him out of bed no matter what he's done. I'm glad to say that Rio got his HEA. The story is worth a read and not going to go all spoiler on you So much to say read it! Keep a towel handy. May 03, Ani rated it really liked it. Re-reading one of my first erotic romance series this week. Rio is still a compelling character, and his love interest, Nella. Good people.

    Heavy on the kink, but still, the pervasive acceptance of sexual diversity in a flower of affectionate relations. Still squirm a bit, but hey - once a catholic schoolgirl Oct 10, Dani rated it really liked it. I was kind of disappointed. I was really looking forward to his book, it didn't quite live up to my expectations. Maybe it was because I wasn't really feeling Nella..

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