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Say Yes to the Duke

Janice is one of my all time favorite heroines. She was just amazing. She really grew as a character and with each page I fell even more for her as she came into her own and took charge. She's kind and strong, doesn't hold her status over other people and is just an accepting and lovely woman who cares for others. And Luke. He's got an aura of power surrounding him that is so incredibly sexy. To the world he's a mere groom but he's actually the rightful heir to the dukedom and searching for proof at the Duke's estate. You could totally see him in the role of Duke but at the same time he's a bit unpolished.

He's been a fighter. And a boxer. And lived a hard life on the streets but that rawness makes him even more yummy and exciting.

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He's also a rescuer of puppies. Be still my heart. They had some rather steamy moments as well that were oh so very nice even though it didn't go "too far" for the majority of the book. Janice definitely didn't shy away from her sexual attraction and I loved that boldness about her. There was a nice bit of humor added to the mix as well that made it such a fun experience. Say Yes to the Duke was a really delightful read. Kramer created a romance that tugged at my heart and had me aching hopeful that these two would find a way to be together despite Society's rules and expectations and she definitely didn't disappoint.

It all played out wonderfully and you could really feel the love between them. I'd definitely recommend this one for any historical romance fans. View all 4 comments. I love Kieran's books, because I think they are a lot of fun to read. Say Yes to the Duke has the same charm as the previous books. However, with this story we will be focusing on Lady Janice Sherwood.

Always, living in the shadow of her beautiful older sister, Marcia and adorable little sister, Cynthia. Yes, Janice suffers from the middle child syndrome. Don't get me wrong she adores her sisters, but it's just hard being her at times. So, her parents thought it would be a good idea for her to go to the country and be Dowager Duchess of Halsey's guest. However, right before she gets there she has a bit of trouble and her carriage wheel breaks and she ends up getting a kiss from the groom.

Not what she was planning. On top of it all the Dowager is having some mental issues where she thinks she's the queen at times. Luke Callahan is trying to find a way to prove he's the legally the Duke of Halsey. However, he has one problem, proof. He knows it's somewhere, but doesn't know where to look.

He manages to make an alliance with Janice to help him find a particular book, but doesn't tell her what this book contains. As they get to know each other, they start to fall for one another. Yet there is one problem, the current Duke of Halsey.

Halsey sees that the groom is noticing Janice and figures why not get her for himself. Time is of the essence for all to become right in the land. I loved the story. I thought it was a complete blast to read. I really have enjoyed how Kieran has made the Brady Bunch into a regency family. Yes, you do see some elements of the show, but she has made it as it's own little story. I love Janice and she's a neat character. Yes, she does the middle child thing, but not to the extreme.

However, she just lacks the confidence in herself. So, she tends focus on how she plays second fiddle to her sisters and it's not until she talks to the Duchess when she's the queen and Luke when she starts to see her true worth. I love how she starts to develop her own character and comes out of the shadow of her books. Luke is a great character. He's a bit rough around the edges, because of life trials. However, he understands the importance of standing for what you truly believe in. Both of them almost makes sacrifices that jeopardizes them finding true love and let Halsey win the day.

I will be honest, I was a little worry, but love conquers all.

Say Yes to the Duke House of Brady

Kieran is a big believe in that "Love changes everything," and you do see it Say Yes to the Duke. So, if you have been following the Sherwood family, you won't want to miss the next installment. I think Janice's story is my favorite so far.

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Copy provided by St. Feb 23, Miranda rated it really liked it Shelves: , lust-at-first-sight , st-martins-press , author-to-watch-out-for , bad-boy , england , cover-is-gorgeous , hero-is-yummy , drop-your-panties-hot , happily-ever-after. I admit that even I wanted the dashingly handsome Luke in this book. Janice is a meek little thing at first. Then she grows a backbone and becomes a delightful character to read. She and Luke have great chemistry that seems to sizzle off the pages.

The secondary characters I simply loved. I fell in love with them all. Even the dogs in this book stole my heart. Kramer writes with such passion and intrigue that you cannot wait to read the next page. I look forward to her next romance. Oct 25, Jennifer rated it liked it. This book almost could have a G rating. Aug 19, Carolyn rated it really liked it Shelves: alpha-male , historical , part-of-a-series , regency , dogs , family , romance. Lady Janice Sherwood has failed to make a match for two seasons running, she wants to marry but only for love.

Her parents send her to visit for a month to the Duke of Halsey's country estate, to be the guest of his grandmother, the dowager and they hope that she might gain a proposal from the duke himself. But upon arriving she meets and kisses Luke Callahan, a stable groom. Janice would soon fall for the mysterious man with a tale of heartbreak. Luke Callahan learns that he is the "real" legiti Lady Janice Sherwood has failed to make a match for two seasons running, she wants to marry but only for love.

Luke Callahan learns that he is the "real" legitimate heir to the Halsey's dukedom and therefore will not stop until he discovers his mother's hidden diary that will reveal him to be the "first" duke. Luke must play a game of "servant" to take down his cousin and secure his inheritance. He enlist Janice to help him search for the diary. Will the search end with a Yes to the Duke or will Janice lose out on love again?

Sep 06, Tarra rated it it was ok. I started this book thinking the premise was way better than the final outcome. Jan and Luke were at best, uninteresting. Their relationship was built on only a few moments of stolen lust in a barn. I'm just not sure what all these additional characters purpose was compared to the large amount of t I started this book thinking the premise was way better than the final outcome.

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I'm just not sure what all these additional characters purpose was compared to the large amount of time spent on them. Luke was a bit heavy handed with Janice at times. He didn't actually really DO anything to help secure his fate. The Duke didn't DO anything of merit either. I think I was more interested in the backstory that was mentioned several times with Marcia and Finn. Maybe, just maybe, I'll read that book someday, despite this book not engaging me like I'd hoped.

Feb 11, Candace rated it liked it. Honestly, I'm kinda ehh about this book. While I found it well-written and funny, I just couldn't get behind the romance between Janice and Luke. From the first moment they meet, they can not take their eyes off each other and it was grating after awhile.

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Aug 25, Shasha rated it did not like it. Maybe I wasn't in the mood for this farce, but I ended up skimming a lot to get to the end. The title is cleverly used in the story and that is the most praise I can give. Not my kind of historical romance, I cringed multiple times. Mature content. Apr 18, Jennie rated it really liked it. This book started out fun and then got slow for a couple of chapters. Then it improved and I enjoyed the story. Aug 25, Webb Milan rated it really liked it Shelves: regency-romance , romance , mature-content , awesome , suspense , series.

Absolutely ridiculous and absolutely awesome!! I loved it. Mar 11, Shauni rated it really liked it Shelves: reading-romance-challenge , new-release. I have to admit I giggle every time I read one of these books. Not because they are silly but because of the way Kieran combined 20th century trivia with 19th century romance. For those of you who don't know the Bradys are a blended family..

The dad, a Marquess of Brady had three boys.. Gregory, Peter and Robert and the mom.. Especially when she finds out that her reputation is questionable because of something Marcia had done.. And everyone knows Marcia has a pristine reputation.. Lady Janice Sherwood don't forget who created the Brady Bunch.. Kieran had to give a nod to him as well has been sent to the country by her parents, to visit the duchess, rather the dowager duchess.

She was sent in a rather hodge podge fashion that made her question why they were all but tossing her out. Because Janice is insecure she believes for just a moment that they might just want her out of the way. She just didn't know why. Since she is there, Janice is determined to hide in the country for a month and then return home. Only thing is, life never goes according to plan. They had no sooner turned the corner onto the estate when the carriage wheel broke.

Sending their driver ahead for help, Janice and her maid waited.. Hard to do with a broken wheel. Luke Callahan was raised in an orphanage until he was 11 and then forced to flee for his life. Never even aware that the "nun" who cared for him was actually his mother in hiding. Years later he is called to the orphanage for help.

It seems he is really the legitimate heir to a dukedom and has nothing to prove it. He knows there could be some form of proof in the family home so he disguises himself as a groom and ventures forth. Once he arrives he realizes all is not right and questionable individuals reside withing. But he is determined..

Say Yes is more than a romance it is a metamorphosis.. Both Janice and Luke have to look into themselves and decide if they like what they see.. Janice decides that she is more than a daughter and a sister and is willing to live for love. To sacrifice it all for the man she loves. Luke on the other hand has to learn that there is more to him than just a disgruntled heir out for revenge.

That love, in all it's forms can transform a man. As they are evolving both must face the odd goings on in the main house and determine how to deal with them. A Duchess that has "spells" and sometimes thinks she's a queen. A Faux Duke who surrounds himself with sycophants and yet proposes marriage to the first woman who truly despises him.. Blackmail, murder, mystery and great tragedy hides within these walls and it's up to Janice and Luke to discover the secrets and bring them to life!!

A great read about an insecure girl who emerges into the woman she can be!! Thanks Kieran for yet another fun peak at those daring Brady's of the 's Shauni Nov 18, Stephanie rated it really liked it. Personal Property of Blogger Lucky the Regency era maiden whose father holds her interests and happiness to heart. Such is the fortune of out heroine in this somewhat Gothic romance filled with Dowagers, Dukes and dark deeds.

I liked, as well, the inclusion of the mention of being a bit fey, it gives an opening for Janice to listen to her heart and gut. And, she might be meek at times but otherwise she has a terrific backbone and learns that standing up to others gets her farther than being invisible. I thought the plot was easy to follow but suspenseful. It all also seems to take place within a short period of time during a period of bad snow. I had no idea it snowed so heavily in England. But the story is narrated in the third person, and we are only really offered insight into the minds of the three main characters.

He and his friends seem depraved. Where do we get the idea of the aristocracy being refined and noble? Not from this guy! He is rough, a Heathcliff not the cat type of character. He is not moral according to the laws of the ton, but he is mostly noble.