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The flexible degree programmes allow you to study online according to your own schedule. The University of London has 17 independent member Institutions, including Goldsmiths.

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The University of London has long offered degrees via distance learning, offering over programmes in over countries. Choose from three open courses that explore topics covered in the BSc Computer Science degrees. BSc Live Webinar watch recording. The Module Authors who have developed content for the programme are academics who teach on campus at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Yes, students who successfully complete the programme will be invited to our annual graduation ceremony in London.

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The programme will take you between 3 and 6 years to complete. On average, a student studying part time will finish the degree in years. Whether you study online or on campus, you will receive a University of London Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. The academics are those who teach in the on campus programme at Goldsmiths in London. The programme structure and content is similar to that taught on campus but adapted to suit the needs of learners studying online.

Where a written examination is the assessment method for a module, you will need to attend one of our exam centres which are available all over the world. More information can be found here or contact University of London for more information about finding a local exam centre. Your certificate will show that you have successfully completed the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

It will also show that the awarding body is the University of London with academic direction provided by Goldsmiths, University of London. The University of London does not provide credit for the completion of open courses associated with this programme. However, the Introduction to Computer Programming , How Computers Work , and Mathematics for Computer Science courses will provide a taste of the content taught on the degree programme.

You will need to complete the University of London application form and meet the eligibility criteria stated above. Once you have received an offer to study on the programme whether through the standard entry route or the performance based admissions route , you will then complete the registration process by selecting the relevant modules and paying for them.

Once you have paid, you will be registered on the programme. Once available, you will be given access to the degree on the Coursera site and to an orientation module ahead of the study session. The teaching session will start in April and October of each year.

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If you are unsure as to which entry route you are eligible for, please apply via the direct entry only. If you do not meet all of the entrance criteria for this route your application will automatically be considered for Performance-Based admission. All students receive tutor support and feedback while studying for one of our BSc Computer Science degrees.

Tutors introduce the modules, respond to queries and provide guidance on the assessments.

Faculty of Science and Engineering

The University of London offers over programmes to students in over countries online or through distance learning. Our alumni have gone on to study Masters at top universities globally as well as to senior roles within leading global multinational companies and governments around the world.

Employers value skills developed by our alumni, such as self motivation, organisation and the dedication and commitment to achieve results. Your certificate will show the award you have obtained. It will also show that the awarding body is the University of London with academic direction provided by Goldsmiths University of London.

Goldsmiths welcomes applications from students who wish to transfer to an on-campus degree.

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To complete your degree in two years of full-time study at Goldsmiths, you must have completed eight Level 4 modules successfully. To complete your degree in one year of full-time study at Goldsmiths, you must also have completed eight modules at Level 5. The programme will have two registration points in the year corresponding with start dates for modules. This is a flexible programme which allows students to study at their own pace either part-time or full-time , adjusting the intensity of the learning to suit their needs.

The BSc Computer Science will allow you to develop a widely applicable skill set in computing with strong programming and mathematics skills, as well as softer skills in project management, presentation skills and teamwork. You will also have a portfolio of work that you can present to potential employers. Depending on the pathway you register for, in the final stage of the degree, you can orient your learning towards particular areas of interest such as machine learning, web development, data science and video games.

With the BSc Computer Science, you will be able to apply for a range of computational and mathematical jobs in the creative industries, business, finance, education, medicine engineering and science.

If you have studied material as part of a previous qualification that is comparable in content and standard, you might be exempted from the equivalent course of our degree. Yes, under the guidance of faculty advisors, you will be working with groups of fellow learners engaged in similar projects as you. The full curriculum is here.

To gain a BSc in Computer Science, you complete modules to a value of credits. Research Focus. Advanced Materials. Data Science. Public Policy. Emerging Areas. School of Science.

College of Science and Engineering — University of Leicester

School of Engineering. School of Business and Management. School of Humanities and Social Science. Interdisciplinary Programs Office. Admissions Start your journey at our University and become a positive force to make our world a better place. Admission Information. Undergraduate Admissions.

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Postgraduate Admissions. Summer Courses. Our progressive and innovative subject range allows our graduates to meet the needs of regional industries and to contribute to the development of the national and international knowledge economy. Find out more about the staff in the University of Waikato's School of Science. Biological Sciences is for those who love life. Whether you want to stand in a metre of mud, on top of a tree, under the sea or on a kilometre of Antarctic ice, biology is for you. Chemistry is the science of substances - their structures, their properties and reactions that transform them into other substances.

Knowledge of basic chemical principles is important in all branches of science and for a wide range of industries.