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The Physiology of Taste (Penguin Classics)

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Renaissance Philosophy Penguin Classics. Dormant: Dead Souls Penguin Classics. Published: 23 May The graphic novel treatment tightens up the saggy bits of one of the weirder Sherlock Holmes stories, says Rachel Cooke. Published: 28 Mar Samuel Richardson's classic novel is brought to irresistible life, writes Elisabeth Mahoney. Published: 15 Mar Sophie Missing enjoys the 'definitive haunted house story'. Published: 7 Feb Phil Mongredien hails one of the great novels about the colonisation of Africa. Published: 31 Jan Classics corner Over to You by Roald Dahl. Published: 24 Jan Oct 04, ISBN Oct 06, ISBN A delightful and hilarious classic about the joys of the table, The Physiology of Taste is the most famous book about food ever written.

Fisher, whose commentary is both brilliant and amusing, he has an editor with a sensitivity and wit to match his own. First published in France in and continuously in print ever since, The Physiology of Taste is a historical, philosophical, and ultimately Epicurean collection of recipes, reflections, and anecdotes on everything and anything gastronomical. Brillat-Savarin, who spent his days eating through the famed food capital of Dijon, lent a shrewd, exuberant, and comically witty voice to culinary matters that still resonate today: the rise of the destination restaurant, diet and weight, digestion, and taste and sensibility.

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin — was a lawyer and the mayor of Belley, France, before he fled the Revolution in His love of food is bound up with a taste for human error and indulgence, and that is why The Physiology of Taste is still the most civilized cookbook ever written. Along the way, Brillat-Savarin philosophizes, gossips, and recalls past flirtations.