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Free Preview. Presents a rich set of data for atomic physics, chemistry, material science, astrophysics Gives an overview of selected calculational methods for atomic physics Contains extensive descriptions of physical processes presented with rich illustrations Provides a basis for planning experiments in atomic and molecular physics Additional material, figures and some tables, will be presented on the Springer webpage as supplement to the book see more benefits.

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About this book The aim of this book is to present highly accurate and extensive theoretical Atomic data and to give a survey of selected calculational methods for atomic physics, used to obtain these data. Show all.

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Results of Calculations Pages Amusia, Miron et al. It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This established text and reference contains an advanced presentation of quantum mechanics adapted to the requirements of modern atomic physics. It includes topics of great current interest such as semiclassical theory, chaos and Bose-Einstein condensation in atomic gases. Various problems are included together with complete solutions. Because it has more emphasis on theory, this book enables the reader to appreciate the fundamental assumptions underlying standard theoretical constructs and to embark on independent research projects.

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JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Model of two coulomb centers. Configuration interaction in the spectrum of Kr II. El-Sherbini ThM, ed. In: Proceedings of arab symposium on atomic and molecular processes in controlled thermonuclear fusion research, Cairo University 14—18 November, Garstang R.

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Galmed A.

Theoretical Atomic Physics

A study of using femtosecond LIBS in analyzing metallic thin film — semiconductor interface. Appl Phys. Khedr A. The potential use of plume imaging for real-time monitoring of laser ablation cleaning of stonework. Colao F. LIBS feasibility for in situ planetary exploration: an analysis on Martian rock analogues. Planet Space Sci. Sanchez-Ake C. Emission enhancement using two orthogonal targets in double pulse laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy. Cristoforetti G. Spectroscopic and shadow-graphic analysis of laser induced plasmas in the orthogonal double pulse pre-ablation configuration.

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Dalfovo F. Theory of Bose—Einstein condensation in trapped gases. Kirsten K. Bose—Einstein condensation in arbitrarily shaped cavities. Phys Rev E. Hassan A. Critical points of a three-dimensional harmonically trapped Bose gas. Physica B.