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Blooming secretly on a quiet mountain, the approximately 3 hectare area of dogtooth violet flowers was first displayed to the public in , and has been protected since. With the understanding and cooperation of the Aseishi district property zone the owner of the area , 20 volunteers cleared away fallen trees, collected garbage, and spread wood chips to create a path through the dogtooth violets.

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After this the baton was passed to staff of Aoni Onsen, who erected rope barriers, and brought the path to its current condition. Two leaves grow beneath the flower stems, are oblong in shape, and their surfaces are speckled with dark purple flecks. The magenta flower petals are bent sharply backwards, and the flowers have six stamen, with glandular bodies at their bases. Stunning, silver motif will surely match to interiors kept in similar colours. Products from bimago gallery are available in form of digital canvas print, canvas printed by Premium Print technique or even hand made painting made for order.

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We send our products to many different European countries, using the services of most prestigious international carriers. To make sure that the painting will look great on your wall — even without additional framing — we mount the canvas onto a matched stretcher bar made of natural, solid pine wood. Standard version is 2 cm thick.

Thicker stretcher bars are perfect for larger paintings that are to be hung in spacious interiors. A 2,8 cm thick gallery stretcher bar guarantees that the canvas is properly stretched and creates a depth effect.

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If you want the painting to be an expressive decoration of the apartment you should choose a solid stretcher bars with 4 cm thickness. It's made of the highest quality pine wood which guarantees maximum exposure on your wall.

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Canvas Prints. Floral Motifs. Canvas Print Violet Path. Product available.

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Standard size x40cm x44cm x48cm x50cm x52cm x56cm x60cm x64cm x68cm x72cm x76cm x80cm x84cm x88cm x90cm x92cm x96cm xcm xcm xcm xcm xcm xcm xcm xcm xcm xcm xcm. Choose size cm :. Custom size wxh cm. Nr Designed by: Luflee.

Image Parts: 5 Show details Hide details cm. Technique Change. Stretcher bars Change. Accessories: No Change. Price: All prices include tax! Product versions:.