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You can go to cart and save for later there. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Walmart Tell us if something is incorrect. By Infu on Oct 04, The best one out there. The book is structured around areas that will be tested when going for a quantitative interview.

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By Xesus on Oct 03, I went through four or five mainstream interview books related to quantitative finance. This one was a pleasure to read. I like everything about it, including the price! There is not a lot of finance but whatever is there - make sure you know it by heart, these are all very common interview topics.

A Practical Guide To Quantitative Finance Interviews - Quantitative Finance Collector

Solutions to few problems are not the most effective and clear though. By Linahan on Aug 20, This book is classic and relatively easy compared to the other book in read. The probability part is good to read. By Oldgobbo on Oct 12, A great book, and a must read for quant finance interviews. Was asked atleast 1 question verbatim.

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Prepare using this book before advancing on tougher texts. This cannot be your primary book for learning, but just interview preparation! By Jchen on May 23, I am a math finance student who will soon start a summer internship on Wall Street. I want to leave feedback for the best and worst books that I used in my studies so far. This is a terrible interview questions book, the worst out there. There are very few finance questions, 30 pages out of the pages book. And they are all except for 7 pages on options and Black Scholes.

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The brainteasers are simple and cover too much of the book. The probability questions, are, in fact, more brainteasers. Some of the stochastic calculus questions are unlikely to be asked on interviews. The book covers very superficially many topics, including algorithms, and has no programming questions. Some answers are too short and unexplained, some unclear, others not correct, or missing the intuition under the question which I learned the hard way in interviews after learning from this book.

It should have been called a Brainteasers Book, not a Quant Finance interview book. Joshi's "Quant Interview Questions" is the best out there, and a real quant interviews book. By Dustin E. Currie on Dec 01, The hardest part was faking like I hadn't heard the questions before. I was amazed, this book got me a flyout at a prop trading firm, and very nearly got my the position--on my first qaunt finance interview ever. By Maxine on Jan 13, By Street Alex on Apr 09, All my Chinese colleagues on the desk love this book. I do not think this book is that good - Stefanica and Joshi are better organized and have more relevant questions.

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