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Altered Carbon (Takeshi Kovacs #1) Richard K. Morgan Audiobook Part 1

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20 Reasons Why Altered Carbon is a Superior Show

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Great book! Loved it! Why is this review inappropriate? Back to home page. The audiobook was not great. The narrator was monotone and whispery. Half the time I could barely hear him. The other half of the time I wondered if he cared all that much. Definitely not at the top of my audiobook suggestions. Neutral - He compares getting your nose broken to biting into a stalk of celery.

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So there is that. Recommended for: - Fans of dark and gritty Sci-fi stories - People who must read the book before watching the series - Lovers of complex, twisty, out-there plots Avoid if: - You are confused easily - You don't care for gratuitous sex and violence View all 87 comments. Hearing that Netflix new series is based off this series made me want to read this even more. Only hope the show is as good as the book is. Nov 01, carol. Shelves: friend-recommended , classic , my-library , sci-fi , mystery , my-library-trade. A fun and fast-paced thrill ride, almost impossible for me to put down.

Picture a hard-boiled noir, the solitary, weary worldly detective, blunted emotional skills, stepping on toes as he investigates. Merge that plot and character with innovative science fiction—digitized personalities that can be downloaded into new bodies with the right reasons or enough cash, and the result is eminently readable. View all 23 comments. Takeshi Kovacs is killed on an another world and re-sleeved in Bay City in the body of a disgraced cop.

His mission: find out who killed Laurens Bancroft, a Meth short for Methusaleh billionaire. Bancroft and is offering Kovacs his freedom as a reward. Only a lot of people don't want anyone to know why Bancroft killed himself. Can Kovacs get to the bottom of things before the demons in Bancroft's private life get him?

I bought this for a buck and it languished on my shelf for a couple years. Wa Takeshi Kovacs is killed on an another world and re-sleeved in Bay City in the body of a disgraced cop. Was it worth a buck? Damn right it was! Kovacs' quest takes him through the seedy underworld of the Bay City sex trade, among other places. The supporting cast, namely Ortega, Miriam Bancroft, Kadmin, and Trepp, keep the plot going fairly smoothly. The action is fast and furious and the sci-fi elements enhance the mystery rather than being set pieces.

The mystery itself has so many twists and turns that it was hard to keep track.

Is Altered Carbon based on a book?

I like when a mystery surprises me this much. Kovacs wouldn't be out of place in any number of crime novels. Bay City is a like a futuristic, and dirtier, San Francisco and is fairly well realized as a setting. It's hard to believe this was Morgan's first novel. Why not a four or even a five?

First, the sex scenes were unnecessary and, frankly, kind of repetitive. Let's just say 69 is a popular number in the future. Also, for what the book was, it seemed slow in the middle, like fifty to seventy pages could've have been lost without missing much. The plot zigged and zagged so much I'd nearly forgotten about the Bancrofts by the end.

Other than that, I've got no complaints.

'Altered Carbon' Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers, and More

View all 35 comments. It turns out I didn't misremember. I honestly don't know. And that's why I'm doing the re-read. Yep, I did. I really appreciate the whole concept of post-cyberpunk societies running with the technological development and getting established darkly. We're all just meat suits.

No one really dies unless you get your implant destroyed or your backups corrupted, but in the meantime, you can get a new meat suit. Or if you have a religious outlook that prevents it, you can't. Hell ya. I know, I know, cyberpunk is generally associated with noir 50's style tough guy private-eye pulp, only with the shiny. You know, the sci taken to the second or the third steps, and then twisted and here you've got a stock character thrown into this really messed up science fiction world and it all depends on how well the story is written, and yes, oh, yes, it is written very well and is very enjoyable.

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View all 19 comments. When i watched the TV show in Netflix i had to read the book, it was like a compulsion, and boy was i rewarded, i haven't felt this greatly about a neo noir cyberpunk since Red Rising. Takeshi is a fascinating central character , the plot is tight and witty , full of action,mystery and betrayals, the background is rich, the technologies are awesome.

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  • I won't be forgetting "sleeving","needlecast" or dozens of other terms anytime soon. View 2 comments. I hate this book. Hate, hate, hate it. I hate the characters, I hate the plot, I hate the cover, I hate the way it smells, and I hate the way it knocked over a lamp when I frisbeed it across the room in a fit of literary angst. It came to me highly recommended by a number of friends, good friends, caring, kind, and well-read friends who share with me a love of speculative fiction. We all love Snow Crash and Neuromancer and Babylon 5, and we all hate football and direct sunlight.

    We are all scien I hate this book. We are all science or engineering majors, and therefore we spent our socially-awkward, bespectacled childhoods sitting in the back of French class, surreptitiously reading The Lord of the Rings under our desks while Monsieur Charpentier tried to teach us the subjunctive mood. What I'm trying to say is that yes, I have a certain amount of nerd cred, and come from a background well-suited to an appreciation of cyberpunk.

    My main problem with this book can be summed up as everything. Seriously, everything. Every single aspect of this book conspired together to instill in me a strange mixture of despair, anger, and boredom. To call the characters one-dimensional would be an insult to the number line. The plot is convoluted and nonsensical. New technologies are condensed out of thin air to arbitrarily move the plot along. Every character to whom the reader is supposed to be sympathetic is either an unlikable asshole, an idiot, or both. Somehow, Morgan has managed to craft a work of prose so exquisitely brutish that it made me uncomfortable.

    Good job. At the end of the day, I ended up putting this book down six-sevenths of the way through because I found out there was a sequel, dashing my hopes that Kovacs would permanently die in a horrible way on the last page. By around the halfway point, I was literally reading Altered Carbon out of pure spite. I hate this book, I hate Richard Morgan, and I hate you. Not because you deserve it -- you are probably a perfectly fine human being, or a reasonable facsimile thereof -- but because any time I think about Altered Carbon I am unable to experience any emotion but unending, bitter, sobbing hatred.

    I read most of Altered Carbon and came out the other side a changed man, and not for the better. View all 20 comments. Altered Carbon is one of those sci-fi books that lingered on my to-read list for years. It was the arrival of the Netflix TV adaptation that finally gave me the push to pick it up. I'm glad it did as this exceeded my expectations and turned out to be one of the best noir detective stories I've ever read! In a future where the human mind has been digitised and can be downloaded into a new body a criminal, Takeshi Kovacs, is pulled from prison or cold storage as it is in this futuristic sci-fi wo Altered Carbon is one of those sci-fi books that lingered on my to-read list for years.

    In a future where the human mind has been digitised and can be downloaded into a new body a criminal, Takeshi Kovacs, is pulled from prison or cold storage as it is in this futuristic sci-fi world and offered a catch deal by a powerful businessman. He can solve a murder or return to serve out the rest of his long term prison sentence. The murder is that of the businessman himself! The police have closed the case and ruled it a suicide but Laurens Bancroft, re-sleeved in a new body with no memories of the night he died, does not believe the verdict.

    Soon Takeshi is caught up trying to solve a murder case that no one seems to want solved except the murder victim! The story was a good one. The mix of mystery and action worked well and the sci-fi setting was cool and interesting. Morgan's writing style was direct but very compelling.

    The whole story was told in the first person from Takeshi's POV and despite being a bit of an anti-hero he proved easy enough to root for. He was also a fairly charming narrator and his cynical and snarky outlook on life made for plenty of fun moments. It was a very good one but did still suffer from an occasional overdose of the genres typical tropes which I did find a little annoying.

    The worst of them being the vaguely misogynistic tint to the whole story! On the plus side the mystery was a good one and held my interest until the very end. Morgan's sci-fi world was also quite fascinating and it was packed with a ton of cool futuristic sci-fi technology. The story also had a bit of depth to it.

    Morgan did not linger too long on any single issue but he touched on a whole bunch of interesting topics that are perhaps even more relevant today than they were when Altered Carbon was written. All in all I enjoyed Altered Carbon a lot and rate it as one of the better sci-fi books I've read in the last few years and possibly the best sci-fi I've read with a noir detective theme. It had a few flaws for sure but on the whole they did not really hurt my enjoyment of the story. Rating: 5 stars. I was thinking about just going with 4. His general narration was good and he seemed a good fit for both the story and Takeshi as a character.

    He was not without flaws though as while he dealt well with the male voices he did struggle quite a bit with the female ones. View all 16 comments. Less humorous, darker and deeper than I expected - nevertheless I absolutely loved this book. Sci-fi blend with detective noir and inevitably cynical main character — it was my cup of tea from the start.

    What I loved the most about it is noir atmosphere, good balance between action and philosophy, darkness and intrigue of the investigation. With explicit sex scenes, torture, and exploration of the darker side of human nature — this is certainly a read for adults. Like good grimdarks often do — it leaves you thoughtful and bruised.

    Recommend for readers looking for a though provoking sci-fi. A must-read for noir and grimdark fans. View all 34 comments. Liked these books a lot. Misogynist but whatever, hardboiled sci-fi was fun :. View all 12 comments. It's weird for me disliking a story so full of things I enjoy.

    Morgan goes out of his way to tackle compelling notions about life and morality at the intersection of technology. He asks about the nature of what makes us human. He challenges the idea that memory and experience solely define us. The pages are practically bursting with genre favorites like Cyborgs, gun-play, hovering vehicles, and bionically enhanced assassins.

    Assassins, who by the way, can be needle-cast from colonized world to c It's weird for me disliking a story so full of things I enjoy. Assassins, who by the way, can be needle-cast from colonized world to colonized world in an instant. That sounds cool as hell. I want to know more about all of those grand notions, don't you? Then, why is the story itself set on earth?

    Earth is clearly a relic world, a shithole careening through space while humanity flourishes among the stars - I wanted to adore this book so much! Written in the first person, which is usually a turn off for me, Morgan is quick to exhibit exactly why I'm not a fan of this narrative style. From the unlikable inner longings of the main character to the sex scenes that are more awkward and uncomfortable than lurid. Morgan jumps from profoundly cool concepts to silly tough guy posturing, but these scenes are equally poor in their execution.

    Takeshi Kovachs comes off like a terrified High Schooler trying to be hardcore: content to simply fake it and hope no one takes notice, bullying his way from scene to scene with little more than the inertia of intent. Passable for a private dick in our distant past, but really, really stupid, for an intergalactic god stompingly badass member of the Envoy Corps in the distant future.

    Everyone is reprehensibly dirty and beyond pity or affection; their sole purpose is to serve as set dressing to prop up interesting ideas that are not integral to the narrative. Characters run round and round while their supporting cast - who are way cooler and decidedly more kick-ass than Kovachs ever got the chance to be - drop like flies. And, in case I have undersold my dislike, here, let me spell it out for you: This was a book that was as hard for me to get through as it was for me to like, and it had cyborgs! View all 26 comments. I can't remember why I picked up this book.

    I think I read about it on a friend's blog. I read most of it today and finished it off. But it was sort of painful at times -- the last 50 pages were sort of agony to read, but by that point, you just have to finish the damn thing. Not spectacularly written, but hardly unusual for a book in this genre. It was interesting enough for me to plod through it, and at one point I enjoyed it briefly, but I thought it was full of logical flaws and jumps Hmmm It was interesting enough for me to plod through it, and at one point I enjoyed it briefly, but I thought it was full of logical flaws and jumps and not very original.

    The idea of "sleeving" into new bodies is interesting. The idea of "consciousness" or whatever you want to call it being nothing more than data you can download is interesting, but neither is an original idea. I particularly disliked that discussion he has with himself about his father -- completely out of context and forced into the narrative. The discovery of Sheryl Bostock felt forced and came out of the blue, too.

    I finished the book with a sort of relieved sense that it was over and don't have much good to say about it. There was nothing unique about it. And you could've ignored its inelegance if there'd been a sense of joy and wonder in reading the book, but I didn't feel that. I don't think the narrative was cohesive and the only thing that keeps you going is that you want to know how all the details of the plot -- even if it's a poorly rigged one. However, it did get me thinking about interesting things -- about how much of who we are is the biochemical and neurological wiring of our physical selves and what it'd be like to separate that body from our stored memories.

    What happens to a person when their stored memories are downloaded into a different physical body? How does the new "self" react to someone else's neurological mappings? I think I'll probably be mulling over ideas out of that book for a while. So I'm glad I read the it, but I couldn't recommend it with good conscience. View all 7 comments. Shelves: , sci-fi. Morgan became such a phenomenon in the science fiction world so quickly.

    His imagination and story telling is absolutely amazing. Although it is absolutely full of graphic violence and has a few X-rated sex scenes, every part is so well written, it all fits. This book should have completely offended me. But, the way Morgan w Wow. But, the way Morgan writes it, the sex and violence come off as being necessary to the story and the characters.

    One thing Morgan handles very well is his technology. He really goes into the various implications of a transhuman world where people can upload their thoughts, memories and personalities to different bodies sleeves , depending on their ability to afford the costs. The truly rich can afford to live for hundreds of years, switching to young versions of themselves when their bodies get too old for their tastes.

    Poor people just get the consciousnesses known as stacks stored until someone is will to pay the price to get them reactivated in a new sleeve. Without ever going into lecture mode, Morgan shows us how nearly every aspect of this transhuman society works. To keep my conscience clear, I will state very strongly that this is at least R-rated material. A few scenes are X-rated.

    More than a few times, I found myself wondering where a certain character came from or how we found ourselves in a certain scene. If you can handle the violence, sex and complicated plot, it is an excellent read and well worth the time and effort. View 1 comment. If you're into stuff like this, you can read the full review. They are what we once dreamed of as gods, mythical agents of destiny, as inescapable If you're into stuff like this, you can read the full review.

    They are what we once dreamed of as gods, mythical agents of destiny, as inescapable as Death, that poor old peasant labourer, bent over his scythe, no longer is. Poor Death, no match for the mighty altered carbon technologies of data storage and retrieval arrayed against him. Once we lived in terror of his arrival. Morgan Cyberpunk, a historic sub-genre that was out of date by the time most people had started using Windows, cool!

    That said, Gibson was better than ever with the near future Blue Ant trilogy, and Stephenson is off doing whatever caught his attention, before hopefully returning with some more Shaftoes and Waterhice, I mean houses. I am half way into this and I think I am just going to stop before I get any more annoyed by it. Even though the show is full of nudity and violence, on the whole, it is a more progressive story than this novel, at least it takes care to treat its female characters as people albeit people who get naked a lot.

    Altered Carbon , published in , feels incredibly dated and is the kind of man-written book I just don't care to r I am half way into this and I think I am just going to stop before I get any more annoyed by it. Altered Carbon , published in , feels incredibly dated and is the kind of man-written book I just don't care to read anymore.

    The narrator is too much dick-driven literally and figuratively , women he encounters are defined by the size and shape of their breasts, there is that icky sexualized violence against women that seems gratuitous and unnecessary. A perfect illustration of describeyourselflikeamaleauthorwould. Do not want.

    See a Problem?

    View all 9 comments. Gritty neo-noir, post-modern cyberpunk, sexual, violent and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Richard K. Check this out: to get around faster than light travel or generational ship logistics consciousness can be downloaded to a chip and then uploaded to a waiting human shell, ca Gritty neo-noir, post-modern cyberpunk, sexual, violent and more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

    Anyway, fun, fun, fun. Speculative fiction fans will want to don some latex gloves, grab a tetanus shot and curl up with this NASTY bit of make believe. View all 18 comments. Hard-boiled and hard-balled cyberpunk novel, which is also a noir detective story. I really liked all the sci-fi entourage, although I could use less violence and more humour, which could probably happen if it was written by Roger Zelazny. We got yer Ridley Scott right here, folks. And now and then, there are technologies that seem only to exist in order to help the story move along.

    I liked the entirely-AI-run hotel Kovacs stays in at Bancroft's expense complete with gun turrets to protect its guests' privacy , but why would its AI need to be so omniscient that it can aid Kovacs in almost every aspect of his investigation? Also, Kovacs is, to put it politely, hard to warm up to. I know noir antiheroes are supposed to be, you know, antiheroes.

    Tough, gruff, take-no-shit types with a hard edge. But for much of the book's first half the guy just comes across completely psycho. And there are times when Morgan seems simply to be going for pure limbic system manipulation, if only to justify Kovacs' bursts of Ichi the Killer -level extreme violence. In one scene, after Kovacs has just bought a small arsenal of weapons, Morgan has him foolishly leave them in his hotel room, thus allowing bad guys to kidnap and torture him mercilessly.

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    • And when you can kill a person and resleeve him immediately, "mercilessly" takes on a whole new meaning. Later, Kovacs takes revenge — using the weapons that, had he had them on him in the first place, would have prevented his torture — in a scene that may well qualify as the most savage bloodbath in an SF novel in the last ten years.

      It's all just a bit over the top, as if Morgan is trying to enhance the book's street cred by showing off how unrestrained he can be when the guns come out. But if Altered Carbon 's first half feels as if Morgan is trying too hard to prove himself, things improve markedly in the second half, when we finally get to see the central mystery resolve itself and can marvel at Morgan's craft in weaving such tangled webs.

      Conspiracy plots are hard to pull off, with way too many opportunities for glaring logic holes, but Morgan's is deftly handled. Kovacs earns a bit more sympathy too, as do a cast of supporting players who avoid cliche to a reasonable degree. The story gets a much needed shot of emotional depth through Kristin Ortega, a Bay City cop who has to deal with the fact that Kovacs has been resleeved by Bancroft into the body of her ex-lover!

      There is also a poignant moment when Kovacs, in the course of his investigations, gets a convicted cybercriminal resleeved and reunited with her family — but in a different body.