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Summary: Ziva's new assignment certainly isn't what she expected. Summary: After it's over, the remnants of a life fit into a single box. Category: Stargate Atlantis crossovers , Dr. Who and Torchwood.

Summary: "Torchwood Four's gone missing but we'll find it some day. Category: Stargate Atlantis crossovers , Buffy crossovers. Summary: Zelenka thinks he sees her in Atlantis, but he knows it cannot be so.

After all, he has seen many things in his life, but he has never before believed in ghosts. Reviews 2. Summary: The way Rodney saw it, this was all John Sheppard's fault. Reviews 1.

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Summary: Faith is beginning to think she made a mistake, going to Atlantis. But even so far away from earth, some things are like home Summary: Five People Faith Saved Summary: Just as he thinks he's settled into his new life at Atlantis, everything in John's life starts to fall apart again. Summary: Ronon notices things about Sheppard, things that no one else sees.

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Missing scene to "Songs Across the Ocean" series. Summary: Xena and Gabrielle meet a mysterious man in the forest, one who brings warnings of evil beings called 'Wraiths'. Category: Stargate Atlantis crossovers , Supernatural crossovers. Summary: John Sheppard doesn't talk about his past. That doesn't mean he doesn't remember each and every moment. Summary: John Winchester has no illusions about his family. However, when your mortal enemy is your only ally, betrayal is just a heartbeat away…. Burden of command….

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Following the first Asuran clashes, Colonel Sheppard is buckling under the strain of command. When his team discovers Ancient technology which can defeat the Asuran menace, he is determined that Atlantis must possess it—at all costs. But the involvement of Atlantis heightens local suspicions and brings two peoples to the point of war. And their abilities to command. As the first shots are fired, the Atlantis team must find a way to end the conflict—or live with the blood of innocents on their hands….

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When a series of gruesome murders are uncovered around the world, the trail leads back to the SGC—and far beyond…. Recalled to Stargate Command, Dr. Rodney McKay are shown shocking video footage—a Wraith attack, taking place on Earth.

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  • Daniel Jackson. Too good to be true…. But the experiment fails disastrously, threatening to unravel the fabric of the Pegasus Galaxy — and the entire universe beyond. And as the terrible truth begins to sink in, they realize that they must undo the damage Charybdis has wrought while they still can. But the one thing standing in their way is themselves…. The rock of Aegis….

    Deception and lies abound on the peaceful planet of Heruun, protected from the Wraith for generations by their mysterious guardian — the Aegis. The shocking truth threatens to tear Herunn society apart, bringing down upon them the scourge of the Wraith.

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    Yet even with a Hive ship poised to attack there is much more at stake than the fate of one small planet. For the Aegis conceals a threat so catastrophic that the Atlantis team must risk everything to eliminate it from the Pegasus galaxy Fear to tread…. With their core directive restored, the Asurans have begun to attack the Wraith on multiple fronts.

    Under the command of Colonel Ellis, the Apollo is dispatched to observe the battlefront, but Ellis's orders not to intervene are quickly breached when an Ancient ship drops out of hyperspace.