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Conjunctions are linking words like and, or, but, then and because :. They knocked down all the houses and they built a car park. Are there four or five people living in that house? My shoes look great but are not very comfortable. Coordinating conjunctions connect items which are the same grammatical type, e. The most common coordinating conjunctions are and, or, but.

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Connecting words Which do you prefer? The meal was [phrase] very expensive and [phrase] not very nice. But she became Jenkins when she got married to my grandfather. Some coordinating conjunctions have two parts: either … or …, neither … nor …, both … and …:. You can drink chocolate milk either hot in the winter or cold in the summer. Neither Lisa nor Helena had been to Italy before.

Both you and I know what really happened. You know and I know what happened. Apart from two-word conjunctions, we only use one conjunction to connect words or phrases:. Common subordinating conjunctions are: after, al though, as, before, if, since, that, until, when, whereas, while, once, so, as soon as, provided that. When a clause follows these conjunctions, it becomes a subordinate clause, which needs a main clause to make a complete sentence. When the subordinate clause comes before the main clause, we usually put a comma at the end of the clause.

Although or though? As … as. While and whilst. Some subordinating conjunctions consist of more than one word: as long as , as soon as , except that , in order that , so as to , provided that :. As long as the waves are high enough, we can go surfing. Provided that he pays a fine, he will not have to go to jail. Some subordinating conjunctions may be modified by adverbs underlined.

For example just when, ever since, only if, just as, simply because, right before :.

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I have been afraid to swim in the sea ever since I was young. Words and phrases such as above all , anyway , as a result , as well , eventually , firstly , however , overall , rather , then , therefore , though , on the contrary linking adjuncts can create similar meanings to conjunctions e.

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These words are adverb phrases and can come in any position which an adverb can occupy:. He left home late. We cannot do this with subordinating conjunctions, which must come at the beginning of the clause. Subordinating conjunctions create a grammatical connection between two clauses, making one dependent on the other. This is a grammatical link.

Conjunction (grammar)

The position of so cannot change. As a result creates a link between two clauses based on meaning. Clauses and sentences. A semicolon can also separate the things in a list. Cambridge Dictionary Plus My profile How to Log out. Definitions Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Click on the arrows to change the translation direction.

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Comparison: adjectives bigger , biggest , more interesting Comparison: adverbs worse, more easily. Above or over? Across , over or through?


Advice or advise? Affect or effect? All or every? All or whole? Allow , permit or let?

Conjunction - Meaning & Examples

Almost or nearly? Alone , lonely , or lonesome? Along or alongside?

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Already , still or yet? Thus, it's dependent or subordinate to the main clause of the sentence, the independent clause, which could stand alone: "It closed its eyes and purred at me. Correlative conjunctions pair things together and go in a set. They include either Whether you use a comma before the second conjunction depends on whether the clauses are independent or not as in coordinating conjunctions above. A past adage was to never start a sentence with a coordinating conjunction, but that's no longer.

Starting sentences with "but" or "and" can be used to break up long chunks of text or for rhythmic or dramatic effect. As with anything used for effect, don't overdo it. Share Flipboard Email. The Main Parts of Speech. Both, and: Both Rodney and Xing made the varsity team this year. Neither, nor: Neither Rodney nor Xing made the varsity team this year. Not only, but also: Not only did Rodney make the varsity team, but he also become one of the strongest players.

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