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But the mysteries of the cosmos are not exclusive to astronomers and physicists, since different organizations have started to open its doors to the public with the purpose of allowing them to discover more about our universe.

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In the north of Chile, in Atacama and Antofagasta region, different observatories have been installed, making the most of the amazing skies of the Atacama Desert. For both places it is necessary to book in advanced. Coquimbo Region is another favourite destination to look at the universe, with a weather that provides clear skies for over days a year.

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Light Pollution measurements have also been implemented in different cities and towns of the region. In this area, there are different tourist observatories that can be visited throughout the year.

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A visual journey through years of progress in our ability to fathom what lies beyond planet Earth. Poster preview: Discovering the Universe This poster represents one of twelve exhibit panels in the "Visions of the Universe" exhibit. Downloads Get poster: Get 19xinch poster Poster printing and download instructions The poster PDF is a large-file-size, high-resolution file intended for professional print-center output.

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Being an educator has given me the opportunity to pass on this interest to my students through similar activities that I engage them in every year. Recently, we took a field trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens where we had sunshine and passing gusts of winds to give our kites a lift.

We had worked on making our DIY kites the day before and all the students really got into the crafting process and ended up with some beautiful kites. I was thrilled, as were they, when they got to maneuver their kites and see them soar at the park. The students were in awe with the concept of our expanding universe and the ability for us to 'see' the remnants of the Big Bang which we know as the Cosmic Background radiation that is all around us!

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Hearing that sweet static noise and realizing that we are bathing in a sea of radiation leftover from the Big Bang which occurred There are countless opportunities to learn from with every experience we go through - either by ourselves, with our family at home, or with teachers and friends at school - the important thing is to never stop searching for knowledge and understanding in this magnificent universe we call home.