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You can also go on a ride on a miniature train through the park. It is a passage in the middle of Neustadt where you may find buildings with a very creative architecture, many little stores and some bars. A nice complex of inner courtyards artistically decorated. The complex offers art galleries as well as coffee shops. You can find here a very famous building that "plays music" when it rains. This biggest porcelain painting of the world shows almost all Saxon princesses and kings on their horses and splendid parade uniforms.

It leads to the "Stallhof" - the last preserved tournament place contained in a European castle. A unique aerial tramway. M-F The transparent factory is the site where Volkswagen built its luxury sedan Phaeton and now its e-Golf.


There is a tour English language offered by Volkswagen. A milk store which is in the Guinness Book as the most beautiful milk store in the world. Decorated with One of Germany's oldest zoos. The collections of "Neue Meister" feature a wonderful collection ranging from romantic painters Caspar David Friedrich etc. The palace was bombed out, and in its partially restored state holds several small museums, including the museum of natural history of the region, museum of prehistory and a display of assorted exotic garments ethnological collection.

The remains of the old fort. Gives you a glimse of what a fort in a medieval European town was like. Has many items and machines regarding military history of Germany - and the country's complicated relationship with its armed forces and warfare. Wed-Sun 1pm-6pm. Dedicated to Dresden's most famous composer. A comprehensive museum dedicated to hygiene in various times and cultures. An exhibition hall for contemporary art. A private art collection of DDR art including works by the collector himself.

Art from the 16th Century to the present day. Assortment of public artworks, galleries, shops selling art. Paddle-Steamer Tour. Best start your tour from the main pier at the castle and go down to Meissen or up to Pillnitz or the Saxon Switzerland. Semper Opera - Be sure to book in advance. Villas and Villages - stroll arround through the many villa neighbourhoods like Blasewitz, Loschwitz, Kleinzschachwitz or Radeberger Vorstadt. The festival consists of many stages featuring local musicians of different styles.

The festivities run very late into the night with plenty booths offering a wide variety of food and drink. If you plan to sleep, then it is advisable to book accommodations outside of the Neustadt area during BRN. Dixieland Festival [28] - Europe's biggest Jazz Festival. It normally takes place within the second week of May from May in and attracts bands and visitors from all over Europe, America and the world.

A great deal of the music is played on the top decks of paddle boats in front of the Old Stadt. A huge movie screen offers cinema in a beautiful setting and there are also many concerts with popular stars. Again, it is the biggest event of its kind in Europe! Christmas Markets - The Christmas markets lighten up an otherwise gloomy winter in Dresden.

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Starting on the weekend of the first Advent, the Christmas markets are open every day until Christmas. During this period, many Christmas markets open up throughout the whole city. Striezelmarkt, located at Altmarkt in Altstadt, is Germany's oldest Christmas market and is the largest in Dresden. But this market is crowded with tourist and the things they sell there are "" boring things. Buy [ edit ] [ add listing ] Shop in the main shopping area, downtown Dresden. Eat [ edit ] [ add listing ] Within the historic centre and especially around the Frauenkirche are a number of restaurants, serving many different tastes.

The view and the drinks are very pleasant. The prices are higher than elsewhere, but still affordable. Go for the cakes! Restaurant and open air terrace. Open daily from 12 pm to 11 pm. The little street is full of restaurants, from glamorous and expensive for instance the Coselpalais to the cheaper ones. This little farmhouse-restaurant is not so easy to find. It lies behind the "Herzogin Garten" which is a ruin and behind the opera-house. The large Biergarden is a very relaxing place, has good food and good prices and is very pleasant.

If you are vegetarian try the adjacent "Brennessel". Burgers, pizza yes, with cheese and Kaises patzle amongst other things are to be found here and the food tastes great, even for non-vegan diners. Perfect for travelling. Schoenefelder Strasse 2 Kamenzer Strasse Die Scheune "The barn" is a restaurant with a large Biergarden in an alternative style - do not be shocked by the punks in front - they are decor. In warm summer nights you will have trouble to find a free place. Good prices. Serves Indian food. Lots of concerts and events.

Raskolnikoff The formerly very alternative restaurant now features sand on the floors, a red lamp in front of the door and a very nice garden with a fountain. Again - in summer it is difficult to get in. Food and prices are good. A good Italian restaurant, with a wood fired pizza oven. You can get a pizza or pasta, or a full multicourse meal. Generally very busy, and the food is excellent. The food is acceptable, but nothing special. The view is gorgeous. Worth a stop for a hot chocolate or an ice cream. Serves currywurst, a Berlin invention, with several flavors of sauce.

Best pommes in the city. Also has vegan wursts and ice cream. There is also one in Schillerplatz. Traditional German cuisine with a taste of beer brewed on place. Located on a hill with a splendid view over Elbe riverside from the outside garden. The food is recommended for those wishing to experience what the German cuisine should taste like. An Italian restaurant with a fake tropical hut and palm trees inside.

Their self-brewed beer is fantastic. Hellmuts [36] , Eschenstrasse 11, Dresden. It's a mixture of asian, rock'n'roll and classic german trash interior. Besides that, maybe the best burgers in town. At least the biggest. Cheaper prices for drinks and food on mondays. Vegan and vegetarian food available. Open 5pm to 1am. Kantine No. Pizzastube , Hechtstr. Some people say it's already Hecht District but you can walk there and it's worth it!

The cakes are gorgeous and will make you understand why the cafe is famous. The decor is fairly new, given the very long history of the place it was called after Louise von Toscana, the run-away princess that divorced the Saxon king. The terrace however is very beautiful overlooking the river and the famous bridge "Das blaue Wunder". Generally it's full of locals, on Saturday afternoons, who come and admire the local old women chat; they're famous as the "Muttchens". Kanzlei , Pohlandstr.

Ambient is classical but purely and simple, food is exceptional good, personnel is very friendly. Located in a good residential area Striesen it is worth walking there. Reservations recommended. Yes all the tour busses pull up here, but that doesn't stop the locals from heading to Schillerplatz either. A good selection of German cuisines, including an excellent schnitzel. In the summer, there is a huge biergarten along the Elbe and nice views of the Blaues Wunder.

Italian food done really well. Reservations strongly recommended. Try to get it on Etage 1 with its views of the Elbe and the Blaues Wunder, or out on their garten. Volkshaus Laubegast , Laubegaster Ufer 22, right on the river, phone The food tends to be things stereotypically German schnitzel, sausages, and the like , and is generally good. Their fried potatoes are excellent, though their green vegetables are overcooked. Has a nice view of the Elbe and outside seating.

They have pictures of Mozart on the walls and his music playing in the background. A charming spot to stop for a snack. Peanut shells are scattered on the floor and as the name suggests, peanuts are the central theme. Cocktails and beer are the main draws here, along with the spectacular view. Have a look for current dates for live music and parties on homepage. Paulaner's Am Taschenberg 3, , popular beer hall sells a selection of well-brewed local and regional favorites.

A full menu is offered, and outside seating is available. Riesa efau [48] Adlergasse 14, , Fax , The pub is managed by a local events group and features a wide selection of drinks along with a regular slate of activities and entertainment. Good menu of regional beers and mixed drinks, as well as non-alcoholic drinks and coffees. Live music is frequently featured. In the web page you may find the schedule of concerts. There is always very good music. This is a place to sit and enjoy good music. The scotch bar has very good drinks to enjoy during the concert.

Blumenau [50] Louisenstrasse 67, , This popular nightspot is considered one of the best in the city for its ambience, friendly service, and broad drink selection. In addition to great drinks, the menu also features a full breakfast menu, which young locals and visitors appreciate after a late night on the town.

World War II: The Blitz on Dresden - Full Documentary

Live music is featured frequently. The crowd here is young, and the service is friendly. Downtown [53] , Katharinenstrasse , The most popular club in the Neustadt. If this place isn't your scene, you can always go upstairs to Groove Station. Groove Station [54] , Katharinenstrasse , Sits on top of Downtown and has more alternative music. They often have live bands. Hebeda's [55] Rothenburger Str. The old East German furniture gives it a cozy and retro feel. Beer is cheap and there's a small dance floor for those who feel like dancing.

Craft beer shop with a vast bottle selection. Some seating available for consumption after purchase.

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It's a great place to have a drink when it's warm outside. When the beer garden closes at around 10PM, you can make your way into their night club, which consists mostly of rock music. Louisengarten , Louisenstrasse 43, Located a few meters from Katy's Garage, this beer garden is only open when it's warm outside. You can come here and relax with a Lenin's Hanf, a delicious beer brewed in the Neustadt. Mona Lisa Louisenstrasse 77, , This city center nightspot features a Mexican theme and a full menu, along with plenty of beers and well-mixed drinks.

They often have live bands, but is still good to go for a beer when there's no live music. The beer is pretty cheap, and is one of the few places with Pilsner Urquell on tap. Pinta Bar [59] Louisenstrasse 49, Pinta specializes in cocktails. It is very popular on Friday and Saturday nights.

When the place is busy, the service is slow. Planwirtschaft [60] Louisenstrasse 20, , This quaint bar and restaurant is in a refurbished wine cellar. The drinks menu is extensive and served by an energetic staff. Extremly busy on weekends and mondays studentsday with cheaper prices and always a guarantee for a wild party. Don't miss to destroy yourself with a Rosis Rocket!

Open everyday from 8pm to 5am. Free entrance. Located on the 2nd floor, it is a little bit hard to find. From the entrance, go into the main floor bar and straight to the back. There is a stair case that leads up to the second floor. Smoking is allowed here. Good selection of beers and the tastiest Long Islands you've had since college. Located a few minutes by foot from the historic city centre, opposite the World Trade Center.

Only meters form the Hauptbahnhof in the quiet Swiss Quarter.

Dresden Elbe Valley - UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Includes two dining rooms, two seminar rooms, a club room, terrace and cellar bar. Youth Hostels - Private: cityherberge , Lingnerallee 3, Tel. The only hostel in dresden old town. Very central!

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Near the main train station, so it is very easy to get there and the prices are usually atractive. Member of the I-hostels network [69]. This homey hostel offers a well equipped kitchen, nice rooms, and free old bike rental! The bikes come in handy because it's in the north area of the Neustadt. Very highly recommended! Very clean and bright rooms starting at cheap 10 bed dorm rooms up to ensuite doubles with balcony and TV. Offers a lounge and bar, as well as a self service kitchen. LinkedIn icon The word "in".

Fliboard icon A stylized letter F. Read more : What it was like in the room when Nazi Germany finally surrendered to end World War II in Europe For the US, bombing would focus on daytime raids against strategically valuable targets — factories, ports, military bases, and other infrastructure involved in the war effort.

Dresden was a cultural and architectural gem in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The interior of the city was just as stunning. Dresden, known as "the Florence of the Elbe" before the war because of its architecture and museums, had little involvement in the German war effort. After nearly six years of brutal war, Nazi Germany was staggering in February Soviet armies had reached the Oder River, roughly 50 miles from Berlin.

Dresden Elbe Valley

The US had recently won the Battle of the Bulge, defeating Hitler's last-ditch attempt to break out of the Ardennes forest. The Nazi Luftwaffe was a shell of itself, able to do little to contest Allied control of the air over Europe. Their focus was dividing up Germany, but Western leaders did promise Stalin their air forces would continue bombing eastern Germany to help Soviet forces.

Allied "area bombing" targeted all Germany industry, civilian and military alike. Civilian areas of cities were targeted as well as industrial and military ones. The German military contingent there was minimal, as most of the remaining Nazi forces were defending Berlin to the north. Many refugees fleeing the Soviet advance also settled in Dresden. Dresden's defenders put up little fight as the bombing began on the night of February Of the hundreds of British bombers that swarmed the city, just six Lancaster bombers were downed.

By the morning of February 14, some RAF bombers had dropped over 2, tons of high-explosive and incendiary bombs. Survivors of the first wave of attacks emerged from the city's ruins on February 14 and were greeted by hundreds of US bombers targeting the city's railways, bridges, and transportation infrastructure.

The next day, more US bombers attacked the city. Before the war in Europe ended with Germany's surrender in May, the Eighth Air Force would carry out three more raids on Dresden, dropping another 2, tons of bombs. Allied forces and other have argued the bombing was necessary to disrupt German communications and supply lines that could have hindered the Soviet advance.

While the British did not tout their targeting of civilian infrastructure, some acknowledged it. The legitimacy of the attack on the city continues to draw questions, in light of the scale of the destruction and nature of the targets. It has been condemned as a war crime by many, including Allied prisoners of war who were there.

The screaming of those who were being burned alive was added to the cries of those not yet hit.

Dresden was a civilian town with no military significance. Why did we burn its people?

There was no need for flares to lead the second wave of bombers to their target, as the whole city had become a gigantic torch," Victor Gregg, a British paratrooper held in the city during the bombing, said 68 years later. After the war, various estimates of the death toll in Dresden were often influenced by the politics of the assessors.

An official German report in put the tally at 25, lives. For decades, the East German government refused to rebuild the Frauenkirche church, a dominant and historic feature of the city. It stood untouched and in ruins as a symbol and memorial for those killed. It was rebuilt after the Berlin Wall fell. The bombing and the war have had lasting effects on the city, which is now more than eight centuries old.

In years past, neo-Nazis marched there on February 13 to mark the bombing. At times they have been met by a human wall of counterprotestors blocking the neo-Nazis from reaching the city center. And that's why we want and will never forget the victims of German warfare when we recall here and now the German victims.