Manual Ethnographic Methods

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We now have visual ethnography, digital ethnography, multi-sited or mobile ethnography, sensual approaches, short-term ethnography, and applied and policy-driven research seeking insights that can influence interventions. A rich array of Ethnographic Methods is now available to researchers to employ in complex and creative ways in diverse settings, for challenging applications.

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These developments in the field evoke concerns as well as opportunities for the would-be ethnographer. What counts as ethnography now? How can ethnographic methods be combined with other methods to study contemporary issues?

How can we use ethnographic methods and still do good quality research of value? This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the technical, practical and philosophical issues that arise when employing traditional and innovative ethnographic methods. We cover the following topics: the history of social anthropological methods and contemporary approaches; the methods of ethnography entering the field, participant observation, sharing conversations with others, making field notes, writing others ; multi-sited, virtual, visual and sensory ethnography; short-term and applied approaches; reflexivity and the emotions in fieldwork; and making sense of observational data and telling credible and valid stories.

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The course is practical, encouraging participants to relate topics to their own research interests and to carry out and begin to analyse micro-observational studies. Course objectives: By the end of the course participants should: Be able to make close, theory-oriented observations through participation, observation, and conversation. Be equipped to record and analyse the data produced through diverse methods.

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Doctoral College. Ethnographic research enables you to explore people's lives and experiences 'from the inside'.

Ethnographic techniques

Course Description This interactive session provides an introduction to ethnographic methods and will help you reflect on how doing ethnography can open up new avenues of research within your topic. As a result of attending this session you will be able to:- Identify the key elements of ethnographic research and writing; Reflect on how ethnographic methods can contribute to your own research project; Plan the main steps in an ethnographic project, considering practical and ethical issue.

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