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This aircraft is currently painted to resemble the markings that typically would have been used on the reclassified A-1 Skyraiders flown during the Viet Nam conflict. The aircraft shown here is one of those sold to France and saw combat in Chad with the French. Cockpit is at War Eagles Air Museum. Aeronautical museum-Belgrade. Archived from the original on 18 November South African Air Force Museum.

Archived from the original on 21 August Civil Aviation Authority. Royal Air Force Museum. Trustees of the Royal Air Force Museum.

  1. Storch in Detail - Fieseler Fi-156 - German Spotter and Communication Aeroplane.
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Planes of Fame Air Museum. War Eagles Air Museum.

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Friends of Flying Heritage. Archived from the original on 14 November Collings Foundation. Fantasy of Flight. Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Axworthy Mark. Stamford: Key Publishing, ISSN Bateson, Richard.

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Beevor, Antony. Berlin: The Downfall London: Penguin Books, Karnas, Dariusz and Pawel Przymusiala. Fi Storch Vol. Warsaw: Wydawnictwo, Mesko, Jim. Air Enthusiast , August—November , No. Ricco, Philippe and Jean-Claude Soumille. Rochemaure, France: Airdoc, Soumille, Jean-Claude. L'Aviation Francaise en Indochine —, Tome 2. Rochemaure: Airdoc, After an airborne assault, ninety paratroopers and twenty commandos wrenched Mussolini from his captors.

By now, the nationalist Italian troops had been notified of the attack and were swarming at the base of the mountain —the planned landing zone for the Fieseler FI Storch sent to rescue the dictator. The only option available to Walter Gerlach, pilot of the Storch, was to land the plane on the rock-studded mountaintop that only had a flat surface of only feet in any direction. Gerlach landed successfully in less than one hundred feet and then Mussolini and Skorzeny were loaded in the aircraft. Grossly overloaded, the Storch struggled to take off amongst the boulders on the mountaintop—one of which smashed its left main landing gear on the takeoff roll.

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Once in the air, the Fi and its notorious occupants headed for German forces awaiting their arrival. This story is about just one of the many thousands of missions that Fieseler Storches accomplished throughout the deserts of North Africa, the battlefields of Russia, and throughout the rest of Europe during the Second World War. First designed in the mid-thirties from a trainer-touring design known as the F5, the Storch was really intended to be a civilian sport aircraft. However, it was not long before Germany became embroiled in World War Two, and almost all of the 2, Storchs built were put into military service.