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The stage was thus set for one of the most remarkable debates in the entire history of science, as Bohr and Einstein went head-to-head on the interpretation of quantum mechanics. It was a clash of two philosophies, two conflicting sets of metaphysical preconceptions about the nature of reality and what we might expect from a scientific representation of this.

The debate began in , and although the protagonists are no longer with us, the debate is still very much alive. This article was originally published at Aeon and has been republished under Creative Commons. Einstein predicted that distant stars could be weighed using gravity and researchers have done just that. Digital Issues Buy a back issue. Renew my subscription Give a Gift Manage my subscription. Features Physics 12 December It's one of the most famous phrases in science history. Jim Baggott reports. And unresolved. Explore Albert Einstein cosmology history.

He lives in Reading, UK.

Because 12222 is the perfect year to settle into a new addiction.

Looking for more science? Click here to see our subscription options. Click here to see our gift options. Recommended for you. There is a brief confrontation and essentially the novel ends with forgiveness all around with a hint of more to come - perhaps another novel? For those unfamiliar with the series, this novel contains enough subtle references to plots and events that occurred in the other two "God Don't For those who are familiar with the two previous novels, I think they will be pleased to catch glimpses of Scary Mary, Lilliemae, Betty Jean and other quirky characters.

As much as I love Mary Monroe as a writer, I was a bit disappointed with this offering, thus the middle of the road rating. View 2 comments. Oct 02, Pam rated it liked it. I wanted to like this book. I really did. I've read the two that follow because I want to see how the plot develops and I want to follow the series.

I commend Mary Monroe for her original plot ideas and for the fact that she tells stories that need to be told from a seemingly realistic point of view. Annette's coming to grips with her past and trying to develop a sense of self esteem, Rhoda putting on I wanted to like this book. Annette's coming to grips with her past and trying to develop a sense of self esteem, Rhoda putting on a front for the public despite her troubled family and failing marriage, and now Rhoda's daughter Jade enters as a very troubled teen.

However, Monroe has a amateurish way of plot development and she's kind of weak when it comes to pulling the reader in through description. For example, hearing Annette and those around her down her day in and day out gets old. We don't need to hear constantly about Rhoda and Jade's Barbie dollish looks. Some of it just gets very old.

In all, I like Monroe for her ideas and I will probably read more books by her. I definitely can appreciate her efforts. Oct 29, Demirasmith rated it it was ok. In this book she tells a story about a middle aged woman named Annette, who deals major issues in life with her daughter charlotte 6 and husband Peewee Also not to mention her partner in crime Rhonda , and her daughter Jade 17 , these two always seem to be caught in a sticky situation with Annette. Annette has always been in some type of situation, from the time she was raped, to the murder case, and back to the accusing of her husband cheating with a mystery woman who seems to be sending gifts which are very odd, mean postcards, and very rude phone calls.

But Annette is never alone her partner in crime Rhonda and Jade always are there when something goes down. I really thought that this was an amazing book I would read it again when I get the chance. And with all the excitement in this book I would strongly recommend this to a young adult reader or to someone with a higher authority. This book will certainly catch your attention and keep you turning page without a doubt. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. This is the 3rd book I read by Mary Monroe. This book's story line was suspenseful but stupid. This story got me really mad.

See a Problem?

This is the stupidest I read Annette act in this series. I was upset with how Annette treated Jade more like her equal than a child. I was upset with how Annette took Jade to abortion clinic without telling Rhoda. I was upset with how Annette allowed Jade to receive things from a porno shop.

What Einstein meant by ‘God does not play dice’

I feel if Rhoda didn't allow Jade to do those things Annette should not have allowed her. I was upset with Annette because she didn't have no respect for Charlotte or Pee Wee. I'm sorry I didn't feel bad for Annette in this story, she got what she deserved. I just felt very sorry for Pee Wee. Out of this 3 books I read this book I didn't like. Jul 22, Lulu rated it it was ok.

One of Einstein's most famous quotes is often completely misinterpreted

What a drag! A lot of rehashing. I knew who the stalker was as soon as she came on the scene. I'm gonna continue to read the series because it is on my reading bucket list. I'm halfway through!! Dec 10, Milly rated it did not like it. So predictable it's embarrassing.

Life on the Drawing Board

Jun 24, J rated it it was ok Shelves: dekalb-county-library-has , read-in And heaven knows she paid her dues to get it-from a childhood filled with abuse to a rocky start as an adult. Annette's friend Rhoda knows too, for Rhoda had been both her savior and her greatest fear. Their erratic relationship has survived some serious bumps in the road, and now things are good.

But apparently someone thinks Annette has it a little too good When Annette receives an anonymous-and menacing-birthday gift, it is just the beginnig of a slew of hostile letters, vicious phone calls, and vile packages from a female who is obviously disguising her voice. Soon nasty notes about Annette are also being circulated throughout her community. But despite the onslaught, Annette has no clue who the harasser is, or what is behind her contempt.

Gaining comfort from the support of Rhoda and Rhoda's teenage daughter, Jade. Annette hopes that somehow the problem will just go away. But when the threats extend to her little daughter, Annette realizes the situation is dire. And she's right, for soon her tormentor reveals exactly what she wants-and claims to have been playing a role in Annette's life all along. To make matters worse, she provides evidence that may destroy everything Annette has built Just as Annette reaches the brink of what she can bear, her mysterious enemy challenges her to a face-to-face showdown.

Playing God in Frankenstein’s Footsteps: Synthetic Biology and the Meaning of Life

It is a meeting that will not only shock Annette, but will forever change the lives of those closest to her An empty house, for that matter. Pee Wee and Charlotte were in Erie, Pennsylvania I'm hoping the overall story is better than the example with this oversight. Really disappointed that I spent money purchasing this book.

Since it is a nook book lendable series, the only way i see myself finishing all the books is if I borrow them. In God Don't Play, we find Annette married with a child and happily reunited with estranged family and friends. However, her world starts unraveling as she becomes the victim of anonymous, hateful letters, gifts and calls. Unfortunately, for me, I figured out wha Man Unfortunately, for me, I figured out what was going on way before Annette did, lol.

I also got so tired of her whimpering all the time and not standing up for herself whenever a nasty ignorant comment was made to, or about her. Would have liked to have seen a little bit of self confidence in herself this time around seeing how blessed her life had become. Even so, I still want to know what happens to Ms.

Annette as her life progresses and what new drama will befall in her later years Jun 27, Mrsbettis rated it it was ok. It didn't take me long to finish this book but I tell you I skimmed and jumped over several chapters After all, Einstein won a Nobel Prize in for describing the photoelectric effect — a phenomenon that led to the development of quantum mechanics. The reason for the quote is to express how bizarre quantum mechanics is as a theory. While most of the universe is deterministic and measurable, quantum mechanics says there's a world of tiny particles behind everything that's governed by total randomness.

  1. Selected Topics in the History of Biochemistry VII: Personal Recollections (Comprehensive Biochemistry, Vol 42).
  2. Working with Older Persons: Cognitive and Phenomenological Methods;
  3. Lenin Reloaded: Toward a Politics of Truth?
  4. God doesn't play games with us.

For example, a major part of quantum theory, called the Heisenberg Uncertainly Principle, says it's impossible to know both the speed and position of a single particle at the same time. So in quantum mechanics nothing can be certain , and we can only describe things in terms of probabilities.

Einstein didn't like this one bit. He believed there must be some underlying laws of nature that could define particles and make it possible to calculate both their speed and position. There's no evidence of the law Einstein hoped for, and all experimental evidence suggests that quantum mechanics is real.

So Einstein was probably wrong to reject the idea. However, when you try to join quantum mechanics to any other major theory in physics, like Einstein's general theory of relativity, it doesn't work. Quantum mechanics may be correct, but it's a total mystery as to how it fits in with the rest of physics. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass.