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Or perhaps it is more accurate to say, I was there when the spinning game came into being. Trust comes with daring to put the ethical obligations of mutual respect before politics. This is what being in good relations means. As a Cherokee, that is what matters to me. I cannot help but ask if Elizabeth Warren is actually demonstrating that she is in good relations with us.

On the floor in Atlanta, as DSA delegates passed back and forth in the halls and sat outside for a smoke or some fresh air, there was an undeniable display of humanity and solidarity. Delegates of the Democratic Socialists of America convened in Atlanta for their National Convention, where they overwhelmingly voted in favor of resolutions that, among other things, call for open borders and endorsing a Green New Deal program.

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The table was set for carnivores, plush reds, and cynical, published bores— darling, my subtle, every barb and bent look was over what someone wrote or spent. For a number of items relating to works of art near the coast of Asia Minor, and in the adjacent islands, Pliny was indebted to the general, statesman, orator and historian, Gaius Licinius Mucianus, who died before A.

A visit paid by this famous orator to Lord Brougham in was made the occasion of a banquet given in his honour by the benchers of the Temple and of Lincoln's Inn. Arabi also attended lectures at the mosque El Azhar and acquired a reputation as an orator. He was an excellent orator , having acquired practice in speaking, before the Revolution, in the masonic lodges. This date was evidently obtained by reckoning back from the foundation of Thurii B.

His political interest was probably first kindled by the Preston election in , in which Lord Stanley, after a long struggle, was defeated by " Orator " Hunt. Cobden had the calmness and confidence of the political philosopher, Bright had the passion and the fervour of the popular orator. He had been all over England and Scotland addressing vast meetings and, as a rule, carrying them with him; he had taken a leading part in a conference held by the Anti-Corn Law League in London, had led deputations to the duke of Sussex, to Sir James Graham, then home secretary, and to Lord Ripon and Mr Gladstone, the secretary and under secretary of the Board of Trade; and he was universally recognized as the chief orator of the Free Trade movement.

In London great meetings were held in Covent Garden theatre, at which William Johnson Fox was the chief orator , but Bright and Cobden were the leaders of the movement. He may, however, be considered as the greatest orator and teacher of the Reformation movement.

Though impeded in his political career by his exclusion from the House of Commons, Lord Rosebery's reputation as a social reformer and orator was steadily growing. No public man of his time was more fitted to act as unofficial national orator ; none more happy in the touches with which he could adorn a social or literary topic and charm a nonpolitical audience; and on occasion he wrote as well as he spoke.

An orator will hold the interest of his hearers for hours together at a political gathering, and in his speech he will bring in historical allusions and precedents, and will make apt quotations from ancient legends in a manner which would do credit to the best parliamentary orator s. Shaw joined the Fabian Society in , a year after its formation, and was active in socialistic propaganda, both as a street orator and as a pamphleteer.

As an orator he well deserved the epithet of "the Hungarian purple Cicero. Catholic Ireland calls him her "Liberator" -still; and history will say of him that, with some failings, he had many and great gifts, that he was an orator of a high order, and that, agitator as he was, he possessed the wisdom, the caution and the tact of a real statesman. In the course of he was chosen a member of the consistory, and rapidly acquired the reputation of a great pulpit orator , but his liberal views brought him into antagonism with the rigid Calvinists.

In many respects no two men could be more unlike than Severus, the scholar and orator , well versed in the ways of the world, and Martin, the rough Pannonian bishop,. Being unable to find a lawyer willing to undertake his case, he pleaded it himself, and won his acquittal by a speech of over six hours, which secured for Nova Scotia the freedom of the press and for himself the reputation of an orator.

He is the finest orator whom Canada has produced, and also wrote poetry, which shows in places high merit. As a man of letters he was already well known in England, and he was in much demand as an orator on public occasions, especially of a literary nature; but he also proved himself a sagacious publicist, and made himself a wise interpreter of each country to the other. His pupil Quintilian calls him the greatest orator he had ever known; but he disgraced his talents by acting as public informer against some of the most distinguished personages in Rome.

Marcus Tullius Cicero B. His mother, Helvia, is said to have been of good family. To this period belong several famous rhetorical and philosophical works, the Brutus, Orator , Partitiones Orator iae, Paradoxa, Academica, de Finibus, Tusculan Disputations, together with other works now lost, such as his Laus Catonis, Consolatio and Hortensius. The first book deals with the studies necessary for an orator ; the second with the treatment of the subject matter; the third with the form and delivery of a speech.

Brutus, sketching a portrait of the perfect and ideal orator , Cicero's last word on orator y. The sum of his conclusion is that the perfect orator must also be a perfect man. His main point is that prose should be metrical in character, though it should not be entirely metrical, since this would be poetry Orator , We have unfolded to us the monstrous system by which the governor could fix upon a remote place for the delivery of corn, and so compel the farmer to compound by a payment in money which the orator does not blame, on the ground that it is only proper to allow magistrates to receive corn wherever they wish ib.

An important discovery was made at Lodi in of a MS. Quintus Tullius Cicero, brother of the orator and brother-in-law of T. Though trained on the same lines as Marcus he never spoke in public, and even said, " One orator in a family is enough, nay even in a city. Marcus Tullius Cicero, only son of the orator and his wife Terentia, was born in 65 B. At the age of seventeen he served with Pompey in Greece, and commanded a squadron of cavalry at the battle of Pharsalus. Quintus Tullius Cicero c. He was the son of P.

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Mucius Scaevola consul and was adopted by a P. Licinius Crassus Dives. Lucius Licinius Crassus B. In his absence he was appointed canon of Christ Church and public orator of the university. Abandoning all reserve, Vergniaud delivered one of the great orations of his life, depicting the misfortunes of the peasantry in language of such combined dignity, pathos and power that his fame as an orator spread far and wide. Hardly had the great orator attained the object of his aim - the overthrow of Louis as a sovereign - when he became conscious of the forces by which he was surrounded.

Biicheler, ; Censorinus ; Florus ; Cicero's Brutus 4th ed. This law is appealed to as an especial glory of Athens by the orator Lycurgus Leocr. After one year at Hope chapel, Clifton, he was called to the ministry of Argyle Independent chapel in Bath; and on the 30th of January he began the work of his life there, attracting hearers of every religious denomination and of every rank, and winning for himself a wide reputation as a brilliant pulpit orator , an earnest religious author, and a friendly counsellor.

Sheridan declared him to be the most manly orator he had ever heard. Nor did the emperor's fall by any means entail the fall of his ideas; Count Joseph de Maistre, the great orator of ultramontanism, did little more than transplant them on to the ecclesiastical domain. A lofty and magnetic orator , his speeches were published at Budapest in ; and he is the author of an interesting dissertation, Esthetics and Politics, the Artist and the Statesman Hung. Budapest, As he was not gifted with the qualifications of the orator , he seldom appeared at the tribune; but in the various committees he defended all forms of popular liberties, and at the same time delivered, in a series of powerful pamphlets, under the pseudonym of "Timon," the most formidable blows against tyranny and all political and administrative abuses.

In his persuasiveness as an orator and his charming personality lay the secret of his power. In public he was of magnificent bearing, possessing the true orator ical temperament, the nervous exaltation that makes the orator feel and appear a superior being, transfusing his thought, passion and will into the mind and heart of the listener; but his imagination frequently ran away with his understanding, while his imperious temper and ardent combativeness hurried him and his party into disadvantageous positions.

Marcus Antonius, commonly called Mark Antony, the Triumvir, grandson of Antonius the " orator " and son of Antonius Creticus, related on his mother's side to Julius Caesar, was born about 83 B. Under the influence of his stepfather, Cornelius Lentulus Sura, he spent a profligate youth. Lars Johan Hierta was the leading journalist, Johan Henrik Thomander, bishop of Lund , the greatest orator , Matthias Alexander Castren a prominent man of science, and Karl Gustaf af Forsell , the principal statistician of this not very brilliant period.

A great preacher, orator and teacher, and a remarkably versatile scholar, McClintock by his editorial and educational work probably did more than any other man to raise the intellectual tone of American Methodism, and, particularly, of the American Methodist clergy.

The orator laid especial stress on the necessity of the sacrifice of all party animosities to the common weal, and volunteered, as "the first citizen of a free people," to be the mediator between the contending factions. Pinkney was a remarkably able lawyer and an orator of the old school. A revulsion of feeling was completed in by the orator Demosthenes, who persuaded Thebes to join Athens in a final attempt to bar Philip's advance upon Attica. In he obtained a silk gown, and was so far cured of his early modesty that he declined accepting the king's counselship if precedence over him were given to his junior, Thomas afterwards Lord Erskine, though the latter was the son of a peer and a most accomplished orator.

After acquiring some reputation in Rome as a jurist and orator , he entered upon a military career. He had all the natural gifts an orator could desire - a commanding presence, a graceful though somewhat theatrical bearing, an eye of piercing brightness, and a voice of the utmost flexibility. We know from himself that he was the intimate of those who belonged to the circle of the great orator Symmachus - men who scouted Stilicho's compact with the Goths, and led the Roman senate to support the pretenders Eugenius and Attalus in the vain hope of reinstating the gods whom Julian had failed to save.

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He soon began to distinguish himself as an orator , and the three patriotic sermons he delivered at Bahia are remarkable for their imaginative power and dignity of language. Before the next comitia consularia assembled, the orator had given so impressive a warning of the danger which was impending, that Catiline was once more rejected 63 , and the consuls were invested with absolute authority.

It is a mistake to say that he grew more conservative in later years; but his judgment grew more generous and catholic. He was a greater orator than man of letters, and his sermons in New York were delivered to large audiences, averaging one thousand at the Masonic Temple, and were printed each week; in eloquence and in the charm of his spoken word he was probably surpassed in his day by none save George William Curtis.

After this he was known as "the orator of the human race," by which title he called himself, dropping that of baron, and substituting for his baptismal names the pseudonym of Anacharsis, from the famous philosophical romance of the Abbe Jean Jacques Barthelemy. He went to Oxford and became fellow of St John's College in , taking the oath of supremacy on the occasion of his degree in , in which year he was orator in the schools.

He was one of the better representatives of the optimates, and enjoyed some reputation as an orator. He induced Petrarch, who had long been a friend of the Visconti family, to establish himself at his court, where he found employment for him as ambassador and orator. His eloquence had no effect; but the orator entered into relations with the Venetian aristocracy which were afterwards extended and confirmed. He regarded the orator and the poet as teachers, bound to complete themselves by education, and to exhibit to the world an image of perfected personality in prose and verse of studied beauty.

As philosopher, politician, historian, essayist, orator , he aimed at lucid and harmonious expression - not, indeed, neglecting the importance of the material he undertook to treat, but approaching his task in the spirit of an artist rather than a thinker or a man of action. Lord Palmerston was no orator ; his language was unstudied, and his delivery somewhat embarrassed; but he generally found words to say the right thing at the right time, and to address the House of Commons in the language best adapted to the capacity and the temper of his audience.

That he possessed considerable literary abilities, and that these were carefully trained, we gather, both from the speeches which Tacitus puts into his mouth, and from the reputation he left as an orator , as attested by Suetonius and Ovid, and from the extant fragments of his works. On his return to Athens, he attained great celebrity as an orator and teacher of rhetoric, and was elected to the office of archon. Not a dramatic orator , he was in high degree original, thoughtful and impressive in the pulpit.

During these years of subordinate activity Canning had established his position as an orator and a wit.

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  6. With the one exception of Mirabeau, Barnave was the most powerful orator of the Assembly. The introduction to a dialogue called Virgilius orator an pceta is extant, in which the author whose name is given as Publius Annius Florus states that he was born in Africa, and at an early age took part in the literary contests on the Capitol instituted by Domitian.

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    His oration was a tremendous arraignment of war, and an impassioned appeal for freedom and for peace, and proved him an orator of the first rank. Manuel , the well-known Liberal orator at the time of the Restoration of , after whom the principal square of the town is named. Gregory of Nyssa was not so firm and able an administrator as his brother Basil, nor so magnificent an orator as Gregory of Nazianzus, but he excelled them both, alike as a speculative and constructive theologian, and in the wide extent of his acquirements.

    The Liberals could see no more than that he appeared to be committed to international engagements, the logical outcome of which might beas an orator of the Opposition put itthat Cossacks would be encamped in Hyde Park for the purpose of overawing the House of Commons. The story of Claude Gueux, published five years later , another fervent protest against the infliction of capital punishment, was followed by many other eloquent and passionate appeals to the same effect, written or spoken on various occasions which excited the pity or the indignation of the orator or the poet.

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    He was public orator in , president of St John's College, Oxford, in , dean of Christ Church in , vice-chancellor of the university in , dean of Durham in , bishop of Durham in , and archbishop of York in As an orator Senator Evarts stood in the foremost rank, and some of his best speeches were published. His eldest SOn, Henry Middleton , was an orator of ability, was governor of South Carolina in , a representative in Congress in , and the United States minister to Russia from to , negotiating in a convention "relative to navigation, fishing and trading in the Pacific Ocean, and to establishments on the North-West Coast.

    Theodore of Mopsuestia is a more suspected representative of the same scholarship - that of Antioch; John Chrysostom is the orator of the school. Chalmers Lectures on Divinity , is more important as an orator or as a man than as a thinker. Cox was a fine orator , and a speech made in Exeter Hall in , in which he put the responsibility for slavery in America on the British government, made a great impression.

    Already his fame as a speaker had spread beyond New England, and he was much sought after as an orator for public occasions. Of Sulpicius as an orator , Cicero says Brutus, 55 : "He was by far the most dignified of all the orator s I have heard, and, so to speak, the most tragic; his voice was loud, but at the same time sweet and clear; his gestures were full of grace; his language was rapid and voluble, but not redundant or diffuse; he tried to imitate Crassus, but lacked his charm.

    His father, who bore the same name, was an Athenian citizen belonging to the deme of Paeania. The orator in whom artistic genius was united, more perfectly than in any other man, with moral enthusiasm and with intel-. Where the modern orator would employ a wealth of imagery, or elaborate a picture in exquisite detail, Demosthenes is content with a phrase or a word. But it is well to remember the charge made against the style of Demosthenes by a contemporary Greek orator , and the defence offered by the best Greek critic of orator y. Hermogenes, in his works on rhetoric, refers to Demosthenes as b pirTwp, the 35 2 orator.

    The ancient fame of Demosthenes as an orator can be compared only with the fame of Homer as a poet. The name of Barere de Vieuzac, by which he continued to call himself long after the renunciation of feudal rights on the famous 4th of August, was assumed from a small fief belonging to his father, a lawyer at Vieuzac. He began to practise as an advocate at the parlement of Toulouse in , and soon earned a considerable reputation as an orator ; while his brilliant and flowing style as a writer of essays led to his election as a member of the Academy of Floral Games of Toulouse in His education was received at Morton Green near Congleton, Cheshire, and at Christ's College, Cambridge, where he was reckoned the best orator among the undergraduates.

    An orator of a business-like, straightforward type, cool and hard-hitting, his spare figure, incisive features and single eye-glass soon made him a favourite subject for the caricaturist; and in later life his aggressive personality, and the peculiarly irritating effect it had on his opponents, made his actions and speeches the object of more controversy than was the lot of any other politician of his time.

    From certain similarities of style he has been identified with Publius Annius Florus, poet, rhetorician and friend of Hadrian, author of a dialogue on the question whether Virgil was an orator or poet, of which the introduction has been preserved. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.