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View in context. Recruitment starts at new town venue.

HSC expands manned-unmanned integration with Fire Scout. She just needs Katherine in Hell when the hellfire erupts. Last month US officials retrieved an inert Hellfire air-to-ground missile that had been mistakenly delivered to Cuba in The Hellfire is a laser-guided, air-to-surface missile that weighs about pounds 45 kilograms.

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Cuba returns dummy Hellfire missile mistakenly received. Back in August, a photo posted on social media purported to show Saudi Hellfire missiles decorated with some of the names of their fallen. Explosive 'love' notes: Five times messages were written on bombs this year.

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Le AGM Hellfire hellfire signifie en anglais [beaucoup moins que] feu de l'enfer [beaucoup plus grand que] est un missile antichar a guidage laser semi-actif, ou a guidage radar de type tire et oublie en fonction des versions. What were the hellfire clubs of 18th-century Ireland? Summary: Embassy says US has delivered Hellfire missiles, more than 11 million rounds of ammunition as well as thousands of machine guns and rifles.

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For many years now, the Navy has been working vigorously to evolve the LCS mission scope from an initial focus upon littoral operations including land attack, countermine operations and closer in combat operations -- to include preparation for dispersed, long-range, major deep water warfare against a heavily armed near-peer adversary. While utilizing speed and shallow draft to access areas less available to larger, deeper draft ships, the LCS is still very much intended to perform closer-in missions. This adaptation, involves not only adding weapons and sensors but also adjusting and utilizing its existing war assets such as counter-submarine warfare, surface attack and countermine missions.

While not quite the scope of the now-in-development over-the-horizon missile currently being fast-tracked for the emerging Frigate and the LCS — a HELLFIRE offers a much wider offensive attack range to include enemy aircraft, helicopters, drones, small boats and even some surface ships. These range from blast-frag warheads to high-explosive rounds or even missiles with an augmented metal sleeve for extra fragmentation.

Its targeting options open up various airborne interoperability options, meaning an MHR ship-based helicopter — or even a drone — could function as a laser designator for the weapon should it seek to target enemy ships on-the-move.

A ship launched variant, however, would need to further integrate with ship-based layered defense technologies to optimize its attack options against enemy aircraft and ships, particularly in a maritime combat environment potentially more difficult for helicopters to operate in. This would include engineering the ship to operate as part of a broader ship-wide technical system connecting things like variable-depth sonar, deck guns, vertical take-off drones such as the Fire Scout and small boat mission capabilities such as meter Rigid Inflatable Boats, or RIBs.

As part of this, the LCS is equipped with a 57mm gun,. The exercise is also designed to prepare the ship and train the crews for more complex surface warfare tracking and live-fire exercises scheduled to begin later this summer, which will culminate in initial operational test and evaluation at the end of , the service reported. Arming the LCS to a much greater extent is also likely to bear upon the longstanding discussion regarding the ship's survivability.

While many advocates for the LCS champion its knot speed and technical attributes such as its integrated mission packages, adding more substantial weapons clearly impacts the debate by massively increasing the ship's survivability and combat capability. The anti-submarine mission package includes an MH Sea Hawk helicopter, light weight towed torpedo decoy system, Multi-Function Towed Array and several kinds of submarine-hunting sonar.

The LCS utilizes waterjet propulsion and a combined diesel and gas turbine engine.

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Osborn has also worked as an anchor and on-air military specialist at national TV networks. The Sumner class destroyers we built in WWII weighed tons- cost 8 million dollars apiece were made of steel and carried 3 dual 5 inch gun mounts. Each gun was radar guided, and could fire 15 rounds per minute out to 15 kilometers. In addition each ship carried eleven 40 mm gun mounts, and twelve 20 mm gun mounts. A ship like that with improved armor composite or Kevlar , updated with current day electronics and carrying 4 to 8 Naval Strike Missiles range kilometers would be very formidable.


The LCS weighs tons, costs million dollars and is armed with Hellfire missiles range 8 kilometers and a 57 mm gun range 8 kilometers , is outgunned by Somali pirates it is ridiculously fast though and is suitable for fleeing battle. Hey Rockool - Thank you for the comment - interesting and well-informed to be sure. Gosh you bring to mind the competition for the over-the-horizon missile for the Frigate and LCS. Navy weapons developers certianly seem to agree with you as they have chosen the Naval Strike Missile to arm the LCS - without a long-range over the horizon missile, the LCS is definitely limited in open water warfare - as you point out.

The prospect of a mile weapon massively changes the equation in terms of making the LCS more survivable and lethal. And, also as you point out -- updated electronics are needed to make the LCS useful - Karl. Just give these boats to the Coast Guard. Make them long range counter drug cutters the on board Helio would be a perfect for this task as well.

The LCS does not have the capabilities to even deal with 2nd rate navies.