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It makes you want to keep on getting more and more of this series. This book will also make you feel like you absolutely need to read it again. This book has a lit of juicy details that really makes the book interesting and pulls it all together. It has interesting parts when you want to ask questions to. Probably my all time favorite book yet!! View 1 comment. Jul 25, Invisible reader rated it really liked it. This I think is my favorite so far it makes me excited to continue with the Goosebumps books.

Sep 11, Susan added it Shelves: , juvenile , goosebumps.

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Fun story. Really had a good sense of place jungle in this one. However, the big twist at the end really wasn't that big, at least for me. It just kind of petered out with no shock value per usual. Still enjoyable nevertheless. Jan 30, Angel Gomez-Estrada rated it really liked it. Stine, was a good book that hooked me in and made me always want to turn the page to see what happened next to the characters. The book always painted a picture in my mind and gave me a clear thought on what the author was saying through the book.

In the book, Mark, the main character really liked jungle games and in general, the jungle itself.

How I Got My Shrunken Head

One day, a lady named Carolyn brought a real head to Mark and he really liked the present. Then, one night as Mark was ready to go to bed, he saw the head glow. Mark gets scared and wakes up everyone to tell them what he just saw. At the time, Carolyn was staying at their home and she was questioning Mark about the head. Soon, they forget about it and just go to bed.

Hawlings and his daughter, Kareen, live. But, they also tell Mark that his aunt, Benna, gave him jungle magic and that he can find her. Mark soon realizes that they just want his magic and that he needs to find his aunt. Kareen helps him find his aunt but finally, when they do find her, she betrays him and calls her dad to capture his aunt and him. I hope you read this book and I would recommend it to young readers.

Nov 28, Joseph rated it it was amazing. Mark is told to go to the jungle with Carolyn. When he is there he is told he has jungle magic and that his shrunken head does it.

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One day he reads his lost Aunt's diary and finds out two people are going to kill her so he decides to go off into the jungle to find his ant Benna. I would countinue but no spoilers. This was an amazing and interesting book th Goosebumps How I Got My Shrunken Head is a very interesting book about a boy named Mark that has gotten a visitor from th jungle of Baladora.

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This was an amazing and interesting book that I recommend to people who like jungle and who like interesting books. Shelves: hidden-gems , read-for-class , favorites , reviewed. Usually the endings of Goosebumps books are random, stupid, and, quite honestly, totally ruin the entire rest of the book. It had all the traits; a cool backstory, lots of super nostalgic moments, and something for the main character to obsess over. I loved loved loved this Goosebumps book, and I feel it deserved more recognition.

L Stine, it made me want to hug him. The mystery behind Aunt Benna was very well played out, and I think the Mark's betrayal was surprising for all readers.

I never read the Goosebumps books as a kid and had to pick one for The BIG reads challenge and thought that this one sounded good. The chapters were only 3 to 5 pages long and the entire book was only pages so it didn't take me very long to read as the text was quite large. The story is told through the point of view of a twelve year old boy who has a fascination with all things jungle. When someone comes to his house to take him to see his Aunt and gives him a shrunken head I did think "Reall I never read the Goosebumps books as a kid and had to pick one for The BIG reads challenge and thought that this one sounded good.

When someone comes to his house to take him to see his Aunt and gives him a shrunken head I did think "Really? The fact the the magic used is called 'Jungle Magic' seemed far too simple for me, and to be honest I was pretty much laughing through the book finding the whole story pretty funny. Needless to say, as an adult, I will not be reading another Goosebumps book in a hurry. What kind of person would give a real shrunken head to a little boy? You might get arrested for that. And who in their right mind would let their child keep such an ugly little green thing? Anywho this is really hard to review without giving away spoilers, because the book starts off innocently enough with Mark being obsessed with a computer game.

Then someone shows up at the door with a gift from his aunt. When you first look at the cover. You see the ugly green goop and read the title you thin What kind of person would give a real shrunken head to a little boy? You see the ugly green goop and read the title you think "Whats so scary about an ugly head? A lot of people have those. Its mostly about the boy looking for his aunt and using his magic powers. Still sounds kinda lame, but it gets interesting towards the middle end.

I suggest starting at chapter 5, because that's where the actual story starts. The previous 4 are just build up.

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Told through male first person. Jul 29, Connie rated it really liked it Shelves: childrens-books , read-in , goosebumps , owned. Source: I own this book. Stine Overall Rating: 3. He's also obsessed with a game called Jungle King which simulates living in the jungle but when he gets the opportunity to visit his aunt in a real life jungle, he's never been so excited. However, things aren't always as they seem and Mark suddenly finds himself in a world of magic and conspiracy. I actually loved Source: I own this book.

I actually loved this one and I remembered reading it with my older brother as a kid. The cover freaked me out but I loved the idea of living in the jungle. I still do. It was a pretty action packed book for being so short and I am kind of loving revisiting this series. Stine is the main man. Feb 14, Maddie rated it liked it. My main purpose for reading this book was for the Snakes and Ladders Challenge because it has a green cover. I liked this book because the chapters were really short pages and the length was short pages so it didn't take me long at all to read this book.

I liked the main character, Mark, because he's described as chubby and short, when normally the main character's hot and tall. I thought it was stupid of Mark to trust view spoiler [Kareen hide spoiler ] but if I was in his position My main purpose for reading this book was for the Snakes and Ladders Challenge because it has a green cover. I thought it was stupid of Mark to trust view spoiler [Kareen hide spoiler ] but if I was in his position I might too. Especially if I was 12 and a half years old.

One thing I didn't like was the unoriginal name; Jungle Magic. And another thing I didn't get was how you view spoiler [pass on magic. How his Aunt gave it to him. Currently rereading my original Goosebumps collection The idea of "Jungle Magic" was too farfetched for my liking. This book didn't really scare me and don't even get me started on the ending!

How I Got My Shrunken Head

Not one of the better books in the series. Read from October 18, - October 18, Jul 22, Krystal rated it really liked it Shelves: delayed-review , childhood-memories. Yesssss this was one of the best Goosebumps from beyond 20! It was so bizarre and weird but had that creepy cool historical, ancient civilisation kinda vibe and it was pretty great. Super weird and creepy, but great. May 26, Tiffany Spencer rated it it was ok. It's just a word he made up when he was smaller. Or so he thinks? Little does he know he's about to be smack dab in the middle of his own jungle adventure.

And it all begins with a mysterious woman showing up that offers him a trip to see his aunt Beena, who's been working in the jungle making discoveries of rare p How I Got My Shrunken Head Plot: Kahleeah, is often the victorious catchphrase Mark uses in a burst of happiness when for example scoring high on his favorite video game "Jungle King". And it all begins with a mysterious woman showing up that offers him a trip to see his aunt Beena, who's been working in the jungle making discoveries of rare plants and species.

The mysterious woman gives him a "special" gift and Mark eagerly hops on the chance to go see the aunt he hasn't seen since he was 3. But in the heart of the jungle, Mark soon makes a discovery himself and it's not the one he anticipated. Aunt Beena is missing and her assistant, another man, and his daughter are pressuring Mark to use his "jungle magic" to find her.

They'd look at it and think oh okay. Why didn't she just send money or a video game? First of all I would NOT have went back in the room with the thing and went to sleep because my nerves would have been shot and I wouldn't have even wanted to be in the same room with it. Much less would I have been able to go back to sleep without seeing what happened in my mind over and over. But in the morning, I would have either got someone to remove it from my room or removed it myself. And look what happens. She turns out to be a psychopath. You do NOT let your kid's go off with people that just pop up at your door.

I'm not even a parent and I see the stupidity in this. I would have told my kid NOPE! Not until I talk to your aunt or she comes to get you! Or is it just me "Gimme summa of dat jungle magic. Like ummm. But as we soon find out it's actually kind of cool when I saw it in effect I was thinking can I have jungle magic. I don't blame Mark for not wanting to give it up. You ain't getting this!! I can't think of one positive about a trip to a jungle I'd actually make me want to go. Cause I don't think there are any pycho's there trying to shrink and suck the magic out of your head.

You just have a feeling about these things. Hawlings wanted? They still wouldn't have gotten it. I mean why. The bad guys are gone! No-one else in world knows about it. Shouldn't he had gotten to keep it after all he went through in that jungle. You kinda suck! I would have dropped that head so fast, kicked it, and ran the hell out of there when it told me it wanted to tell the part about the elephant.

You can tell it all you want but I tell you what. It was cooler than the rest of the story itself. Dec 29, Eric rated it really liked it. My face was two inches from the monitor screen. I ducked as spears came flying at me from behind a leafy fern. Why do I like Jungle King so much? And so I guess I like being able to swing so lightly, to fly above the ground like a bird. In our first game this afternoon, an alligator chewed Joel in half. I think that put him in a bad mood. I had to get past the biggest quicksand pit.

Only the cards fight each other. I grabbed a vine. Swung hard. Then reached for the next one. And someone bumped my shoulder. She bumped me again and giggled. I watched myself tumbling down on the screen. Sucked into the bottomless slime pit. Thwuck thwuck thwuck. I died.

I spun around angrily. I watched them head out the door. I like to watch all the old jungle movies on TV. Jessica always wanted to play, too. So I let her be Cheetah, my talking chimpanzee. She was very good at it. But after she was six or seven, Jessica refused to be a chimp anymore. Hawlings are evil and want to use Jungle Magic to do evil, catches his eye. She writes in her journal that she gave her nephew the secret of Jungle Magic to keep it safe, as he lived 4, miles from the island of Baladora.

She fears that once the two villains possess Jungle Magic, they will shrink her head. Mark doesn't stop to consider that perhaps his aunt could use the psychiatric help, because Aunt Benna also believes the two will murder Mark as well! He slams the book down and heads pun? Kareen admits that her father and Aunt Benna had their differences, but assures Mark that her father isn't evil. She then offers to aid him in sneaking out to find his aunt.

Armed with the shrunken head, Mark sets off into the jungle alone. Kareen tells him to let Jungle Magic guide the way. Mark still doesn't know how to do that, but Kareen tells him he'll figure it out, and that she'll stall for him back at the station. Mark wanders around in the dark and finally stops to rest.

He is later woken up by giant ants who have swarmed all around him. Oh to be attacked by ants when looking for an aunt, Stine you ironic devil!. He can't swat them off fast enough and it looks like all is lost until, gripping the shrunken head, he lets loose his video game battle cry, "Kah-Lee-Ah!

Mark realizes the key to Jungle Magic is the word he thought he'd made up, his battle cry would lead him to his aunt! Mark encounters more obstacles on the way to finding his aunt, including falling in quicksand and encountering a tiger, yet saves his own life every time by uttering the magic word while holding the shrunken head. After falling into a pit to escape the tiger, he finds himself stuck and upon uttering the magic word, Kareen appears a the top of the deep pit and she lowers a vine in to help him climb up.

Kareen explains that she got worried about Mark so she followed him into the jungle. Mark shows Kareen the head and how every time he steps closer to where his Aunt Benna is, the head glows, and when he moves in the wrong direction, it fades. He also tells her about the secret word and recites it for her, to her delight. She is convinced that he'll find his aunt and save the day. Mark expresses more doubts as to her father and Kareen assures Mark that her father isn't evil, that though Dr. Hawlings and Benna disagree, they still have respect for each other and he would never want to wish her harm.

Mark buys this because he is mad-crushing on this girl. Finally the pair come across a lone shack in the middle of a clearing. Mark calls out his aunt's name and she appears, shocked but happy to see him. She then gets angry at Mark for coming to the island, and when he tells her that he brought Kareen, Aunt Benna gets furious. Mark tries to explain that Kareen is on their side when Kareen starts hollering into the distance, flagging her father and Carolyn down to the shack.

Hawlings tries to get Aunt Benna to reveal the secret word and she refuses. Unfortunately, Mark told Kareen, so she proudly tells her father that she knows it, but before she can vocalize it, Mark slaps his hand over her mouth and wrestles her to the ground. Aunt Benna takes the cue and tries to attack Dr. Unfortunately, the tag team of middle-aged woman scientist and fat child is no match for two fit sinister adults and their preteen cohort, and Aunt Benna and Mark find themselves held prisoner beneath the shack.

That night, Aunt Benna tells Mark that the secret to Jungle Magic is two-fold, and that to enact it, you must both grip the original shrunken head and utter the secret phrase. She tells him that when she gives him the signal of three blinks, he is to produce the shrunken head and utter the phrase, saving them. If she gives two blinks: slow pitch curve. The next morning, Aunt Benna and Mark are trotted outside.

Hawlings and Carolyn have been preparing a giant boiling pot. With guns! Hawlings again asks for the secret to be revealed. Aunt Benna refuses and Dr. Hawlings informs the two that since they won't reveal the secret, it will simply have to die with them. As Dr. Hawlings prepares to shrink their heads, Mark waits for Aunt Benna to give the signal. Once she does, he pulls the shrunken head out of his pocket, but before he can say the word, Dr. Hawlings smacks Mark's hand, sending the shrunken head flying into one of the exterior piles of heads. Mark ducks away from the doctor's hands and dives into the pile of heads, trying to find the right head.

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  7. They all look so similar, and then Mark remembers Jessica scratching his head. Mark grabs the head with the white mark on it and utters the secret word. The two adult villains and Kareen! Aunt Benna transfers the power of Jungle Magic back to herself, and her and Mark prepare for a safe journey home. But the Twist is: Mark is allowed to keep the shrunken head. The first morning before school starts, as he walks towards his friends to show them the head, he looks down and sees the head's eyes turn towards him as it says, "Hey kid, let me tell the part about the tiger!

    Questionable Parenting: Oh sure, we could be angry with Mark's mom for allowing him to go on a long trip with a strange woman, but I'm sure she thought it was the only chance the fat computer geek would ever get to spend time with a non-relative human female, so let's not be quick to judge her intentions.