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Oracle 19c This is the next long term release of the Oracle database DB. If you have an Oracle DB license covering this, you can … Read the rest.

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This the successor for RHEL 7. Furthermore the kernel-alt introduced with RHEL 7.

IBM Linux on Mainframe

As with every database tuning is important. All packages and modules have been upgraded to … Read the rest.

How about the largest implementation of SAP on the planet? Again, Linux on a mainframe.

Configure your Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM System z subscription

In fact, probably a good three to four hundred new clients that never had mainframes before got them. They don't have any old mainframes hanging around or ones that were upgraded. These are net new mainframes.

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He was joined in the conversation by John Mertic, the project's director of program management. Santalucia knows IBM's mainframes from top to bottom, having spent 27 years at Big Blue, the last eight as CTO for the company's systems and technology group.

Linux and Mainframe

When Linux came along, it got the mainframe into other areas that it never was, or even thought to be in, because of how open it is, and because Linux on the mainframe is no different than Linux on any other platform. The focus on Linux isn't the only motivator behind the upsurge in mainframe use in data centers. Increasingly, enterprises with heavy IT needs are finding many advantages to incorporating modern mainframes into their plans. For example, mainframes can greatly reduce power, cooling, and floor space costs. So, as far as the eye could see in this data center, [x86 server workloads] could be picked up and moved onto this box that is about the size of a sub-zero refrigerator in your kitchen.

There's one specifically just for the application code.

How Zowe Is Bringing the Mainframe into the Modern Age

Your Linux environment doesn't have to understand that. When it's running on a mainframe, it knows it's running on a mainframe and it will exploit that architecture. The operating system knows it's running on a mainframe because when IBM was readying its mainframe for Linux it open sourced something like 75, lines of code for Linux distributions to use to make sure their OS's were ready for IBM Z.

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Linux vs. z/OS for Mainframe: What’s The Difference?

Start reading. Sample companies that demonstrate the strengths and potential shortcomings of Linux on the mainframe Complete business analysis, including Total Cost of Ownership, server consolidation techniques, and IT infrastructure simplification Examples of deploying middleware and other tools In-depth introductions to the latest trends, developments, and technologies related to Linux on the mainframe Background information on mainframes and Linux for the lay reader Key techniques for deploying Linux servers and building integrated server environments For anyone involved in the planning, deploying, management, or administration of a mainframe, Linux on the Mainframe is a vital resource.

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