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He put up posters, invited speakers, and waited for the crowds to come.

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Nantes, France, has been named the European Capital of Innovation award for its ability to improve the lives of its residents through innovation. Glasgow, Espoo, Antwerp, Bristol and Rotterdam were runners up. Schellnhuber calls for the EU to decarbonise by Award recognises innovations to improve the mobility of older people.

Research and innovation can generate the knowledge and solutions to tackle urgent international problems like the Ebola outbreak or the refugee crisis. Skip to main content. Go back Home Menu.

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Search form Search. Science in society. Image courtesy of Klaus Spiess and Lucie Strecker. Recommended for you Prosperity is about more than money. But what else should count?


Read more. Nantes named European capital of innovation Nantes, France, has been named the European Capital of Innovation award for its ability to improve the lives of its residents through innovation. Stories Policy 25 September Environment 24 September Policy 24 September Never miss a story Get the best of Horizon in your email inbox. Email Address. No one loses points. No one has to explain or defend a choice to bow out of the action. Everyone needs a break sometime, so they expect it and plan for it. Couples need a pre-established means too.

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When riding high on intimacy, they should hatch an escape plan for those dips into disconnect. To do so, they have to first recognize that disconnection is nothing personal. It happens to the best of couples. Time together is certainly one gauge of how strong the love is.

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An obligation to prove commitment with time can become oppressive, leading one or both partners to feel corralled, suffocated by the obligation to show up dutifully not for the fun of it but just to keep the other feeling secure. My partner and I both have lots of uses for our minds, and have begun to cultivate awareness of mind-time as a valued currency in our relationship but also in our overall lives.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. We each have to prioritize where we spend it. Planning ahead is a start, but easy space-taking and space-giving is ultimately a product of repeated success, disconnecting and reconnecting later. Take it as good news when your partner wants a break from you.

When your partner needs a break, give a clean, simple blessing. Taking a dig at your partner as he or she exits the room, digs you deeper into the hole. Jeremy, thank you for writing this post. The scenario you've described in your intro is almost exactly what I've been experiencing with my boyfriend.

I love him dearly. I care about him more than anyone. But sometimes when he's complaining, I need "my mind back" to focus on other things. I love the caring approach you take with your wife and will certainly apply it to my own life. Once again, the Internet has brought me somewhere for no apparent reason and yet I feel like I've made a huge discovery.

I have a constant questionning of my own intelligence and a fear to not be a smart person, therefore I am always quick to disregard and bring down texts written by other people as if recognizing the intelligence of someone else would somehow lower my own.

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  7. However, even a quick glimpse of this text was enough for me to admit that this is extremely well written and well-put, in a natural order that I could never extirpate out of my brain. I have no idea anymore of where I was going with this, but I thank you for writing this and for inspiring me.

    Great find here.

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    Jeremy Sherman, Ph. Saying you believe or don't can mean so many different things. Some cope through a pathological commitment to sado-narcissism. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine.

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