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The working women can use direct action by refusing to supply the market with children to be exploited, by refusing to populate the earth with slaves. It is also the one most direct method for you working women to help yourself today. Pass on this information to your neighbor and comrade workers. Write out any of the following information which you are sure will help her, and pass it along where it is needed.

Spread this important knowledge! Don't wait to see if you do not menstruate monthly sickness but make it your duty to see that you do. If you are due to be "sick" on the eighth of August, do not wait until the eighth to see, but begin as early as the fourth to take a good laxative for the bowels, and continue this each night until the eighth. If there is the slightest possibility that the male fluid has entered the vagina, take on these same nights before retiring, five or ten grains of quinine, with a hot drink. The quinine in capsule form is considered fresher, but if this is taken do not use alcoholic drinks directly after, as it hardens the capsules, thus delaying the action of the quinine.

By taking the above precautions you will prevent the ovum from making its nest in the lining of the womb. Women of intelligence who refuse to have children until they are ready for them, keep definite track of the date of their menstrual periods. A calendar should be kept, on which can be marked the date of the last menstruation, as well as the date when the next period should occur.

Women must learn to know their own bodies, and watch and know definitely how regular or irregular they are: if the period comes regularly every twenty-eight days normal or every thirty days as is in the case of many young girls. Mark it accordingly on your private calendar; do not leave it to memory or guess work. Only ignorance and indifference will cause one to be careless in this most important matter.

A very good laxative though it is a patent medicine is Beechams Pills. Two of these taken night and morning, four days before menstruation, will give a good cleansing of the bowels, and assist with the menstrual flow. Castor oil is also a good laxative. The American physicians may object to this advice because Beechams Pills are a patent medicine. But until they are willing to give open advice on this subject, we must resort to such as the least harmful, until such time as they do. If a woman will give herself attention BEFORE the menstrual period arrives, she will almost never have any trouble, but if she neglects herself and waits to see if she "comes around," she is likely to have difficulty.

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If the action of quinine has not expelled the semen from the uterus, and a week has elapsed with no signs of the menstrual flow, then it is safe to assume conception has taken place. Any attempt to interfere with the development of the fertilized ovum is called an abortion. No one can doubt that there are times where an abortion is justifiable but they will become unnecessary when care is taken to prevent conception.

There is current among people an idea that conception can take place only at certain times of the month. For instance: ten days after the menstrual period, and four or five days before the next period. This is not to be relied upon at all, for it has been proven again and again that some women conceive at any time in the month.

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Do not depend upon this belief, for there is no scientific foundation for it. There is also the knowledge that nursing after childbirth prevents the return of the menstrual flow for several months and conception does not take place. It is well not to depend upon this too much, especially after the fifth month, for often a woman becomes pregnant again without having "seen anything" or without her realizing that she has become pregnant. She thus finds herself with one at the breast and another in the womb. Use some preventive.

Again, it is believed that conception cannot take place if the woman lies upon her left side at the time of the act. It makes no difference which side she lies upon; she can become pregnant if the semen is not prevented from entering the womb.

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Perhaps the commonest preventive excepting the use of the condom is "coitus interruptus," or withdrawal of the penis from the vagina shortly before the ejection of the semen. No one can doubt that this is a perfectly safe method; and it is not considered so dangerous to the man as some authorities have formerly viewed it, but it requires a man of the strongest willpower to be certain that he has withdrawn before any of the semen has been deposited in the vagina.

It is very difficult to determine exactly whether this has been done. The greatest objection to this is the evil effect upon the woman's nervous condition. If she has not completed her desire, she is under a highly nervous tension, her whole being is perhaps on the verge of satisfaction. She is then left in this dissatisfied state.

This does her injury. A mutual and satisfied sexual act is of great benefit to the average woman, the magnetism of it is health giving. When it is not desired on the part of the woman and she has no response, it should not take place. This is an act of prostitution and is degrading to the woman's finer sensibility, all the marriage certificates on earth to the contrary notwithstanding. Withdrawal on the part of the man should be substituted by some other means that does not injure the woman. The most important part which every woman should learn in the methods of preventing conception, is to cleanse herself thoroughly by means of the vaginal douche.

If you have bathing conveniences, go as quickly as possible to the bath room after the sexual act and prepare a douche. Lie down upon the back in the bath tub. Hang the filled douche bag high over the tub; and let the water flow freely into the vagina, to wash out the male sperm which was deposited during the act. Do not be afraid to assist the cleansing by introducing the first finger with the tube and washing out the semen from the folds of the membrane. One can soon learn to tell by the feeling when it is sufficiently clean. It is said, that the French women are the most thorough douchers in the world, which helps greatly in keeping the organs in a clean and healthy condition, as well as preventing the male sperm from reaching the womb to mate with the ovum.

When there are no bath room conveniences--a douche can be taken over the toilet or when that is impossible it can be taken over a vessel in a squatting position. Following are some of the solutions to be used for the douche, which, when carefully used will kill the male sperm or prevent its entering the womb:. Lysol--is a brown oily liquid which added to water forms a clear soapy solution. One teaspoonful of lysol to 2 quarts of water warm makes a good solution for douching.

Mix into a pitcher or vessel before placing it in the bag. Bichloride--Get the tablets blue or white from the druggist; the blue are less dangerous to have about because of the color. Always mix this solution thoroughly in a glass or pitcher before turning it into the bag. Never drop the tablet directly into the bag. One tablet to two quarts of water makes a sufficiently strong solution for preventive purposes. Potassium Permanganate--This also makes a good solution, especially where there is a vaginal discharge.

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The special objection to this is that it stains the skin and clothing. This can be purchased in crystal form, and one teaspoonful dissolved in two quarts of water is the proper strength. Salt solution--Mix four tablespoons of table salt in one quart of warm or cold water and dissolve thoroughly.

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This is good and cheap. Vinegar solution--Many peasants in Europe use vinegar as an antiseptic almost exclusively. One glassful to two quarts of water is the strength usually desired. I think many people think what we did would be too overwhelming but I'd say to people that you would be amazed how strong it can make you. I'm so proud of my son. I'm so proud he has a birth cert and was, for 17 short minutes, a member of Irish society. JP and Cliodhna set up One Day More which offers support to families who are facing similar tragic diagnosis.

Corey Whyte is a pro-choice activist in Sligo. He says that the perception of a marginalisation of men throughout the debate over the Eighth Amendment is not the reality. I've never felt that my voice was any less important because of my gender. The Eighth Amendment legislates for the body of a woman - an invasive and personal place that the Constitution should not govern.

It is a woman's body and for her to be asked to continue with a pregnancy that she is not comfortable with doesn't seem right. In Dublin city centre, we spoke to men about their voting appetite for this particular referendum. One student told us: "I think there is a resurgence in the last few weeks where men are no longer embarrassed to talk about something like abortion.

I think there are those who are still very quiet about their views. We also spoke to a new dad who told us; "The most powerful aspect of this referendum is in relation to fathers. I think that dads are now thinking about how this could affect their own daughters. There is something very visceral about that bond - a protectiveness that if they don't do something now, it could affect their child in the future.

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  8. This man explained to us that while he felt it wasn't about him at all, he still felt compelled to vote: "I'd like to trust the government to do the right thing and legislate for this outside of our Constitution but I think the Eighth is there to protect the unborn child and I think this will just open up the floodgates for abortion on demand. His mother and father were in the sitting room with his sister who was, I think, She was pregnant and she had made up her mind that she did not want to have the baby. Did I know how to go about arranging to have an abortion in England?

    Sitting on the couch looking at that girl, two things were immediately obvious. One was that this was not about me or my feelings at all — it was about her. And the other was that the part of her that was most important here was not really her body. It was her mind, her free will, her right to make the decision she had come to. What should we visit about times? This view Communication and Control in Electric Power Systems is environmental processes about advantage, effort, and nationally-coordinated journal that are Just mobile sharing.

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