Manual Time-Triggered Communication

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With this, message collisions are prevented and the entire communication system is kept alive.

Industrial Communication Technology Handbook, 2nd Edition by Richard Zurawski

Slot rating using three different quality regions. The second mechanism is applied to gather detailed information during run-time which is used to rate various slot specific qualities. Thereby, the bus communication is analyzed by tracking the message reception times. The gathered data is compared to the known slot boundaries and the quality ratings are determined. As a result, the additional information enables an implicit verification of the communication state which can further be used for an extended node control.

We claim, that the gathered information will reduce the effort to set up and verify a time-triggered bus communication in highly flexible systems. The feasibility and performance of the presented mechanisms are currently investigated and will be presented in a follow-up paper.

Time-Triggered Protocol (TTP)

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Fallback communication scenarios. Share this: Twitter Facebook Reddit. It was designed as a time-triggered fieldbus for vehicles and industrial applications.

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TTP controllers AS have accumulated over Millions of flight hours in commercial DAL A aviation application, in power generation, environmental and flight controls. With replicated data on both channels, redundant communication is supported [ citation needed ].

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As a fault-tolerant time-triggered protocol, TTP provides autonomous fault-tolerant message transport at known times and with minimal jitter by employing a TDMA Time-Division Multiple Access strategy on replicated communication channels. TTP offers fault-tolerant clock synchronization that establishes the global time base without relying on a central time server [ citation needed ]. TTP provides a membership service to inform every correct node about the consistency of data transmission. This mechanism can be viewed as a distributed acknowledgment service that informs the application promptly if an error in the communication system has occurred.

If state consistency is lost, the application is notified immediately. Additionally, TTP includes the service of clique avoidance to detect faults outside the fault hypothesis, which cannot be tolerated at the protocol level. TTP is often used in mission critical data communication applications where deterministic operation is a requirement. These operations include aircraft engine management and other aerospace applications.

In these applications the TTP networks are often operated as separate networks with separate ASNF hardware interface devices and separate, but coordinated, configurations. The TTP protocol offers the unique feature of having all nodes on a network know, at the same time, when any other node fails to communicate or sends unreliable data.

The status of each node is updated to all nodes several times each second.

Communication Controller Supports Time-Triggered Protocol | Electronic Design

A TDMA round is divided into slots. Each node has one sending slot, and must send frames in every round. The frame size allocated to a node can vary from 2 to bytes in length, each frame usually carrying several messages. The cluster cycle is a recurring sequence of TDMA rounds; in different rounds different messages can be transmitted in the frames, but in each cluster cycle the complete set of state messages is repeated. There is one 1 slot for each node in a TTP network. A node always transmits data parameters during its slot, even if the node has no data to send.

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However a node will only transmit the parameters that it is configured to send for the specific ROUND that the slot is in. This information is also contained in the MEDL. Rounds exist because a node is not required to transmit all of its parameters during its slot. A Cluster Cycle is defined as having a number of Rounds.

All nodes have transmitted all of their parameters at the end of a Cluster Cycle. The Cluster Cycle is defined as starting with the first bit of the first slot of the first round. The number of slots is defined by the number of nodes in the TTP network. Clock synchronization provides all nodes with an equivalent time concept.

A fault-tolerant average algorithm needs this information to periodically calculate a correction term for the local clock so that the clock is kept in synchrony with all other clocks of the cluster.